My last Weekend in Cape Town

I am sitting on my bed writing this post before I get up and start my day.  My last few hours in Cape Town to be exact, am filled with excitement and anxiousness, as I am going with 2 of my oldest friends but I can feel the tension rising already lol (positive vibes)

This weekend I finished my diet so proud of myself and my my mom. She last 4.5 kgs and I lost a total of 5.5kgs and plan to keep if off with healthy choices.  Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my family out at Groot Constansia. I made a reservation at Simons one of the restaurants on the farm. It was an absolute beautiful day the best  Cape Town can offer.

We ate, we laughed, we joked and we argued like families do. I could not have asked for a better way to spend the afternoon. The food is absolutely exquisite. Graham had a muscle starter which we all tried and it was a winner. I missed crispy white bread so much but I am so happy I cannot eat too much of it. Courteney had a bacon and cheese burger that was bigger than her head lol I had a chicken brie and cranberry burger but ended up eating just the chicken  and not the roll which was perfect. Graham had the crispy duck and mom a ceasar salad.

After lunch we took a walk around the vineyard and took many pictures, The place is so stunning a must see if you come to visit.

The evening I went with my cuz to Shimmy beach Club to see Goldfish my favorite SA DJ‘S they are the best. They have a residency in Ibiza  every European summer then come back to Cape Town for Submerged Sundays a residency that has moved to Shimmy Beach Club. One of Cape Towns newest hot spots great venue, great music and great friends best way to say goodbye to Cape Town.

So Guys and Girls heading to Cape Town this summer, do yourselves a favor and check out Shimmy Beach Club and Groot Constansia  Wine Farm just to mention 2 of the awesome must see places.

This will be my last blog post for awhile  and will try to document my trip as much as possible.   I leave today at 16:45 off to Dubai then connect to  Bangkok and be reunited with my bestie cannot wait,so excited!!!

Have wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year all.


Cherry ♥

My Stunning Family!!

My Stunning Family!!

I am going to miss this lil one!!

I am going to miss this lil one!!

I can eat again lol

I can eat again lol


My Girls!!

My Girls!!

I love my Family!!

I love my Family!!

Shimmy Beach Club with my peeps!

Shimmy Beach Club with my peeps!I am going to miss this Girl so much!!I am going to miss this Girl so much!!


Happy Friday- Goodbye Work and Hello Holiday!!!!!

I cannot contain my excitement anymore sitting here at work, and my line of work there is no sleep for the weak lol

Busy as can be, as we have endless meetings and wrap ups to take care of before we shut down this afternoon for the year. Then a weekend of family ladownload (1)st minute errands before Monday. When I am off on a jet plane. I am so excited to see my bestie who I have not seen in 6 months and will be spending Christmas with her. 

This years been great in cyber space (blogging world) and in the real world. Thanks to everyone who finds my shenanigans, rants and adventures in life interesting. My plans for 2014 is only going to expand and grow and do more exciting things. I cannot wait to share it all with you as they come to light.

This is not goodbye but I will not be blogging as frequently as I have been in the past only because I will be on holiday documenting everything, for awesome videos and posts to share with you all. I will post one or two updates here and there depending on a good WiFi signal lol

My festive season wishes for all is to be safe have an amazing Christmas, spend it with those you care most about and enjoy the time off you may have.

Season Greetings and may God bless you all!!


Cherry ♥



A Test of Willpower

So I have briefly mentioned this diet I have been on, with exactly 2 days to go before it’s over, I am having a moment of reflection.

The saying you can do anything if you put your mind to it is so true. These last two weeks was so testing but if I say I am going to do it I will do it. (that’s kinda my thing) It also helps if you have support and someone doing it with you.(thanks mom)

My New Year’s resolution this year was too loose weight; I joined a gym and was completely amped about it in the beginning of the year. Then winter rolled in and I was saving so that meant more days inside curled up with my laptop, series and snacks. I am talking about all kinds of snacks from biscuits, chips, chocolates and opius amounts of coke a cola (I am a junk food addict)

Just like an alcoholic, or druggie I was in denial, I hid my stash so nobody would know I was eating junk and every time I got a comment about it I would get very defensive.

I hated the extra weight I put on but being a girl  and overly blessed in the boob area. I was always good at illusion dressing so nobody knew exactly how big I was but myself. This intern made me feel very bad about myself and the thought of showing off my body, on a beach in Thailand still totally freaks me out.

Then about 3 weeks ago my mom’s friend told us about this Metabolism reset diet and how much weight she lost doing it. With the festive season on our door steps, you and I both know that means endless parties drinks and festive foods. So we decided to do this diet and see how it goes.

I am 12 days clean of sugar and feel good lost about 5kgs so far and will do my final weigh in on Saturday. This diet was more than just an eating plan to me. It was the first time in a long time, I committed to do something about my weight, without giving up half way. The fast weight loss is sure a motivator. I am proud of myself and my mother for doing this together.

It has taught me to think about what I put into my body, when hungry drink water, and learn to have bigger lunches and smaller dinners. I really don’t want to eat the way I was but still be able to eat anything within reason.  After losing the weight I surely  want to keep it off.

So those that can relate are probably asking what is this diet, if you are interested comment with your email address and I will send it to you. It is high protein and low carb eating plan.

The only side effect that I found was it made me very tired, lack of energy and exercise during these 14 days are not recommended.  I will warn you too, you may get very sick of the boiled eggs story lol but you can do it!!


Cherry ♥

2013-12-19 10.24.51

We will be skinny lol


Catch Up with Me

I hope you all good. I missed a musical Monday yesterday only because it was a public holiday  and really didn’t feel like writing a post to be honest. I am back and feeling great.

Hope you all had great weekends, mine was a mixture of chill and fun just what I needed. Got my packing organised for my trip next week. A few bibs and bobs I  still need to get tonight and then I can sit back and patiently wait, to bored a plane next Monday. (exciting stuff)

I am still going strong on my diet and so proud of myself for pushing through and not giving up. This weekend was hard for me but I managed to overcome the small temptations and it is slowly becoming easier. I have lost 5 kgs so far so the results are definitely the motivation I need.  I feel good my new motto is when you think you hungry just drink water lol

It was so great to see my friend from Germany too. I don’t think I have met another guy more inlove with Cape Town than him. 3 years ago he came to do an exchange program volunteering at various schools  for 6 months. His been back every year since then. He said he has a Cape Town savings fund. Every month he saves money for his trip and hopefully one day he plans on moving here.

He always says we must come visit him so the plan is to save up next year then do a Euro trip with him and a few friends. So I shall strike while the travel bug has bitten me lol

Still not feeling very festive yet and our Christmas tree is not even up at home definitely on the the to do list this week.

Whats been happening with you? hows the festive season going?? I will leave you with a few pics from a party called LoveAll we went to over the weekend so much fun even took Courteney along.


Cherry ♥


More Family

Family Fun this weekend!

Family Fun this weekend!



Friends and Family festive fun



Another Week closer to Holiday

Happy Friday the 13th  for all you superstitious types lol

My morning has been manic as usual, but I am jumping for joy with weekend around the corner and a long weekend I may add.

I have a friend arriving from Germany today so it will be so cool to see him and catch up over the weekend.  I have not been to the beach at all yet so hoping to get some beach action in too. I have organised Courteney a job to earn some extra cash, for the summer hols. May I add it’s the best job ever, its at the beach walking around promoting water I think and giving out free stuff, with a local radio station Heart in Cape Town. (tough life right)

Then maybe  do some travel prep.( I leave in a week and I have not done a thing oh dear) Well I have made concise list of things that need to be done if that helps me feel better. So I have to make a stop at the dreadful shops at some point and sort out my money situation too. I don’t want to leave anything for next weekend because I will not be caught dead in a mall with all those consumerism obsessed last minute shoppers.( oh i love Christmas time can you tell lol) luckily for me I get that going on holiday Christmas shopping free pass lol  I will be doing all my shopping in Thailand and bring gifts for all when I return.

I am still going strong on my diet day 6 whoop whoop I got this! a little self motivation goes along way lol

I hope you all are feeling festive and merry! Let me know what you weekend plans are and if you dreading the full malls as much as I am.


Cherry ♥

In a weeks time I will be reunited with my gypsy!

In a weeks time I will be reunited with my gypsy!

office Christmas tree!

office Christmas tree!

A LIFE Celebrated!

I am not going to do too much writing today and just let these pictures talk for themselves.( some are mine that I took and some are from friends)

As most of you know I have a mixed family a white Stepfather a coloured mom and a mixed sister. If it were not for the struggles and fight Nelson Mandela fought this rainbow nation we live in today, would not be possible. Last night to be at the Cape Town Stadium, with my family and the rest of Cape Town, joined in unity, to celebrate our TATA MADIBA’S life was a privilege and honour.

Thank You to the city of Cape Town and Western Cape Government for putting this all together and the live performances were amazing.

One of my posts would not be complete without a YouTube video too…lol check out this Amazing Flash Mob that took place at a Woolworths with the Soweto Gospel Choir paying tribute to Nelson with a iconic song.

Enjoy these snaps too!!!


Cherry ♥

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A Week of Mandela Magic

It has been a strange week for me; with all the Madiba Madness happening tributes events media and all on a diet.

I am trying too loose a few kg’s before my island holiday so maybe that’s why I feel strange lol I am on day 4 today without any sugar so far so good 10 more days to go. (When I finish this diet and it works I will share my secrets with you.)

Yesterday was the Memorial for Nelson Mandela at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg I managed to catch a glimpse of it here and there and followed most of it on Twitter. It’s amazing to see history go down like this and very privileged to say us as South Africans we are part of it.

This must be the biggest memorial in history. I loved Obama’s speech yesterday and if you have not seen it I will add it below.  I loved the Quote he mentioned  by Nelson Mandela; “I am not a saint he said but unless you think a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.”

One thing that was disheartening was, when the crowd booed our President. We all here to honour our Tata Madiba not to boo our president. If Nelson was alive to see that I am sure he would not be happy. It made me feel like everything he fought for meant nothing and  in that instant it showed the world disrespect. This is a time to celebrate Nelson Mandels’s life not the current negativity you may hold against the current state of affairs. ( that’s just my opinion)

I am no politician, don’t know much about what is happening in politics, but do know that our current state of affairs may not be where it should be and  we all still have a lot more to do. Nelson Mandala started the walk we as generations that follow his legacy need to keep walking that walk. Learn from this man and try to use him as an example to us. He was living proof that change can happen and we should never forget that.

Even in his death he unites us as a nation and even the world all striving for the greater good in humanity. Everyone plays a part no matter how small you may think it is, ultimately and collectively it’s for the greater good of our country.

On my way home from work yesterday I took a detour via the parade and city hall where  screens have been set up for everyone to view the events happening across the country . They have allocated a place to leave flowers cards too. Just walking by gave me that chocked up feeling seeing all the flowers and people gathered was amazing.

Today is the Cape Town Remembrance event and will go down to the Cape Town Stadium with my family after work to be part of the nationwide celebration.  So will share all  my experiences about that tomorrow.

I would love to know if you have been following these events, or just your thoughts feel free to share with me.

Viva Nelson Mandela.


Cherry ♥