Musical Mondays – Ross Jack

Another week and it is almost the 10th month of the year time is definitely flying. After a weekend of not doing much literally been in the girl cave all weekend with Courteney watching movies and endless series marathons so much so, that I actually started to feel bad that I was not being more productive towards the end of Sunday.(We all need to be lazy and switch off once in a while right…)

I get so excited when Courteney gets asked to dance at the Expresso Morning show I just love that show so much. For those of you that do not know what it is; It is a morning breakfast show in South Africa. The studio is in Cape Town in a penthouse,  its a news and lifestyle show bringing you everything you need to know to kick your day off good. They often host South African and International acts so its not your average news boring show it caters for everyone.  I try my best to tag along when Out of Africa Dance Academy gets asked to dance, It’s an early wake up call but so much fun and the vibe is super awesome.

Today the girls had the opportunity to dance back up for Ross Jack.

South African born and raised between Spain, Britain and South Africa, Ross Jack’s international roots come through in his polished, cosmopolitan, urban sound. Having just completed his debut full length album, “Notes from the Wild” – working between his studio in South Africa and in the UK – the album seamlessly embraces styles from Hip-hop, pop and dance hall to boss nova grooves and Dubstep.

His single Seven 45 got him to the #3 spot on the 5FM Top 40. building on the momentum from the success from his debut album” Notes from the Wild”  the merge from producer to Hip Hop artist was magical. His latest hit TV’S IN THE SWIMMING POOL got him to-that #1 Spot on the 5FM Top 40 countdown His new track to follow; Home Safe ft. Australian born Kat Winter is nothing but awesome.

I will put videos down below and some pictures behind the scenes on set so you can have a look and a listen. Also feel free to let me know what you think. If you have not read my previous post, when we were at the Exprosso show before  check it out here.

The sun is finally out in Cape Town and that glimpse of spring is upon us finally!!(hoping it lasts) Have a great day all!!


Cherry ♥

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A Reverse Poem – A Must See

I was not going to post anything today, but as I was scouting around the internet as I usually do I came across this beautiful Poem that needed sharing. It is so cleverly  displayed in reverse and thought the way the message is portrayed is done perfectly . I wish every young person can see this and believe it!

So here I leave you with some weekend motivation. We are all free and we all have a future!

Let me know if you like this Poem in the comments.  I definitely think the creators at Elevation Church did a really good job!

Have a lovely weekend!


Cherry ♥

I am No Relationship Guru

So I never really talk about me in personal romantic kinda way (not much to say)more in an ambitious what I want out of life kinda way if that even makes sense lol

What I mean by that is I have been filling my life with career plans, creative blog plans and travel plans for the future.That I have not really made any love plans lol Not that one can ever plan that sort of thing but I have been single for about 3 years now and learnt so much about me and life and I am fairly content right now. I don’t really think too much about my previous relationships but my friends always come to me for relationship advice.

I don’t think I am any sort of Love Guru maybe I just give real good advice. I think I have a mastered the art of seeing things bigger than the situation at hand that it helps me give real, honest good advice. It is also way easier to give advice than to actually practice it. I often think to myself if I should ever get into a relationship soon I should learn how to practice what i preach.

I just don’t get it, you were two individual people when you started liking  each other stay those people! Don’t change for each other grow together and learn to compromise, communicate and trust each other. This is the part where all those in a relationship shout at me and say get into a relationship then tell me how easy that is.Easier said than done I get that.

Firstly in my opinion (I am no expert I just observe) If you need to change for someone and your own friends don’t recognize you, you doing something wrong. You need to be respected for who you are and remind yourself  that he or she liked you for you in the beginning nobody should change but rather grow as individuals together.

I truly believe that if you find a partner that inspires you to become a better version of yourself he or she is a keeper! In today’s society we get off on quick fixes and cheap thrills and leave empty you never going to be fulfilled in a relationship if you not a whole person without a partner and looking for someone to complete you is a lot of Bull  if you ask me. I am a realist  see things like it is minus all the smooth talk I think I have just learnt to smarten up through the years. Grew up from a naive little girl to a tough girl boys are probably scared of lol

It might sound like I am just another girl talking to you with a broken heart and never got over it. Reality check, I am completely fine with who I am and who I am striving to be and I choose not  to settle! I just wished more people knew what they want out of a partner and what they worth. Instead of just settling and getting  sucked into a world they think they want. Be you 100% of the time and same for your partner most importantly if you want to be with each other trust each other!

Hope all of you inlove are doing great nothing is ever easy but you know it will be worth it when you look back and think of how you have grown together through the good and the bad times.

Like I said I am no expert in any love matters. so if you disagree or agree with my view please let me know in the comments. I am always interested to find out what other people’s love views are.


Cherry ♥


Explore Cape Town With Us – Market Madness

Cape Town is known for its gorgeous weather and terrible storms no wonder it was nicknamed Cape of Storms when first discovered all those thousands of years ago. While Cape Town is still trying to get the memo that it needs to transition from winter to spring we got blessed with some blue sky’s on Sunday. When the suns out Sundays turn into Fundays.


One thing I love doing is visiting markets especially yummy food markets. The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay is one of my favorites. You can find such yummy food from sandwiches to sushi to all day breakfasts its an explosion of smells and definitely eye candy!

I always feel overwhelmed when walking into the Market as I personally don’t do well with choices indecisive by nature lol I am also a creature of habit and tend to always go for something I know. My advice is to try it all  or try something new every time you go.

Variety of choice

You can try so many things to lamb ciabatta with mustard and mint relish so yum to sushi or seafood paella, wood fired pizza and all kinds of yummy breakfast foods; like pancakes savory or sweet, french toast  and omelets with all sorts of fillings.

Don’t let me get started with the sweet treats I had my favorite Nutella pancakes but you can find amazing cupcakes, Belgian waffles, Ice cream and chocolate brownies and so much more. All tasty and looks delicious. You can definitely find something to suite every craving all under one roof. You can also find a good selection of Craft beer , good wine  and even some champagne bubbles to complement the oysters you just tried.( yes there are oysters too)

Once you have satisfied your tummy don’t leave yet. Wander around the market and checkout all the cool crafts, clothing and jewelry on display. You are guaranteed to pick up a few gems. What I love the most about markets is the vibe, the hustle and bustle and everyone seems so excited. I am guessing food excites people lol

Markets seem to be popping up all over the place and definitely the new hipster thing to do. As the weather warms up I will definitely be exploring more awesome things to do in Cape Town and sure will be telling you all of you about it .   If there is anything you would like to know about South Africa or Cape Town  let me know in the comments and I will be glad to share what I know with you. Also let me know  about cool markets in your city or area worth discovering.


Cherry ♥





Musical Monday- Tomorrowland brings us Tomorrowworld

So the Festival of all Music Festivals is set to hit Cape Town shores in 2015. This seems to be the latest buzz in the Festival news or more so Cape Town. Tomorrowland is branching out and taking on the world and bringing tomorrowland to the world and calling it it Tomorrowworld.

Since the news broke last week (more info here)  this seems to be all that people are talking about.To be at a festival where music speaks to your soul and just to be in the Tomorrowland vibe would be amazing.  For many including myself thinking of attending this music festival in  Belgium was a distant dream and loads of money.

After watching endless Tomorrowland after movies it sure gets you excited all the people, the amazing sets and the stages and most importantly the music. The EDM  scene has blown up here in South Africa (rather late than never I guess) and Cape Town in my opinion(not biased) would make for the perfect location. This is set to be the largest Youth Activation to hit SA  and said to be the biggest thing since the Soccer World Cup in 2010. I am really hoping this happens and hope I will still be alive and raving in 2015 lol


Cherry ♥


Blogging 101 – A Newbie to this World

I am new to this world of blogging and honestly sometimes I am not particularly sure what I’m doing actually most of the time. This new found passion of mine has opened my eyes to view things I see everyday differently I have highlighted topics I feel passionate about that before maybe never really understood.The common themes I have noticed are; inspiration, family, travel,life, music and a bit of fashion and how can I forget YouTube. ( I feel like thats all I ramble on about)

I started this blog in June almost 4 months ago now (time flies). I basically wanted something my sister and I  could do together. We have a 10 year age gap (crazy I know). We so much alike yet so different and thought it could make for a good read. While she is still battling the ins and outs of School I am tackling the scary real world.

Courteney may not write many posts as she is so busy with school and her dance schedule is crazy that’s why I try to include her in as many posts as possible. Where it be look posts ( she has a hot dancer bod) pulls off clothes way better than I could ever, including things we get up too and her new venture down the YouTube path. So she is as much part of the CherryHeartsBlog as I am.

I have been so overwhelmed lately feeling like I have bitten off more than I could chew and trying to get things perfect. I read other blogs or look at websites and YouTube videos wishing that I could recreate it.  Forgetting this new blogging world is a journey and all the new things I learn along the way will eventually all add up, to one great story. All the blogs I have been reading have been doing it for way longer than I have and sure got better as they progressed.( I need to practice patience and just have fun with it)

I even learnt how to organise my posts( the geek in me is very proud) So you will find my homepage updating all my latest posts but if you interested in reading  stories related to my life or life in general, inspiring stuff, travels and some entertainment news it will be under the tab Life’s Journey. I am keen to do more fashion things you will find look posts and thinking of maybe adding some hair and beauty tips and style inspirations and even some fitness tips. Series this is a section with the same theme like my Musical Mondays and YouTube posts and will add and end as CherryHeartsBlog continues.

Every like, new subscriber and comment is very much appreciated and hope you find something enjoyable visually beautiful, and most of all we get to inspire you somehow or just have a good old laugh with us!

Thank You and this is just the beginning! (this is the part where I should leave you with something inspiring lol)

Here is something I like my lovely friend T’Niele who lives in Bangkok sends me a morning Mantra  everyday  what a doll!

Life is a challenge! It does not matter what difficulties we face, our worth is measured by how we face those difficulties.


Cherry ♥


Guess What Song this is Challenge

Courteney and her friend Kyle did another awesome video together and its up on her channel. Some more fun to help you ease into this weeks madness.

They did a crazy Guess What Song this is Challenge. It’s pretty funny to see how they try and sing,hum and explain the song titles they choose. Making these Videos are really cool and great way to bring us closer as sisters. Hope you enjoy watching it and I am looking forward to help Courts out with her next videos.

To check out Courteney aka Chilleigh Channel you can do so here;

If you have any feedback please let us know as we would love to make it better and if you have any video ideas for us to try that will be awesome too!

have a blessed week all!!


Cherry ♥