Shop My Closet “A Pimped out Garage Sale”



Hi lovelies, hope you all had great weekends, I had a busy weekend filled with summer time madness good friends, and good music but I will fill you in all of that soon.

Now for another exciting project I have been working on my Shop My Closet “A Pimped out Garage sale ” is finally starting to take shape, and you all invited!

So I am a horder… not something new but I have finally decided it is time to clean out the shoe and clothes closets and sell some of my things along with 2 of my friends who have decided to do the same.

I have been sorting for a few weeks and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel a few logistics still need to be taken care of and then I am ready to kick start the sale of the season on Saturday the 12th of April. So if you live in the Cape Town area I highly recommend you come check it out.

Items to be sold include; dresses, skirts, tops, pants, shoes, bags and accessories all at good prices. You will not be disappointed, pop by and add it to your to-do list now. For more information on the sale click here to stay up to date.

Yesterday after sorting all the clothes Courteney and I shot a Look book promo video of some of the sale items to give you an idea of what will be available at the Shop my Closet Sale check the video and pictures below. (All items Courteney is modelling are on sale)

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding anything about the sale, please comment below, and I will answer all your questions.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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1 Year of YouTube

So as many of you may know and it is ok if you do not know because I am just going to tell you anyway…. I love YouTube!!! (no surprise right)

I love that it allows people to be creative, and it is an online platform with rules in place, but it does not hinder your creativity. I love the cheesy viral videos from time to time, but most of all I love the community of YouTubers I have become so fond of all of them. My top 2 YouTubers at the moment are Louis Cole and Ben Brown and recommend you check them out if you into travel and positive fun vibes.

I started watching videos here and there until a year ago I watched Louis Cole’s Playlist live videos and was hooked I never missed a day and then went back and watched all his videos I had missed. Playlistlive a Youtube  convention hosted in Orlando Florida was last weekend and that’s when i realised I have been watching Yout Tube religiously for a full year.

Through watching Fun for Louis I got introduced to Ben Brown and it has been amazing to see his growth in the YouTube space. I got to meet them when they visited Cape Town it was truly one of the highlights of 2013. (Read about it here)

I love that they so positive about life but yet completely relatable. They inspire me with their creativity, and that it is ok to dream big and go for it. They are very privileged to have the support that they have.

Even watching the other British YouTubers like Zoella, Alfie, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya and Jim and who cannot forget our own Caspar Lee then the American guys too they like another family on the interwebs lol. I love that they just doing them and found a place that accepts their creativity. I often feel trapped in my mind because I do not know where to channel my thoughts and ideas of being creative.( Thank You Cherry Hearts Blog I have found an outlet)

The Youtubers I watch inspired this blog because I am not sure if I am completely happy being in front of the camera just yet. They have inspired me to see the world differently and that paving your own path no-matter where it may lead is acceptable. That the institutional way of thinking is in the past and that creativity and channelling your strengths and getting out of your comfort zone is acceptable. I love that it’s a platform that brings the world together in a creative way, and hopefully it inspires you too.

Courteney seems serious about her craft of dancing and expressing herself through film and short videos I love creating concepts and bringing them to life so we plan on doing more fun creative videos for her YouTube channel.So keep an eye out  for that.  To stay up to date follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to her channel links are all above.

Let me know if you into YouTube and who is your favourite YouTuber.

Hope you have a great Friday and a Happy Weekend!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

A Road Trip for a Day


We often get so locked on our day to day lives that we often forget what is just on our door steps as you can tell from my previous post if you have not read it check out out here. I am into enjoying the beauty that is around us and nothing better than jumping in a car with your best friends for a mini road trip and spending a day out enjoying the country where we live.

Last Friday was a public holiday and Stacey’s birthday weekend we decided to take a drive down to the Westcoast National Park to a stunning beach and braai spot called Church Haven. The drive is about an hour out of Cape Town up the west coast, and it is truly beautiful and worth the drive. I recommend going to spend the day out there if ever you come to visit Cape Town. True Paradise. Its a national park with designated braai areas so you can pack all the goodies and spend a full day braaing in the summer sun and swim in the clear blue waters, the entry cost is only R40 per person.

So while it looks like we headed straight into winter bypassing autumn I will warm up with these awesome paradise pictures.

Hope you enjoy them, even if I cannot get on a jet plane to the exotic destination right now I will hold on to my paradise right around the corner feeling very privileged to enjoy this beautiful place I call home!

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥


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Motivational Monday – Climbing Mountains

Where have I been… I had an extra long weekend I was off on Thursday and Friday was a public holiday Human Rights Day.

So my Monday Morning is starting off pretty hectic catching up on work life and Dance Academy work for our up and coming show in May but I will tell you more about that soon.

Lately, I have been into hiking again last week Sunday I did the shipwreck hike it is lovely along the beach true tranquillity not too strenuous but the view and the peace are amazing. Something calming about being out in nature surrounded by the beauty of Cape Town, It is so easy to forget that we have this right on our doorsteps and finishing a hike is always a good feeling like you accomplished something meaningful for the day.

On Saturday, I climbed lions head another popular hike in Cape Town. I went early at 6am was a cold morning but was a good way to start the day. I went with my Dad his first time and his afraid of heights so it was a big deal for him and not knowing what to expect. I wont call it a walk in the park, but I had done it like 4 times before so I knew what to expect. I was very proud of him for not giving up and not allowing his fear to control him considering that about eight months ago he had a mild stroke and his recovered so well.

He is an inspiration to many. Not only did he get his health back in having near death experience changes the way you see the world and how you see yourself. He has no other person than God to thank for his second chance. As a family he has made us see that no matter what happens to you, you can fight any struggle. He also showed us that neglecting you health; spirituality and self is a dangerous path to go down.

Things will never be easy but sometimes the struggle just makes us realise what we want out of life and how we need to get it. What happened to him taught me that you cannot neglect your health and give everything to a job. It is hard but if you can follow your dreams and passions I truly recommend you do it. That’s why I push Courteney so much never to loose focus on her dream because it can come true.

I realised I am good at encouraging and motivating people. I truly love doing it. I do it every day with friends and family it is one of my gifts from God and thank him for giving me this ability.

Sometimes you just need to let go and let God. that’s my plan now I know I am meant to do great things with my life, and I guess being confused now is all part of the journey….

What have you been up too share your dreams for the future with me  I am always interested to know. Beautiful pictures inspire me too hope you enjoy these snaps below and have a great week.

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Sun City Summer Holiday Trip 2014


While I was gallivanting in the tropical paradise of Thailand ( check it out here) My family went to Sun City for a week of fun in the sun and relaxation. Last year was a tough year for my family many ups and downs, but we made it to 2014. These holidays were exactly what we needed to put the past in the past and focus on the next chapter being 2014.

I know it is almost the end of March already the first three months of the year seemed like it went by in a flash and we all back into the routine of school, work and life.

After weeks of asking Courteney to load her Sun City Video, she finally made time to put it together in her busy life. I have never been to Sun City Courteney went at the beginning of last year with my Mom for a dance Competition, and when they came back they could not stop talking about how amazing it is. So they were excited to take Dad along as they knew he would just love it.

Lazy days spent poolside and a walk in the forest to game drives shows and many fun adventures. Since I was not around to join the family holiday Courteney’s boyfriend Kyle joined in the fun. Check out the awesome video below and some cool pics from the trip!

If you have been to Sun City let me know if you enjoyed it… I will be adding it to my adventure list.

Courteney is motivated and amped, and we have awesome ideas to add more cool videos to her Youtube channel so please check it out and subscribe for some cool content coming soon!!

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥


MuscalMonday with a Motivational Twist


I have been lacking inspiration of late but whenever I feel this way Courteney always cheers me up even when we just chilling in her room, and she starts dancing and playing the fool. She is just so infectious and knows how to make me smile. Enough about me and more about her.

She had this opportunity to enter a talent competition called Summer Heat Talent Search. She didn’t seem to keen, but the prize opportunity was just so amazing she could win a bursary to study at the New York Film Academy.( she wants to study film when she finishes school this opportunity seemed like a God sent)

Courteney has been dancing since the age of 4 years old and has grown in ability and in confidence she is beautiful and talented and as any sister would I encourage her and support her through it all.

She was not excited to enter thinking what her chances are. Then big sister stepped in and spoke to her and reminded her of her dream to go to New York and be a performer.( all she has been talking about for years) I also reminded her that if you never grab opportunities you will never know what could happen. Life is about not missing the boat and regretting things you could have done. It is very rare that people can turn a dream into reality, and I am a sole believer if you have the opportunity grab it with both hands.

So yesterday she went for it with the support of me mom, dad, the boyfriend and dance teacher cheering form the side. She was confident and killed the audition. I am truly proud of her for not giving up and letting this opportunity pass her by.

She was the Female winner!!!!! So proud of her!!! ( check out a clip of her audition here)

She has the opportunity to showcase her talent in Johannesburg later this year at the national search. She also got scouted by one of the talent scouts. I am so proud of her, and I know her support team will be standing by her side.

I have always believed that she has the talent to go far and live her dream. This may be a stepping stone and no matter what the outcome it will always be a learning curve and the connections you make now could set you up for the future.

I hope you enjoyed this Muscal Monday with a Motivational Twist. Grab opportunities because life is way to short to watch it pass you by. ( I know I need to take my own advice too.)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


Courteney on Stage at the Competition

So proud of this Girl!!

So proud of this Girl!!

Look Post |Street Art

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Lacking a little inspiration today but these beautiful pictures and the vibrancy of this street art brings a smile to my face! The beauty of pictures is sometimes all you need and you do not need to say a thing, just let your imagination run wild!

It’s been awhile since I showcased a look from Courteney so hope you enjoy these pics it was a fun shoot! She has just been so busy, but we have some cool ideas planned for the future.

Courteney’s Look

Hoody, top and sweat pants are from Cotton On and the Nike sneakers are from a store in Germany (when she visited s few years back)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥