More Markets – Roote 44 Market


I have been into Markets lately nothing wrong with a good farmers market right… great food great vibe and a great way to spend a winter’s morning.

I had never been to this market before the Roote 44 Market in Stellenbosch about 40 minutes from Cape Town. It was a rainy Saturday morning but luckily the market and seating areas are all covered and equipped with heaters to keep the cold out and warmth inside.

We meandered around the market trying to decide what to eat. It wasn’t crazy full, so it meant actually having to see everything on offer.

We ended up having breakfast croissant with bacon and egg was good.Then pancakes and biltong and some good red wine while listening to live music as it gently drizzled outside. It was a fun morning / afternoon away from the hustle of crazy crowds and city life.

They have a great collection of crafts on offer too from clothes to jewellery and furniture so once you stuffed on all the great food and sweet treats work it off walking around the crafts section.

The Market opens from 10am – 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays so if you looking for something fun to do over the weekend I highly recommend going to check this Market out its great way to spend the day with friends and Family.

For more information check them out here Root 44 Market

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Why China



This is a funny story well not so funny. Why China is a question, I ask myself all the time. If you are new to the CherryHearts welcome and if you are reading this you must be confused.

So I will start with the back story. Since I got back from my Thailand trip in January (read about it here), I was not the same things had changed so much, my sense of adventure was heightened, and I really wanted a change from the norm of the day to day life. My eager, enthusiastic friend was set out to leave, live, work and travel abroad as it was all she could talk about the minute we landed back in Cape Town.

What amazed me was her confidence, and I had always looked up to her for determination and will power to do anything she put her mind too. Me being me wasn’t so forthcoming with confidence but the more she spoke, the more she added fuel to a fire that has been dimly lit for a long time inside of me. The more excited she got when she spoke about foreign land meeting new people having fun and exploring the world gave me that butterfly feeling in my stomach and the wanderlust was real.

So China my China….

She went on a research bender, and China kept popping up. So we decided about three months ago to do a Teach English to foreign learner’s course. We learnt so much and at times I doubted my ability to learn and teach. We met some likeminded wanderlusters along the way and decided to bite the bullet and just do this. We finished the TEFL course at the end of June and July we just put ourselves out there sending our cvs to every recruiter then getting cold feet and deciding to change locations, but then China just popped up again.

We got the job at the same school and our exciting adventure is about to begin. With some paperwork delays, we are nervous anxious and excited about our great trek to China but feel the life growth and lessons we will learn from this trip will be something we will never be able to do here.

As we head into the unknown head first eyes wide open and praying hard we have no clue what lies ahead for us and I am actually ok with that. The process leading to this point has strengthened me so much already I cannot begin to imagine what the next year has in store for me. When I made my 2014 motto Make it happen 2014, I didn’t know I was going to be making this dream come true.

So I still don’t know why China and I am hoping to be able to answer that question one day with a greater respect for the Chinese culture and great confidence in myself.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


July Insprations

I had had some time on my hands lately and stumbled across some awesome content that inspired me to get creative with my writing, photography videos and music. Will add them all below so you can have a look and feel free to let me know what inspires you, what kind of music you into and all that jazz.


This is no secret Lana Del Rey is my Queen been obsessing over her since forever and a day, and her new album Ultra Violence is melodramatic heaven her sombre vocals just hypnotises me. I would love to see her perform live one day. A good friend of mine saw her perform last week in Dublin and had nothing but amazing things to say about her. Don’t worry Lana we will be together one-day lol.

Complex Mag recently did a cover story on her covering everything you could ever want to know. If you as obsessed as I give it a read here and let me know your thoughts and what your favourite Lana tune is.



So my other personal hobby is Youtube, and I have found some new content creators that I totally love at the moment. I will add them below so you can check them out let me know your thoughts.

Clothesencounters – Jenn Im

I am in love with her videos on YouTube. She is an American Korean young lady with killer style, amazing beauty and fashion videos, and her travel Vlogs are just a dream come true. She is so cute you cannot help but fall in love. I am so inspired to create work like she does it speaks to my inner fashionista.LOL

Superficialgirl – Carlinn
A local girl doing extremely well she is very cute, and when I think of her, the colour pink comes to mind lol her blog and YouTube channel goes by the name of Superficialgirl mainly beauty and fashion related content. I find it cool because she is from Cape Town and most of the products and shops are relatable to me.

She also has an amazing Instagram account called Campsbaygirl  where her posts are mostly travel landscapes, beaches sunsets and all those breathtaking shots I dream to capture if you love looking at amazing pictures like me you will enjoy this account. click here: Campsbaygirl 

TimtotheWild – Tim Killner

A newbie to YouTube but not to the camera introduced to me through  Jacksgap (totally loving his work right now) a new member of the Jacksgap team a filmmaker from Chicago Tim Killner hired to film for Jack while he was shooting in New York a few weeks back. If you not familiar with Jaksgap please check him out his very creative with his content and always a joy to watch. There was something special about the behind the scenes video Tim created, and I totally fall in love with the city I have the dream of visiting one day.

This video by Jacksgap touched my heart in all the right places. He is a pioneer of YouTube and sharing something so special with all of us was just brilliant definitely won major points in the best boyfriend department. #Swoon


I have grown so much, and this was something I had set out to do since the beginning of the year. With me moving to China soon and having limited access to my church and some internet sites ( still trying to get my head around that). This new season in my life is going to be tough, and I will need to depend on my own strengths to learn and read my bible more and not loose touch with my dedicated time with the lord and my faith.

I have been very blessed by Hillsong Church, who have shared some amazing pastors from around the world with us over the last few weeks. Chad Veach a legend from America his so cool and brings the message across so awesomely you can sit and listen to him for hours. Another great man of God Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC so suave and smooth with his words but great blessing to hear preach. The latest Hillsong Cd No other Name has also been a real blessing lovely to listen too and such a great work they did on that cd. Really encourages me to live right have fun and stay connected to the Lord.


To conclude my July Inspirations, I will share some awesome news from home. My Dad who suffered from a stroke a year ago is fully recovered and doing amazingly well and something very inspiring to have witnessed. His change in attitude toward life and becoming more of a Godly man and overcoming his demons with stress and anxiety. a True inspiration to me and to many others i am sure.

Courteney has received an amazing opportunity to audition for a scholarship at the New York Film Academy later this year we as a family are very proud of her, and we support her 100%. It has always been a dream of Courteneys to go to NYC ever since she was a little girl, and this opportunity could take her one step closer to her dream of film, dancing and NYC.

So much has inspired me creatively, spiritually and mentally and cannot wait for what the future holds.
This is a different kind of post and hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free to share things that inspire you. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Courteney on YouTube to stay up to date with all things CherryHearts.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


Trips to the Mill – The Old Biscuit Mill


Being a self-proclaimed hipster wannabe the only thing all the cool kids do on Saturday mornings/afternoons is head on down to the Old Biscuit Mill in the trendy suburb of Woodstock.

With no further ado guess what I did on Saturday…. I am sucker for market food, and the Biscuit Mill is always a winner. The food and sweet treats are always great and will sure satisfy your every craving, from seafood to pizza, to breakfasts and gourmet sandwiches not forgetting fresh produce, wine cakes and even coconut water.

One bit of advice I can give you is come with cash things are not very cheap if you local, but they worth it and there is only one atm with a long queue, so come prepared.

After walking around the buzzing market getting enticed by the atmosphere and all the great looking food and smells, it is always tough deciding what to get. I wish they had a tasting platter with bits from every stall.

Being a creature of habit I ended up going for my Market food staple; a crispy ciabatta roll with marinated pork belly fresh tomato and rocket covered in a sweet onion relish and a touch of English mustard.(get in my belly).To finish it off with great coffee from origin now that’s a winning meal right there. I do have to try something new though but that I will leave for China. Right now I want to do all the things that I will miss, and that reminds me of home.

After devouring that yummy goodness we needed something sweet with only a tiny bit of stomach space left Lee Ann, and I decided to share a slice of chocolate cake after tasting a few wines. We had the nicest gluten free chocolate cake with raspberry jam and chocolate glaze icing. It was divine and just the right amount of sweetness.

As the market started to come to a close and the crowds started to thin out we sat and watched the mixed crowd of people listening to different accents chatting around us and the general positive vibe in the air. I could sit, and people watch for hours and never get bored. I enjoyed my afternoon as I haven’t been to the Mill in ages and the market always brings me a good sense of happiness.

Good food and good friends go hand in hand wherever you are in the world. I will defiantly recommend the Old Biscuit Mill if you have not been. If you have or like going to markets let me know other markets to try and what your favourite market food is.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Road Trip Adventures


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I love escaping the business of life from time to time and realised over the last few years it’s something I just do not do enough.
I took two days off from work booked a house in Plettenberg bay with few good friends and headed off on a mini road trip weekend. We left at the crack of dawn 5am. Still dark out and icy cold loaded the car and off we went. I love the exciting feeling you get when you set off on an adventure not sure what to expect and just seeing the long road ahead.

It was a weekend of getting over fears being adventurous, and loads of driving. We shared moments only we as a group of friends would understand laughed hard listened to far too much hip hop music, but most of all we made long lasting memories filled with deep talks and bonding moments.

After arriving at this beautiful house, we unpacked the car headed to Tsitsikammar where the world renowned Bloukrans bridge is and where two of my friends were about to take the leap a leap of a lifetime. The highest bungee jump in the world 216 meters high. This was so exciting I went with them and did the bridge walk and cheered them on as they attempted the jump.

Personally I am not an extreme thrill seeker never been something I was crazy about, not because of fear it just never interested me but I have grown and learnt so much about myself lately that taking a leap of faith literally and figuratively excites me. I am sad I never jumped but watching all those scared jumpers conquer a fear was exhilarating and seeing them pumped with adrenalin afterword’s just something I cannot explain. One day I will go back and do it for myself.

We then drove all the way to Jbay just because we could some car rally thing was happening more thrilling business and then drove back to Plet.

Saturday, another friend, ran the Knysna half marathon in the forest she completed the race in just over two and a half hours. So while I was a cheerleader to all of this happening around me I was filled with proud moments and friends doing things for themselves. Where it be running marathons or jumping off bridges, in life you need to start taking control and do more things that scare you as the fearless life you will lead will be a life worth living.

We had a short stay but one that will be remembered and not forgetting having some oysters as we were at the Knysna oyster festival too. We crammed so much into our short stay but it was definitely worth it and really recommend you take  a trip up the garden route.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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A mini Winter Adventure on the Cards


Where have I been I feel like sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to produce good content then have all these ideas running through my head and nothing materialises. Ever feel like that??1044539_759528814104266_655429926280187488_n

So much is going on but yet I am still standing still I guess patience is key right. I have been an emo kid lately I guess its time to put big girl panties on and stand on my own two feet the future looks scary and exciting all at the same time. I don’t want to jinx anything just yet but once all is signed sealed and delivered I will explain it all.

I am taking a short vacation a mini ADVENTURE this weekend with a group of great friends road tripping up to the coast for the Knysna Oyster festival I went last year and had an awesome mid-year break you can read about it  here.

I cannot wait to wake up at the crack of dawn as freezing as its going to be. ( waking up in the mornings has been hard with five degree temperatures) Packing the car and setting off on a journey to Mosselbay to pick up another girlfriend and then trek on to Jbay for the day. Then head back to Plet where we will be staying and then head on down to Knysna for the oyster festival on the Saturday so with a jam packed weekend planned I am excited to let my hair down and have some fun and get some awesome pictures too.

Hope life is going good for all of you and even if things may be at a low point right now remember things can get better.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

Look Post – Winter Sun

Life has been hectic as you all know and one of the main things I will be missing from my life here in Cape Town will undoubtedly be my family and my one and only Sister.

Our lives have been so busy lately that it feels like we have been living past each other. Courteney’s always busy with her dancing and extra classes most nights its like we never see each other. One bright and sunny winter Saturday we found ourselves with nothing to do and shot this Look post hope you enjoy.

Happy 4th of July to all Americans!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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Oversized Jersey-  Woolworths

Cropped Top-  Mr Price

Scarf – Woolworths

Highwasted  Polkadot leggings – Chinese Shop

Boots – Thrift Shop