Thalea &Stacey Take China- The begining

Where do I begin… I am pretty much still in transitioning stage of this move but been kept so busy with work ( reminder to self that’s why I am here) Its been insanely crazy.

Let’s start at the beginning, After a 25-hour flight and a stop in Dubai and Beijing we finally arrived in Hangzhou a city where I am based for the next year. For those of you who are new to CHB ( Cherrryheartsblog) welcome. The reason for my move was to teach English and travel. Cape Town will always be my home, and I miss my family and friends, but China is where I am this season in my life.

Back to the point before I start meandering off on a tangent that makes no sense. So, we arrived safely in Hangzhou at around 9 pm at night then waited an hour for bags that never arrived…. We then spoke to the baggage claim who confirmed our bags are in Beijing, and they will return it to us as soon as possible.

With a one-day survival kit in our hand luggage, we set off into the unknown. An HR lady called Indie was waiting for us as soon as we saw the sign we were excited to get the show on the road. We then took a bus and a taxi to our new apartment. Only arriving at our place at 12am. One thing you will soon learn about China is the outside of buildings, and the inside are never the same.Even if the building looks run down from the outside it could look good inside. After nearly 30 hours of traveling all I wanted to do, was sleep. The apartment wasn’t too bad two bedrooms, a lounge bathroom kitchen and balcony area.

We then slept till 12pm the next day woke up and decided to go to the city. We needed to get a change of clothes and some toiletries as we had no clue as in when we would get our bags back. So off we went. Now arriving at night not knowing where we were and seeing this place in the day time was a surprise. We found a coffee shop, and they could not speak English with some WiFi and a translator app we managed to ask them to help us find a taxi to go to the city.

It was cool exploring getting around everything is so different the clean streets, the wide streets, people everywhere and the ever grey sky. Its so crazy how you never see the sky here because the pollution is so bad. We found some awesome shops and then found H&M we don’t have this store back home. They were having a sale, so we bought some things to wear for the next day,we bought toiletries and even found this Technology center. Stacey got her laptop screen fixed for cheap in a manner of minutes.

After a successful day in the city, we managed to make our way back home. The next day was filled with admin.We got sim cards, went for our medical exam, got bank accounts and finally saw our new office English First the School we will be teaching at.

We met some of our Colleagues, and we finally got great news the airport was going to have our bags dropped off at the school.Once we got our bags we set off home, we got lost with huge suitcases walking the streets was no joke the constant humidity is something I will never get used too. Stacey found a nice guy who offered to help us he had a bike and dropped or bags at our place. Having our stuff back felt good we could finally unpack and make this new place feel somewhat like home…..

I think I will stop there for now and continue very soon with whats been happening next every day is an adventure here from getting lost and soaked in thunder storms but more about that in my next post. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.( my camera broke on the first day just my luck)

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Girls Day out in Wine Country – Franschhoek


In my last few days in Cape Town, I was fortunate to do so many things I have not done or redo all the things I love doing. Last summer I went wine tasting in my favorite little town called Franschhoek. A quaint little town nestled in the middle of what could be hundreds of wine farms. My favorite escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The last time I was here we did a wine tour called the Franschhoek Wine Tram. It is loads of fun and worth it. If you have not read my post about it, you can check it out here .

This time around knowing I may not be able to visit this little French influenced town for a long time. A group of my closest girlfriends all took off, and we decided to go wine tasting for the day.
We visited four wine farms and went to this great place for lunch. We started off at my favourite wine farm of all.
Haute Cabriere is a stunning farm up on the mountain with an amazing view of the little town and all the wine valleys.

With the perfect combination of sparkling wines and my ultimate favourite the Chardonnay Pinor Noir.
I think after doing their premium tasting which is a combination of five wines it made all of us extremely giggly…. And food was the next stop.
We went to a restaurant called Kalfies I have been once before they make the best burgers and the most amazing homely dishes. I opted for the old faithful cheeseburger just what I needed before hitting the next farm


IMG_9326 IMG_9283 IMG_9306


We then went to leopards Leap another farm I had been too on the tram but for the girls it was a first.
A very modern and contemporary wine farm. I love the simplistic layout of the tasting room around the bar. Then you get the most relaxed areas where you can chill on couches and enjoy a bottle of wine with your mates. While surrounded by glass so you can see the beauty of the vineyards. The wine is not too bad either, and the staff are very friendly.

IMG_9405IMG_9416 IMG_9417 IMG_9423IMG_9413

The next stop of the day was Moreson another farm I visited on the tram one of my favourites. I highly recommend you visit this farm in the summer as they have beautiful greenhouse filled with beautiful flowers, and you can sit outside and enjoy the wine on a summer’s day it is absolutely breathtaking. The weather is heading into spring now, so the flowers were not in full bloom yet but that never stopped the wine from coming. One thing I distinctively love about this farm is each wine they serve you they present it in the correct wine glass. (I have a thing about glasses)

IMG_9426 IMG_9431 IMG_9441 IMG_9445
Then by this time the day was slipping by fast but we thought why not hit another farm just for fun. We went to the La Grand Province, a new farm recommended by someone at Moreson.
So off we went I totally loved it. The tasting room has an eclectic feel to it with metal chairs and stunning high back chairs another fetish of mine I love a good chair lol. They had a very good Chardonnay it was great. By this time, I had stopped tasting because everything started to taste the same, but I will say that the Chardonnay stood out for me.

IMG_9476IMG_9496 IMG_9500 IMG_9523 IMG_9551IMG_9285

They also have an amazing garden area and art gallery that took my breath away. I am not much of an art fundi, but it was seriously amazing work. Who knows maybe the more wine I drink, the more artistic I become lol.
If ever you in this stunning little town of Franschhoek please visit these farms. Haute Cabriere, Leopards Leap, Moreson and La Grand Province and let me know what you thought of the place food and wine.

Hope everyone is good and keep posted for new explore China with me  series coming soon!!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



Leaving Home for the Unknown

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but I can finally say I landed in China on Monday night at bout 9pm.

The goodbyes at the airport was hard but I kept it together until the very end. My mom surprised me with big farewell at my house the Saturday before my departure the Sunday. It was cool to see so many family and friends. Graham said some sweet words followed by a video Courteney made for me. She is truly talented little girl with a bright future ahead of her. The video brought a tear to many a eye including my own. My bestie could not even watch it she had been crying since the morning.

I then had to say some kind words spoke from the heart cannot even remember what I said exactly.

My last visitors only left at around 1030pm I still had some admin to take care of and repacking but eventually around 2am I was done extremely exhausted but done and ready. My mom and sister came to sleep next to me and before I knew it, it was time get up. Went to church prayed and off to the airport we went.

So many of my friends came and we laughed and joked for the last few moments before I had to board.

My sister could not stop crying it was hard to see her like that and brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. I am truly grateful to have such a huge support system back home loads of friends and family that truly care and love me. Even though it was hard to say goodbye I am so proud of myself for taking this risk and huge leap of faith.

I would not be so comfortable here in China Hangzhou my new home for the next few months if I did not truly believe that this is where I need to be in this season of my life. It still hard to believe I am in China of all places in the world.

So much has happened in the first few days its been a real adventure but I will fill you all in on that in the next post of my China adventure.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Motivational Monday – Getting the balance in your life Right



Have you ever wanted to pack up your life and start over well life deals us some heavy curve balls we can never prepare for but starting over fresh in the figurative and literal sense can be done. I know we all wish we could run away from hardships and despair but running away never solves the problem it will be there staring you in the eye when you return. Starting over on the other hand is possible.

I am about to pack up my life and start over and the most common question I have received from me outing this decision to the public, (as if I am some Kardashion lol.) The reaction has been what are you running away from. If you could have a looking glass into my life you will find absolutely nothing worth running away from. I have the most amazing supportive family I could ever ask for, the best friends that are irreplaceable, the most awesome church I even have two churches each with its own uniqueness and sets of church family.  My support system here in Cape Town the place that I will always call home is pretty amazing.

I bet you all asking now why pack up and leave…. Sometimes you are called to do things you cannot explain. While most aspects of my life was really great I lacked a good sense of purpose, a purpose driven life if you would put it like that. I believe so many of us are faced with this same dilemma especially the younger generation finishing school and University.

The real world is a tough cookie to crack but only once you feel a great sense of purpose in what you do with your life will you feel complete in that sphere of your life. Like I mentioned before life is a balancing act of many spheres and as soon as one area is lacking it will out weigh the scale. My scale was out of balance my career, work life happiness factor wasn’t there.  I have decided to take a risk I have no idea if this is the right thing or the right career path for me but for this season in my life  I believe it is.

My advice to all of you is to find what makes you happy as early as possible I know it’s hard and pretty cliche to say; Do what makes you happy and you will never have to work a day in your life. It is so true though the happier you are with what you do the harder you will work at it in all aspects of your life. I hope people can start learning how to balance their lives so we can eliminate all this negativity in this world. I know its easier said than done but honestly hope that this post touches at least one persons heart and inspires you to truly live your dream.

My dream is to travel, inspire and continue writing in some form. I never for one second imagined my dream to take me to China but it is and with faith and alot of patience  i know i can do this. The journey up to now hasn’t been the easiest but I have learnt so much about myself and can’t even imagine what else I will learn in the coming future as I now pack up and start over.

This has been an emotional few weeks,saying goodbye to friends and trying to do travel admin and see as many people as possible hence the lack of posting. I have done some awesome things and visted some awsome places so keep an eye out for more explore Cape Town posts coming soon. I also helped my dear sister with another video and will post it as soon as soon as it is out.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of Spring or Autumn wherever you may be in the world.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥