My Night with the Rap God – Eminem Rapture Tour 2014-South Africa


Marshall Mathers is captivating sweat dripping from his brow manically jumping around with eyes bulging and lips moving indecipherably… –

I cannot contain my excitement, last night I had such a great time. I am a huge lover of Hip Hop Music and Eminem has been a wish of mine to see live for many years now. I loved him from the beginning days of I am Slim Shady through all the baby mama drama and the B rabbit 8 mile stage the relapse saga and then clean from drugs stage right to now being the self proclaimed Rap God of Hip Hop music.

Every song he performed either triggered a childhood rebellious memory or present day memory. That’s what I love about music the memories it brings and the crazy lyrics in his case most of them,rather crude, but you have to love his witty sense of humour to poke fun at people in the industry that in most cases take themselves too seriously.

His as real as it gets, not afraid to say it like it is, and he speaks about his issues. I read somewhere yesterday that said; turn your pain into purpose. I feel like Eminem has been through the ringer, and he made people aware of what he went through in a lyrical way. It got peoples attention, and it made him the Man he is today. 41 and still looking like he did 15 years ago. His music as eefed up as it may seem his just as messed up as all of us nobody no matter how hard we try will ever have everything always figured out. We can be good people, but bad things will happen so be brave like Eminem turn your pain into purpose.

I am not saying go bat shit cray like him his abit extreme, and there is only one Eminem. I am saying learn to be brave, face your issues and through dealing with it.You may discover things about yourself you never knew. Writing music is a therapeutic release, I write this blog as my platform to release my thoughts , insecurities and things I love. By being brave, I may help someone dealing with the same issues I managed to overcome.

So even if you not a die hard fan like me last night was the best Birthday present ever Golden Circle ticket winning. I could see him the best memories remembering all the old songs watching him jump around the stage as a crazy and sweating in the crazy Cape Town heat all worth it, and I will do it all again 10 times over!

If you went or seen him before let me know what you thought of his performance. ( Check out my Instagram for pictures and Videos!)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


The Thailand Adventures -Phi Phi Island where I left my Heart




The Island where my heart melted and I became one with life, being surrounded in the beauty you call Kho Phi Phi made my life worth existing. The island feel, the winding streets the buzz of people and the calm of the beauty all jumping at you at once made my heart melt.

The narrow winding alleys and the picturesque views completed me. I could wander the island for hours and not for a second be bored or have to talk to a single person if I didn’t want to. I could picture myself hiding out on this island for awhile just sitting under a palm tree watching all the boats of tourists come in as excited as I was when I first disembarked the boat.

Writing blog posts and sharing all the smiles, I see when I see all the new faces bask in the beauty that is Phi Phi. Talking to locals and foreigners from near and far learning their stories. Being a local at the bar on the corner where everyone knows me by name and my order by heart. I can see myself dancing on the beach as they light a fire to light up the island night sky.

Taking pictures of everything and anything just being in such an inspiring place where everyone seems to light up with a friendly face, no cars hooting you out the way just foot paths leading you to discover something more beautiful. To think a place like this exists and I only got to see it for a few hours brings me to tears. It felt like heaven on earth for a moment, a moment in time where I didn’t worry about anything or anyone, it was just me and the beauty God created.

If you have visited this Island or place, you felt, that took your breath away let me know in the comments.

I believe God created the beauty of the world for us to discover it and appreciate him so much more, give thanks for the life we live as we only have one so make it count and if you have the chance, Travel the World!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

A little Motivational Monday


So with great excitement… You guessed it we reached our first Blog Goal 100 Followers on Saturday!

I didn’t do anything too crazy this weekend went to a Photography class at Vega on Saturday learned so much so best I keep practicing what I learned. It felt strange to be in a lecture theatre again being a student, I graduated from student life 4 years ago time is going too fast for me.

Then met my girls on the beach and beached it for the day what else  can you do on a hot summer’s day in Cape Town. We then went to Bungalow for wine and dinner and laughed and watched the sun go down. Nothing beats good laughs great wine on a summer’s day.

As we sat and spoke we looked at ourselves and thought about how lucky we are to enjoy the simple luxury as the beach wine and food when in reality this is something, not everyone can do. I am very blessed to live the life I do, and I can only thank my maker and the support of my family. I have said this many times I have no clue where I will end up, but I do know that I will try and make the most of every opportunity where ever I may be.

This blog is an expression of me along with Courteney and my other Cherryheart girls and guys living an ordinary life, doing extraordinary things here and there.

I have not got things sorted out and as soon as I think I do some curve balls come knock me down. So I thank you all for reading my rambles, following this blog, liking and commenting. I appreciate it all. We have reached our first blog goal of 100 Followers to me this is a big deal as I thought one person reading this and looking at my pictures and hopefully being inspired by something is more than I could imagine.

Thank you for following the madness that is CherryHearts; life, fashion, travels and inspirational guidance if you will.

Everything I see and every person I meet has a story, and I am here to tell it in some creative way. So stick around for the adventure because what lies ahead nobody knows but be sure you will hear it from me first.

This is not a platform for me to show off the best bits of my life I like to keep things real and as I struggle and we struggle through life and get our GPS singles crossed from time to time you will most likely hear about it.

As I have said before; We just ordinary girls doing extraordinary things and trying to make this world a better place and if we inspire just one reader we have reached the aim of this blog.

Ordinary people are the ones who create amazing things so do not ever think you not worth it or you cannot live your dreams! Make it happen 2014 still living out this years motto!

Hope you all had good weekends and ready to tackle the last week of February!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

1798461_10152350952713646_33640695_nIMG_20140223_110339image-45a935637e780bba23463d04e447a6a79528e50bcc97a43696ec822a145dbf6e-VIMG_20140222_143905 image-279dd54a266b17b69e893f839895b34e8b3366502b1ab16f0e3bf1bcfb068911-Vimage-84adea5279a006dd2dff2e08ddd146bdbe21cf1b9734e68eeafe0f25713e9522-Vimage-08da29acd1747179a43436a6e2757af6e9bbbfe22b20a7e10d82752449dd0dac-V image-fd38ed6057f0b2b699d7b159c6af75d7653f91cd13fc9e7eeb2bc30a7a468498-V


Events – We got Moonstruck


As one can tell from my blog, I am a rather social girl. I won’t call myself a social butterfly because I never get the A-list ticket into things, and I have to pay for most things so I choose my events carefully, whom I am I kidding I am a sucker of huge amounts of FOMO.( fear of missing out)

With that being said, you will most likely catch me at most concerts and big outdoor events, I love music, people and a good vibe and if it is free its is defiantly for me lol ( saving for my world tour so I have to scoop up free things lol)

Last Saturday I went to an event at Clifton 4th beach called Moonstruck an annual charity event hosted by Cape Talk. Its a sunset picnic concert on the beach. So much fun and always packed out. After a crazy Friday at Ultra( read more here), a chilled day lazing by the pool in the scorching hot heat a evening dancing on the beach sunset vibes, was what the doctor prescribed. Although it felt like every muscle in my body was in serious pain after being a crazy jumping jack the previous night. ( a good workout)

Vicky Sampson and Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels ( South African Artists) entertained us on the beach singing old and new popular songs. The beach was an array of dancing bodies and set alight with bobbing glow sticks. It was a fun night and when the event was over the beach was packed with families and friends chilling out on blankets getting cozy with candle lights. It took me back to my Thailand NYE (read more here) when the beach was filled with happy faces and set alight with lanterns and fireworks.

I am truly blessed to live in such a beautiful city and thank God everyday for it even though I feel like a change of scenery is needed while I am still here I will be making the most of my summer days. I am clearly a summer person I come alive in the summer sunshine.

What’s you favorite season and why? I love summer but I love winter Fashion more.

Hope you all have great weekends  and enjoy my pictures!( I am getting into my new DSLR camera)

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Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


IMG_20140216_124836IMG_20140216_191920_1 IMG_20140216_130850IMG_20140216_1243201618650_10151879956981721_2124970970_n1794729_10152333270503646_1311992735_n

The Thailand Adventures -NYE Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014


As I am doing this travel series of my Thailand adventure, it seems as though I am holding on to faded memories. My post vacay high has settled and we halfway through month 2 of the new year. Life usually starts settling and returning to normal round about this time.

I remember last year this time feeling the same and this time I finally think I need to do something about it.
(That feeling of what is my purpose here at a job and I am slowly starting to discover what makes me tick.)

I can try and capture every memory by taking a picture of everything, but I discovered on my travels where my passion is. I want to learn from people,see different places and experiences different things all while sharing it with everyone. I want that to be my everyday life. I want an adventure every day.

My NYE was amazing nothing like being on the beach with your best friend toes in the sand and 1000 other crazy people alongside you. That evening while lighting lanterns I made a wish, I know I shouldn’t share it because it won’t come true, so they say… My wish was to live more and experience life and everything it has to offer live the adventure my soul desires.

Since I started this blog in June 2013, it has been my cornerstone a therapeutic outlet for my creative being. Yes, I want to inspire you all with my beautiful pictures, travel adventures, fashion looks and inspirational words but I don’t want to be writing these things if I cannot live it too.

So as I look back at how happy I was on NYE care free with new and old friends I want my life never too loose focus on why I am here to bring hope and happiness to everyone I meet, and I think God would have intended me to do.

I think it is finally time for me to spread my wings and go…

It is amazing how, one vacation, one month back home and a passing of one friend have changed the Thailand Trio so much. We have learned that the world is truly our oyster, we don’t need to have things figured out all the time, and life is truly short and while our hearts are still beating to the sound of a drum in distant lands we need to Make it Happen!

I don’t know where I will be in the future but I do know I don’t want to wake up one day and say I never truly lived.

So I don’t know what to do now conflicted with a thousand thoughts, I thought I was finally figuring life out. Do I save up money and go and see what happens teach English or something , or stick it out here and see what happens decisions decisions…

If you had the choice to pack up and go (I know it’s not easy)What would you do?


Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

fireworks on the beach was magical!

fireworks on the beach was magical!Bangla Road where we spent most nights partying!Bangla Road where we spent most nights partying!NYE drinking on the streets with our new friends!NYE drinking on the streets with our new friends!NYE on Patong beach! We lit Latins and made wishes for 2014!NYE on Patong beach! We lit Latins and made wishes for 2014!NYE RomancesNYE Romances



Musical Monday – Ultra SA Festival Madness


On Valentine’s Day Cape, Town hosted the biggest International festival to hit our soil. There is no other words to describe it but epic madness!! ULTRA SA

A group of us got festival ready in shorts and lumo tops and ready to hit the Ostrich farm for an explosion of music. The weather was sweet at about 30 degrees; we got in at 3pm and as soon as we heard the banging beats we were overjoyed with excitement for the day.

My friend whom I visited in Bangkok just came home to so this was a great welcome home gathering we were all together having a great time.

The set up was awesome 3 dance floors many bars so everyone could always stay hydrated the service was good too, (not the usual long lines)

The Music

If you love EDM, it will be the best place to be with a line up like this how could you not go crazy.


My favorite set was Afro Jack I loved the new single called 10 feet tall a little more poppy than the usual hard electro sound that we used to from him, but I still love it. Krewella was also insanely representing for the females. Everyone was amazing from the crowd the International line up to the local guys killing it too. At one point, I wish I could have cut myself up in 3 pieces so I could be on each dance floor.

The fireworks display was amazing; I loved that it was a show and so glad I was there to experience it . It felt great to be with the people I loved, enjoying great music and a great festival vibe. Seriously never danced so hard in a long time I even thought I sprained my ankle and my toes were going to fall off.

If you missed this event, you missed out big time!! It was the best outdoor event I have ever been too. It would be a real crazy experience to go to Miami where this event started 15 years ago, the thought sends an electric current down my spine lol.

We all still recovering from the madness and the rest of the weekend we spent pool side, trying to stay cool, laughing and reminiscing about the crazy fun we had at Ultra SA!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


Love Creates Beauty not Just on Valentine’s Day!


It’s Valentines day , and I am off work today. It is going to be the day of mixed emotions for me, my friend who passed away tragically his funeral was last week in Johannesburg. Where he lived, but he was originally from Cape Town and today with great thanks to his family for organising we are having a memorial service for him in Cape Town.

So that’s how I will be spending my morning giving thanks and praising the lord for bringing this soul into my life and as sad as it is that he is now gone I trust the lord is in control and knows what his doing. They often say the good die young. With that being said; I am preparing myself for an emotional morning. I know the closure this will bring will be good for us all.

I haven’t had a traditional Valentines Day for years since I am very single and hardly ever date. ( I am very fine with this.) I have a group of girl and guy friends who are also single, so we always do something together to celebrate the one Holiday I find to be very stupid. 2 years ago we had singles braai and only our single friends were allowed, last year we had a singles dinner and this year we are having an a singles rave at the Ultra music Festival.

So, however, you find yourself spending this day,with lover or no lover we love each other, and I truly think; Love Creates Beauty, not just on Valentine’s Day!

The shocking passing of my friend taught me to love every day as we never know when it will be our last. So even if you not in romantical relationship do something nice for someone you love today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥