Young and Confused

I realised I am not that young anymore and I cannot hold on to my Youth forever. That realisation makes me very sad because I am still trying to figure things out.  While on my search for life fulfillment and purpose I have learnt many things.

I was that girl that never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I finished school still didn’t know, took a gap year, still didn’t know. Decided to study Marketing still don’t know why and I have a degree that I don’t think I am really using to the best of its ability. I knew I had to study something and was lucky enough to have a family that would support me.


I got a job  as Marketing assistant after I studied and nothing could ever prepare me for the real world. I took the job with a smile and wanted to be the best I could be but that job took the life out me.  With no real experience I did the best I could do

It was a year of loathing work and partying hard over weekends. I was completely lost and confused and things were spiraling out of control so much so that my body started giving in.  I went for so many tests and was taking so much medication I was even on antidepressants. I truly hated the life I was living at that point,in the situations I was in. I worked hard felt bullied at times and was really depressed and when I returned I hated everything about my work life.

After working there for a year  I had enough I resigned. It was a sad day for many in the office I was the life of the office planned all the social events tried to keep everyone happy all the time still while trying to sell our main product. No easy task with so many personalities to please and you not really sure what you doing.

I eventually left and was unemployed for 6 months Interviews became my job still not sure what I truly wanted to do. Eventually found a job an internship I was so desperate at the time that I took the job pay was bad but it was better than nothing. I realised that I would rather be happy than a slave to a job for a good pay.

Now I sit here reflecting on on the past year since I took that job. Tomorrow marks exactly a year and I am still here now the Office Manager still trying to keep everyone happy and still confused.

I have learnt so much over the last year about myself and what my true passions are; I started this blog never knew I loved writing as much (still not sure if I am any good) I love photography and plan on learning more once I can afford a decent camera and videos my love for YouTube has grown so much as I can see the possibilities the platform holds. I love the creative behind the scenes PR and social media work I do with Out of Africa dance Academy and I finally managed to save up money to fulfill my other passion of traveling.

So yes things are definitely a step up from a year ago and I pray that things will only get better and I can use my talents to bring blessings over all the lives that I touch through my various adventures through life.

I would not be able to be where I am right now without the ongoing support of my family, Its been a tough year for us God has really been testing us but we are all strong and still doing our thing. Life is tough and the reality of it is Life is only going to get tougher but what sets us apart from falling into a rut is how we deal with those tough times.

My Family!

My Family!

I don’t have a clue where I will be in the next year, but what I do know is that I will never stop trusting God to help me and guide me to live a purpose driven life.

My message to all those young and old that still don’t really know whats going on…. take the good days with the bad days never give up, trust God, try and learn something new everyday and help someone everyday! Make this your daily mantra change starts with you no matter how big or small it may be it all counts!!

I think I got carried away with my deep diva moments lol I really hope you have read this and it makes sense always interested in hearing your opinions so leave me comment.


cherry ♥

Sometimes we have to take the road less traveled!!

Sometimes we have to take the road less traveled!!


Look Post|Daisy Fresh


On Sunday the weather in Cape Town was spring time fresh with a hint of summer on the horizon…. This look really sums that all up, as fresh as a daisy blooming on spring day in the fields of green grass! The cropped yellow top bought last summer at Cotton On and the skater skirt bought this past winter at Cotton on too. Spring and autumn/fall are the two seasons you can have the most fun with mixing it up with pieces from summer and winter to create a look for those in-between days.

Courteney was on her way to visit her friend it was her confirmation and I caught these snaps before she left in our front garden.

Let me know what you think and which season’s fashion you like the most.


cherry ♥


Cropped Yellow Top  Cotton On

khaki skater skirt Cotton On

Spiked chain  Cotton On

Gladiator Sandals Zoom

Leather Pack Pack ohsoboho

Musical Mondays- Taking it Back to the Old School

Another manic Monday for me… my Monday mornings are becoming so busy now that I am back on the train I don’t get to work as early as I used to so I cannot ease into my week. Needless to say this morning I felt like I got dressed in the dark and if you look terrible you feel terrible. So in order to make myself feel a little better I rushed to the nearest store to buy me a pair of opaque tights to make me look a little bit more presentable. In my hurry while putting them in the bathroom stall I manged to rip the one side now I have a ladder going up the one side of my leg lol (Great) While in a rush and angry at myself I sat there and laughed at myself. Things could be worse I guess.  Hope your Mondays are off to a great start… back to the point Musical Mondays!

I absolutely love live music hence my expensive concert addiction. This past Saturday I went old school no literally went to my old high school how nostalgic.

I attended Pinelands High School I actually think it should be called Glee lol we have a few talented peeps that have emerged from the academic institute. Jimmy Nevis, Mathew Gold and Siv Ngesi just to mention a few.  All 3 individuals equally doing great things  in their respective entertainment fields.

Jimmy Nevis  singer songwriter/producer is big all over South Africa and recently breaking into the international market too. His first catchy pop hit elephant shoes  went big and pretty much all his singles there after were hits too. My favorite is his latest song called Balloon. Only 21 and has a great future ahead of him. It was so heart warming to see him come back to his old school where he made the first steps to his career and give back. The kids all loved him there was a slight problem with sound but his fans are die hard he could just stand there and they would go crazy lol


Mathew Gold I think I have spoken about this guy enough on my blog  you can find it here and here. His just amazing and love seeing him come alive on the stage. A good guy with great talents. His cd has just hit stores and iTunes check it out the Rush. I got my hands on a copy and its awesome from smooth melodic sounds too groovy house and electric electronic vibes this man is versatile and can pretty much do it all. Watch out for his next single life is short it’s going to be huge with its Spanish vibe and soulful groove.


Funny man Siv Ngesi  this guy is truly amazing and doing so much his everywhere right now.  His a comedian, actor ,MC, motivational speaker and voice over artist you name it this man can do it. From theater to the big screen no stage is to small for his big personality. I am very fortunate to know him too and see his growth in the entertainment industry has been amazing. If you get a chance to see him in action in one of his one man shows I would really recommend you take it. His known for making light of controversial topics around race with Decaf and Race Card two of his one man shows. We are always going to have real issues in our country and while we cannot fix it lets sit back and laugh about it and that’s exactly what Siv is doing.


It was amazing to see all 3 very different guys come back to Pinelands High and show off their talents with the students and encouraging them to live there dream and if you work hard anything is possible, They even did a  signing and picture opp after. I got my cd signed too not a fan girl I promise lol.


cherry ♥



My Favorite Movie of All Time

One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies but lately it’s been taken over by series. I watch anything i can get my hands on. There is just so many to watch that I cannot keep up, so when I manage to increase my concentration span for approximately 90 minutes, it’s a joy to actually watch something good.

images (1)

I follow many blogs and love getting lost in the world of fashion and beauty the awesome pictures makes me smile as I honestly love beautiful clothes and the way these bloggers present them with their photography.

I have noticed the latest fall/autumn trends the layered shirts and jersey/jumpers, plaid jackets, skirts and over the knee boots. This all taking me back to the 90’s and my favorite chick flick movie of all time Clueless. I can remember hiring this movie from the video store I could have been 10 years old and my life changed my love for fashion was born. I dreamt I was Cher (Alicia Silverstone) the main actress and I watched that movie so many times I could have re watched it about 100 times. I could recite the words as they were spoken that’s how intimately I knew the movie.

The latest trends just reminded me of this movie and took me back to my childhood  a tad bit of nostalgia if you would. The opening scene where Cher is searching on her computer to look at her wardrobe to put an outfit together. I remember thinking that was absolutely the coolest thing ever.

The fashion was over the top and loving it the makeover scene with Tie (Brittany Murphy lord rest her soul) was the best part the mini skirt thigh high socks/stockings  high heels always been a fan totes loving it. I see it all coming back into fashion now.

As it becomes hotter and more summery this side of the equator this makes me excited for Fall/autumn 2014 too try out these trends. So for now I will oogle and go gaga over all the clueless inspired fashion and I think i need to watch this movie again… As If….lol

Let me know if you love this movie too and if you liking these fashion trends.


Cherry ♥


My Fashion Inspired Movie – Clueless

aschool 064

Picture Source; Atlantic- Pacific


Kylie Jenner Rocking a Clueless fall look.

aCHER 007

Picture Source; Atlantic- Pacific

Take a second and Pause….

We heading into the 11th month of the year can you believe it… today marks exactly 2 months before I head out on my little adventure to Thailand mixed with excitement and conflict with so much that is still yet to be done. I just need a second to pause.  On Sunday I got stuck on the highway with my moms car. Courteney and I,can you imagine us city girls without any knowledge about cars it happened so quickly the car just started to slow down and at that very moment the highway was clear giving me enough time to pull over to the  side of the road.(thank you God)


As we sat and me furiously trying to restart the car with no luck we called for help. Mom to the rescue and my uncles came to tow the car home. Yes I was angry that she had not looked after her car but I let that go as things happen we don’t have control over and it is how we deal with it that makes the difference. Now I know I need to make sure my car is in good working condition all the time.  It’s what we learn from these situations that count.

Right now I have to take the train and have not been on the train in a good few months. Its a huge adjustment, if public transport works its great but when it does not its a headache. This morning I waited on the train for almost 2 hours and got to work an hour late.( i hate being late for anything) I am blessed because i could call for help but all those other commuters could not they had to wait and pray a train would come eventually and hope it was not dangerously full. I have had a rough few days trying to fix things at work but I refuse to let that get me down.

While my rushed morning did put me in a bad mood I tried very hard to stay calm. I watched this beautiful through my eyes video from Sawyer Hartman another Youtuber I follow. He makes these absolutely beautiful still motion videos. This one showing the beauty of the changing season from Summer to Autumn and just reminded me to take a second and pause… Yes life happens but the beauty that is ever present around us is always there, appreciate the small gifts in life even when you stuck in the hustle and bustle of reality.

Watch this video below and let me know what feelings it evokes in you.

Focusing on that clear blue beach and cocktail in Thailand to get me through the next 2 months. If you have any tips and advice for me for my trip please feel free to share.


Cherry ♥

Musical Mondays Turned Motivational


I am not really a structured blogger, I never know what I am really going to blag about or even if you will like it or not. I write what I feel when I feel it and hope for the best, that’s my strategy. I draw inspiration from everything I see, people I meet, experiences and things I read.

Self-image has always been a big one for us, Courteney and I being females in this day and age is hard. Dealing with everything society and media throws at you and still trying to find your feet is no easy task.

While doing my mundane Monday morning tasks I read one of the blogs I follow. A fellow Cap Town Girl Aisha Baker from the BakedBlog She wrote a post talking about her struggle with acne. (here) Witch I thought was amazing as it is often hard to talk about your imperfections on the internet for the world to read, especially when you want the world to see your good side.

I read many blogs especially fashion and beauty blogs and see these stunning girls doing such great things. Most of the time I see how beautiful they are and it looks like they wake up like that and often don’t see everything that happens behind the scenes.   I will say I am one of those people that read these blogs (my favorite hobby) and wish I was a little thinner more fabulous, I could wear designer clothes for a living and write about all the wonderful trips I am jetting off to for fashion week all while being an inspiration to my readers and saving the world with my philanthropic adventures. (a girl can dream right)

My point is everyone is not perfect we all have our hang ups as hard as they may be mine being my weight ,it’s sometimes very hard for me to look at myself in a mirror.( that’s why I like being behind the camera) Life is tough and the reality is life will probably only get tougher. I know I am a culprit as well but it is sad that women think so low about themselves.

The latest Dove advert where women are asked to name their body part they liked. It was astonishing to see that so many women could only see the negative as they took very long to say what they liked and were very quick to say what the disliked.

I hate that media and society has made us believe that only a certain type of women is classified as beautiful.  Even if we drape ourselves in designer clothes paint our faces with makeup it may all be a disguise. True beauty is being confident in your skin right now and loving yourself no matter what life throws at you or what your imperfections may be. Being a strong, confident, women in today’s world taking the good with the bad is what will help you get through it. We need to embrace our imperfections and not be held hostage by them.

I have been battling my fluctuating weight problems forever been on every diet, tried millions of gyms and my battle continues but I am sitting here writing this and I refuse to be held hostage by my weight.

My prayer is that God will help me and free me from my bad food habits and give me strength to live a healthier lifestyle.

Nothing is ever easy and we should not be fooled by pictures we see, everyone has a story and nobody wants to show the world the bad or ugly truth. Our imperfections should not be something to be ashamed of we should talk about it openly and help each other deal with it rather than run away from it and bring each other down.

This is me a women like everyone dealing with life and real self-issues.  If you can relate please let me know below always happy to hear what you may think on this topic. I know this post is long but if you made it till here thank you for reading it. I always appreciated it!

Remember you are Beautiful just like Christina says one of my favorite songs and rather fitting for today’s topic.


Cherry ♥

Concert Look – Crop Tops and Disco Pants!


This look Courteney put together for the Rihanna Concert on Wednesday night in Cape Town.

The crop top trend still huge for summer, this American Flag inspired lace crop was bought last summer from Factory. Paired with one of winters must have items the disco pants these comfortable stretch disco tights that are high waisted was Courteney’s winter best buy, dress it up or down it works for any occasion, These were bought at Cotton on.

The newest member to the footwear collection are these black doc martins from the Lot perfect for occasions like concerts and festivals. The old new trend 90’s grunge inspired tie around my waist trick was a hit when she tied her Rihanna Tshirt around her waist to finish the look off. The T was a gift from her friend from China.( perfect timing)


Cherry ♥

20131016_181711 20131016_185112 20131016_18525320131016_19011320131016_190118

Crop Top Factory

Disco Tights Cotton On

Doc MartinsThe Lot

Rihanana graphic T Gift