3 Years of Synergy!

I am feeling abit sad and nostalgic today, I guess the best thing to do when one feels like this is, go back in time and relive the awesome moments that is Synergy.

The music festival vibe has picked up hugely in Cape Town with every weekend hosting some sort of out door event from trance parties to the larger scale Music Festivals like Rocking the Daisies and Synergy Live Music Festival being two of the main events. Everyone who is everyone diarises the dates to attend these events.  I have yet to attend a Rocking the Daisies festival but I am a avid Synergy goer been to the last three and the memories made, fun times shared  were all equally fantastic. From the excitedness of packing the tents in the car to the long walk to finding the perfect spot to  set up camp for the weekend. The highlight of the weekend is for sure the Rocking bands,mad elctro beats, hot weather and super trendy good looking people.

Why would I be sad right now you ask, I unfortunately am missing this years festival happening this weekend due to saving constraints for my Thailand trip.  So to cheer me up I thought I would share some of my highlights in pictures I took over the last 3 years of my Synergy adventure, 2010,2011 and 2012 with you. Hope you all enjoy!!

Good Bye November 2013 as we welcome the silly season of December!!


Cherry ♥

2010 -2012

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Come on a wild Adventure – Cape Town

I have reached that time of the year when you feel your body saying no to anything that remotely looks, smells and sounds like work.

I won’t say I have the most challenging job in the world but trying to keep everyone happy all the time can be pretty exhausting.  I feel if I get a complaint from someone, I take it as a direct hint that I am not doing my job correctly the trick is to always be one step ahead before something in the kitchen runs out make sure you have a refill, when the internet goes down make sure you on the phone with the service provider and don’t you dare miss an office Birthday. “No I cannot do it,” is never an option, you say yes with a smile all day no matter how ridiculous the request may sound thank the heavens for Google or I may be a tad bit screwed when searching for a last minute cake or Macbook to be fixed.( catch my drift)

My Holiday as you can tell now 25 days away is certainly one I cannot wait for and I know as soon as it comes the sooner it will be over but with that said I found this amazing video on YouTube from The Biggest, Baddest Bucket List Trip. Two brothers ticking of their travel bucket list one continent at a time.

They recently uploaded a trip to Cape Town, if you in this city (my city) and you not jetting off on an Island holiday like me lol This holiday season become a tourist right here and discover this beautiful city with tourist eyes.  this video is perfect for those thinking about visiting awesome Cape Town too which is highly recommended I may add.

Please let me know your holiday season plans and give me tips for my Thailand adventure too if you have been. Have a great Thursday the last one of November 2013!


Cherry ♥

Love Drugs and the Rock’n Roll Warped Perception of Life #lifeisshort

I think today’s post may be abit deep I have been raving on about various things Courteney and I have been doing lately  and yes it’s been awesome and sincerely hope you have been enjoying it.

I am a deep creature by nature and my family says sometimes I can be really blunt and harsh and have no heart. On the real I have too much heart and I have been hurt in the past,been taken advantage of,kept quite and suffered in silence one too many times.

The last 3 years I have learnt  so much about myself and grown to stand up for myself, I still hate confrontations but learnt to rather say my say then keep quiet about it and I try to complain less and solve problems rather than make problems.

I wish all people would live a life of caring more for others and leave this Rock n Roller life

images (2)style idea alone it totally warps the way you see life or at least the way life should be seen in my opinion. Fast money, fast women, fast cars all at what cost. Life is way too short to get stuck in that trap live your dreams but do not compromise your morals in the process of living the “so called la good life”

I believe you can have it all but know what you want first, work hard and achieve your goals. I hate it when you can see people using other people to get ahead in life its sad actually and those that stood by you all the years when you had nothing just get’s tossed to the side.

I am a firm believer of saying my say and if you choose not to listen then get your own head knocked a few times until you do listen and yes I will most likely be there, on the side line telling you I told you so. But if you were my friend then and come back to me after you have seen the light and realized you were wrong I will continue to be your friend.

Forgiveness and asking for forgiveness is huge in my books it shows maturity to own up to your mistakes and it goes both ways. I know alot about alot but I certainly do not know everything and everyday I learn more and will admit when I am wrong.

I have seen friends fall into this trap repeatedly and it breaks my heart but a good friend will let them go and when they return comfort them and guide them, leave the judgement for judgement day.  We all are far from innocent but what we can do is let them go family, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend and when the party is over and they alone on the dance floor be the person that doesn’t turn your back even when they turned their back on you.download (1)

As hard as it may be, be the better person and help because the only time they will understand is when the drum stops beating to the tune they walking and they have reached rock bottom and in dying need of friend to help them up.

It is so frustrating when you can see the direction someone is going is the wrong one but you cannot do anything about it because they choose not to listen to you. You can only say so much until you need to say no more.

I by no means want to say this is the right way of thinking this is my way of thinking and its all based on previous experiences I have seen or had in my personal life.  I am always interested in what you may think so please feel free to share your opinions with me.


Cherry ♥



Weekend Shenanigans

I hope you all had good weekends, mine was surprisingly busy as the festive season picks up it commonly starts getting filled with functions and things one kinda cannot not attend.

Since I booked my flight for my holiday in August (27days before I am off)  I have been kinda lying low trying to save my moola so the old party girl version of myself kinda took a backseat. I was very content with that as I am not so sure if I enjoy knocking back the shots as much as I did a few years ago ok last year lol (signs of getting older)

Friday night I did the Rocky Horror show as I explained in my review yesterday (here). Saturday I so much just wanted to stay in and sleep but my house on Saturday is so chaotic why people need to get up and make noise at 7am is beyond me, took Courteney to dancing then rushed off to get my hair did well over due I might add. My Hairdresser was not to happy with me because I am so lazy when it comes to my hair I just hate drying it and my hair has started to break off leaving my ends in a horrific state so my trim turned into a cut (so long to the long hair dreams)

Then rushed off to my cuz for her birthday, fun chilling in the sun talking smack as we do so well with all her friends.

The evening my awesome friends decided to do a Long Street Mission (Cape Towns Iconic Party Street) So we bar hopped and found this really cheap place with good music #winning. By 12 pm I was beat and my bed and series was calling my name seriously what has happened to the days coming home at 5 am used to be the norm lol

Sunday was a schorture of a day, Cape Town showing off went to church then to a family lunch. On my way I got a text from my friend asking if I could help out with my friends Music video Mathew Gold.( you can find previous posts here and here)  He needed extras for his 3rd single Life is Short. Check him out on iTunes now (here)

Why not hey it’s not everyday we have an opportunity to help a friend out and its my favorite track on his cd I cannot stop playing in my car. Picked Kyle up and Courteney and I were off.

I do not want to give too much away but the concept in a nutshell is life is to short to be stuck in the rut of day to day and not live your dream.(totally up my alley) Mathew then shows his amazing trumpeter that he can live his dream and be musician. We were in the end scene where Mathew is performing his song and we are the crowd dancing and cheering so we had our own private concert for a few hours in a dark warehouse vibe dancing for a few takes was hot sticky but fun. Just another Sunday afternoon in my world lol. Cannot wait till the music video drops and everyone can see how it is all put together. Ended my Sunday off off with a drink, food and much needed sleep.

How was your weekends and has the festive season kicked off in your world yet I am always keen to hear all about it!


Cherry ♥


Musical Monday – The Rocky Horror Picture Show


On Friday I went to watch the highly acclaimed The Rocky Horror Show at the Fugard Theater. I was so excited to go check it out, I love watching musicals at the theater. I was not completely familiar with story but who doesn’t know the Iconic Time Warp song and dance.

We made Our way to the Theater and we could feel the excitement as some audience members went all out and dressed up as characters from the show, who doesn’t love a drag queen or two lol(Fag hag) Kyle (Courteney’s boyfriend) felt a bit violated when few cast members walked around the foyer before we entered checking tickets and one (guy/girl) politely squeezed his bum lol The mortified look on his face was priceless and the thoughts going through his 18 year old head must have been where the hell have you taken me too lol

One thing I loved about the show is it’s extremely interactive, you get a participation pack and as the scenes commences you are prompted to throw confetti during the wedding scene put newspaper over your head and light your glow stick during the storm scene throw streamers and cards ect so it is really fun. The acting and singing was absolutely brilliant. In my opinion they got exactly the right actors for each role.

The main attraction  Dr Frank N Furter was definitely a site not to be missed his absolutely amazing. From the singing to the cheeky comebacks to the audience chirps was just awesome to say the least. I will admit if you do not know the story or have not watched the movie come with an open mind as it is very raunchy and crazy but that makes the show.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend you go watch this craziness while you still can.

Booking Details below book now!

Cape Town Fugard Theater

Show is currently running till the 12 Jan 2014

Price Range R90-R210

Johannesburg Pieter Torien Main Theatre

Show will be running from 24 Jan 2014 -30 March 2014

 Tickets Computicket


Cherry ♥



Just Another Day in the LIFE of Me

Have you ever had one of those mornings where things go wrong or just one thing and you allow it to set the tone for the day. If I had to allow that to happen to me I think I would have a bad day everyday lol

While sitting locked out of my office this morning cursing the fool that locked the bottom lock as we never do and I only have the key to the top lock. All while in excruciating period pain. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and go sleep and wake up and start my day over…

My awesome colleague came in and saw me sitting outside waiting to get into the office and we decided to go grab a coffee while we wait for someone with a key to open up. My rough morning turned into a great morning we chatted about work and life and weekend plans it was just awesome and even helped me forget about my pain for a few minutes. When we got back, our office was open like magic lol.

While whatsapping my friends earlier this morning telling them I am locked out, one of my friends replied; a week would not be normal without something happening to thals. That is so true, something is always happening to me I guess it’s small ways that God tells me I am normal and sits back and laughs at me loldownload

Then when I thought my day could not get any better, My absolute best cuz in the world got me a Golden Circle Eminem ticket I have been a fan since he started rapping and it has always been my dream to see him perform live. When I heard that he was coming to Cape Town in Feb next year on Monday, I screamed with excitement and honestly think my heart skipped a beat. So you can only imagine how over the moon I am! Feb 2014 I get to tick another concert off my bucket list.

Moral of the story bad things happen to good people everyday, Don’t let the bad things define who you are or even just spoil your day!!

Have a great day all!!


Cherry ♥



I randomly stumbled across this new Red Bull #THESHOW. ( it poped up on my newsfeed thanks to Facebook) What is this you may ask, in my opinion it is genius, take your Instagram pics and turn it into an online video art gallery for all to see. Think of it as a pop up show and it is all done in a matter of minutes.

Just another way the creative minds at Red Bull used an already popular platform like Instagram to leverage off and take there brand to the next level well done to the developers behind this job.  As seamless and quick as it seems I am sure the guys behind the scenes coding and developing this had sleepless nights so well done to the very clever team and  the clever marketing team for creating something so awesome.

It is as simple as clicking on this link (here) click sign in with Instagram and wait a few minutes you will have a video art gallery with all your pictures displayed  click here to check mine out!

Have some fun and try it out, leave the link to your videos in the comments I will love to see them.


Watch your photos become a global sensation overnight in this documentary video

red bull


Cherry ♥

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