Wardrobe Transition



The dull and deary part of the year is fast approaching with fewer sunny days and summer time fun seems like a distant memory now. I may be abusing the the #tbt tag (throw back Thursday) just to remind myself of summer watch out Instagram lol

I don’t know if this is just me or if it’s a common occurrence for many, the transitioning period from summer to the winter wardrobe can be a drag. If you one of those who pack their winter wardrobe away now is the time to bring out the coats, jumpers, boots and turn summer into winter.

I love winter fashion layers, boots snoods and hats, but my wardrobe transitioning period is not going so swimmingly. (Note to self get your act together.) I buy and buy, but things end up in a black hole never to be found again. Do let me know if you feel the same.

I am more of an impulse shopper than a practical buyer. So my goal is to shop more strategically. So these are my tips for winter shopping. I find I experiment with clothing fads and trends more in the summer and winter I keep my look more simple with pops of colour here and there . Staple base pieces are essential for winter. I put some tips together hope they help and I am really hoping they help me.

Winter Wardrobe Tipsimages (12)

1 when shopping know what you are looking for.( Before going to the shops)

3 Stick to a set budget

4 Think practical and long term

5 Splurge on good leather boots, Leather Jacket and Coats ( these items can see you through for years)

5 Accessorize with colourful scarfs, Snoods and hats ( this will bring your outfit to life and not as dull as the weather.)

I found this video below that can help with winter wardrobe ideas  hope it helps and for those of you ditching the coats for cute summer dresses enjoy the summer!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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