What May Taught Me

Wow, another month has come and gone how time is flying… This month taught me to take stock of where I am and where I am gong.The cold drop in temperature left my wandering soul still wandering but I fast became content with quieter nights staying indoors.

I have been more quite lately even here not because I do not have anything to say but more so because I have been silently working towards a new goal and a lot of research preparing and studying need to be done in order to reach that goal.

So while I have been hacking away at doing what I need to do, it has not been easy, I have found it rather challenging especially getting my head back into study mode. Motivating myself has been tough luckily I have one of my best friends with me so we have been and continue to be our support buddies through this preparation and entire experience.

The new adventure that awaits is one that is so scary and exciting all at the same time still so much planning to do my main focus is to complete this short course and then hopefully the planning part will be more fun! (hoping it will be.)

While trolling  YouTube I found this very useful video if any of you are planning a big change or a long solo holiday these tips maybe useful.

If you have ever lived abroad or been away for long time let me know your experiences?

Hope you all have good weekends and ready to tackle June!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



Making a Life Changing Decision

For a long time, I felt like I was aimlessly living life making sure I did what I had to do. I read this quote this morning I posted it on my CherryHearts facebook page you can join it here. It said;” If you can’t stop thinking about it don’t stop working for it.” It was profound to me because this weekend past I spent it in a classroom with 18 other people learning how to teach English.

Yes, I said it I am taking the biggest risk of my life and going, I am not sure on all the specifics just yet but my main aim is to finish up this course that I am doing right now and then sort out the rest.086dbf74a1b6eeeb39ccda71c878fe5a

Not knowing what I had signed up for it was scary and daunting, I felt completely overwhelmed but I am more than half way through it now. My goal is to complete it in June. This weekend being in a practical environment with like-minded people was awesome. I was nervous, but the day was so jammed back that we hardly had time to relax. Then came the time for putting what we were taught into practice the nerves kicked back in.

Luckily I wasn’t doing this alone,One of my oldest friends and I decided to do this together. Having her there for me helped put me at ease and vice versa. The practical we could do together and we aced it. Sunday we had to do it all again and we made it. We conquered our fears, passed the weekend practical, had fun and made some friends we hope to bump into again on some foreign soil.

My longing to travel and explore has been one I have had for many years, I have finally built up the courage to go out there and do it. Talking to the guys in the class was great as some of my friends just don’t get it they did, they could relate, we all had a clear common interest, wanderlust our desire to earn money while travelling and learning other cultures.
I know my journey has just begun but after this weekend I finally feel like this is starting to become real, I feel excited again and I feel like I am on the right path.

So like that quote said; if you can’t stop thinking about it don’t stop working for it.” That’s what I am doing to make my dream come true for now; I do not know where this journey may lead, but I just want to be happy, so I am opening myself up to adventure, praying for guidance and with my travel support buddy along for the ride we just going out there and going to make this work. Not forgetting taking all you with me too I cannot wait to share all my experiences with you guys as well!

Let me know if you have taken any big life changing  risks and how it worked out for you?( I am always interested)

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

My Office for the Day – Net Phrophet



I hate that I have been so quite lately not because I do not have anything to say but only because I have been busy studying and this weekend I have classes all weekend, but I don’t want to jinx anything, and once I complete this course I will explain all.

I went to a pretty cool technology/ digital/start up /entrepreneurial conference on Wednesday called Net Prohpet. I had been to one before, and I remember the first time feeling like a kid in a candy store. Everything was fresh and new; the ideas of the industry were amazing the developments in the digital age fascinated me so much.

It was cool to be in a room filled with like-minded people and be wowed by the likes of the big players in the digital space like Ebay. The way they are changing the game in the retail space,I found that fascinating and interesting. I like that in this new digital age the focus is still solely on the customer but with innovative technology and fast forward thinking things are being done creatively. As Jody Ford, the vice President of Marketing for Ebay nicely said, “Customers want to get what they want when they want it wherever they are.” It may not be things we don’t already know, but it is a creative and innovative ways these companies are solving these problems.

Another strong point that came across loudly was how important the right education is, and every year Net Prophet raises funds for their bursary campaign to help send students to get educated. This year they partnered with an NGO Partners for Possibilities to help communities in need of education, not only do you have to donate money, but you can donate your time to help too. I also enjoyed seeing what Olgilvy Labs are doing internationally and how they are using education to create amazing things.

This conference also brought light into some areas I know not much about. Online gaming being another lucrative avenue and listening to how game development has taken off in South Africa was extremely fascinating especially using different distribution techniques to get your games to players instead of the conventional buy a game in the store route. This way it only gains momentum for the day of release and maybe for two weeks after. Compared to purchasing online directly cutting out distribution costs of a physical game and allowing people to pre-order and selling way more than you could have done by doing it the conventional way. This way the hype around your game also last much longer. The gamer community is huge, and real life feedback from gamers about your game is the best way to promote it keeping the experience as organic as possible and people are doing this online for nothing through blogging and vlogging. Bringing me back to the point, Jody Ford made “Customers want to get what they want when they want it wherever they are.”

With all the interesting talks about the industry conferences like this one that brings you good speakers and highlights the works happening locally and internationally motives and inspires you to get involved in some way, or another. It’s also awesome to be in an environment where smart thinking, giving back and developing start-ups is the way forward. Having a community like Net Phrophet share light on what is happening in this industry and helping start-ups with opportunities is a good way to harvest the talents in our country.

An event like this opens everyone’s eyes and makes them think and start asking interesting questions and also develop good ideas and connects you with companies and people doing amazing things you may not have been aware of if you have not attended.

Me specially feeling like  an outsider looking into this world of tech where I am still trying figure out things it was interesting it broaden my mind to many possibilities. A big thanks to company for affording me this opportunity to go be entertained and educated for the day.

Let me know your thoughts of where this digital world is going?

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

Battle Field of the Mind


I was on such a good healthy path and as soon as winter started to creep in my walks stopped, and I found myself making excuses to do any fitness activities. Without realising how long it took me to get my mind right and my body working I went backwards quickly and back into old habits.

Sunday morning a group of friends of mine planned a hike the Constantia Nek hike and invited me. As the morning approached I found myself internally having a fight with myself. Do I stay in bed vs the get up and get fit eventually after the back and forth, I forced myself to get up and get my ass into gear and just go.

Now not being physically active for about a month this first step is the hardest. All that time I had put into looking after my body and getting fit went out the window and back to square one I have to start.
As demotivating, sluggish and terrible I feel I know how good I felt when I was incorporating exercise into my life. I am disappointed that I have let this slip and do only have myself to blame for this. Now I have a choice do I continue to do nothing or do I make a decision, a promise to continue my fitness lifestyle.

While struggling up the hill and almost giving up halfway feeling my body want to give up and every muscle hurt, wasn’t pleasant at all. It was the reminder of the hard work I had put in and lost all because I became lazy and started making excuses.
I realised this is much the same as life, when you start something new and exciting you give it 100% in the beginning but as time goes by things become mundane and normal and boring.

This exercise taught me firstly
1 Not to give up
2 Stop making excuses
3 Find ways to make things fun and different
4 Revaluate where you at.
5 Constantly train your mind.

Yesterday I never gave up, and my friends never gave up on me they motivated me to continue the hike, it was a beautiful day and being outside in nature was peaceful and tranquil.

So I need to do this for myself getting my mind back in the game, and my body working again will be an uphill battle but one I know I can do.

Let me know if you struggle with getting your mind right too?

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Wardrobe Transition



The dull and deary part of the year is fast approaching with fewer sunny days and summer time fun seems like a distant memory now. I may be abusing the the #tbt tag (throw back Thursday) just to remind myself of summer watch out Instagram lol

I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s a common occurrence for many, the transitioning period from summer to the winter wardrobe can be a drag. If you one of those who pack their winter wardrobe away now is the time to bring out the coats, jumpers, boots and turn summer into winter.

I love winter fashion layers, boots snoods and hats, but my wardrobe transitioning period is not going so swimmingly. (Note to self get your act together.) I buy and buy, but things end up in a black hole never to be found again. Do let me know if you feel the same.

I am more of an impulse shopper than a practical buyer. So my goal is to shop more strategically. So these are my tips for winter shopping. I find I experiment with clothing fads and trends more in the summer and winter I keep my look more simple with pops of colour here and there . Staple base pieces are essential for winter. I put some tips together hope they help and I am really hoping they help me.

Winter Wardrobe Tipsimages (12)

1 when shopping know what you are looking for.( Before going to the shops)

3 Stick to a set budget

4 Think practical and long term

5 Splurge on good leather boots, Leather Jacket and Coats ( these items can see you through for years)

5 Accessorize with colourful scarfs, Snoods and hats ( this will bring your outfit to life and not as dull as the weather.)

I found this video below that can help with winter wardrobe ideas  hope it helps and for those of you ditching the coats for cute summer dresses enjoy the summer!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

Turning Dreams into Reality

So we hear this saying pretty often, live your dream have fun do something you passionate about and just like everything you do, nothing without hard work and perseverance will last.

This weekend Out of Africa Dance Academy hosted a production at the Artscape Theatre. I help out the NPO with PR and Marketing I started this venture with them last year when they hosted their  first show you can read all about it here.

Courteney along with her fellow dancers and aspiring actors took the stage this weekend and did amazing. Everything was on point from the lights, music and sound and not to forget the performance in acting and dancing. I helped out backstage on Saturday night and had the privilege to see the show on Sunday night it was awesome to finally see all their hard work be displayed so beautifully on the stage.

The show is about turning your dreams into reality no matter your limitations;  included in the cast are talented disabled dancers  showcasing their amazing ballroom and Latin skills, it came together nicely. The show also highlights what’s happening on the streets and that Dancing is the better option to take kids off the street away from crime and drugs and all that bad stuff.

The show was funny, touching, well-acted and well danced and not forgetting the live band gave it that extra kick and just finished it off amazingly. From singing, playing in a band acting and dancing. Whether you abled or not young or old anything is possible if you work hard and are truly passionate about your God gifted talents.

The production was slick and professional thanks to the Choreography from Jason Meyer and the script writing, directing and producing skills of Ivy Meyer. Gladys Bullock who is in charge of the Ballroom and Latin dancers’ abled and disabled well done for helping craft these talented dancers. Thanks to the Artscape Theatre for giving Dreams into Reality 2 a chance to be performed on their prestigious stage and helping youth development in Arts and Culture.

The local talent saw last night was amazing and the message that anyone can turn their Dreams into Reality no matter your circumstances and limitations is one we often forget. Seeing the show saw many dreams come to life for all of the cast members and I am sure it left the audience inspired too.

So go for whatever makes your brains tick and heart skip a beat, we all have one life let’s make it count. I was truly inspired and entertained by Dreams into Reality 2 and it was a great reminder that we can achieve whatever we put our minds too.

Let me know what inspires you and what you going to do to make it happen??

Hope you enjoy some show pictures of the cast and the production.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


Dreams into Reality 2 Poster

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Movie Ticket for One

Yesterday I got a chance to practice my democratic right to vote. It was South African elections day, and we got the day off we have been having so many public holidays lately I guess that’s why I have been so lazy. I am not much of a politics girl, but South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy this year which is a  huge milestone, considering where we as a country have come. Even though politically things are not great they are still better in my opinion to what they used to be. All those that didn’t vote you are fools and lost your voice to complain about anything and really need to rethink voting. (side note vent)


So I made it to the voting station with no hassle or fuss was easy in and easy out and then could relax the rest of the day. I decided to take myself out and go watch a movie. Have you ever gone to a movie by yourself??? I think it was the first time I went alone and really enjoyed being by myself. I went to watch the new Zac Efron Movie called That Awkward Moment. It was an awesome chick flick movie I have not watched one in a good while.

It highlights the typical Hook up culture that we live in today. Three guys decide to make a bet  to stay single while the one guy goes through a divorce. Ironically that is a lot harder than they think it would be. They all start falling in love or try to get back with the ex- it’s hilarious as they try to be these player types to each other and in retrospect they all good guys who just want to be loved, but not give up their single status. Which I think typically describes the majority of this worlds guys today. Let me know if you agree or what your opinion is on the “Hook Up Culture?”

If you looking for a cool funny chick flick movie, I recommend you go check it out.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥