Motivational Monday – Into the Depths of My Soul


As some of you may know this Blog was originally created  2 years ago by myself Thalea but as a joined platform for myself and my sister Courteney to share things we feel we want share with the world.It may be read by just one person near or far but our main aim is to inspire all those around us. It may be through a travel diary experience, life’s weird and wacky way of teaching us valuable lessons or through fashion and photography anything we really feel passionate about.

We just 2 ordinary girls trying to do extra ordinary things.

Courteney sent me this beautiful piece she wrote and I am so excited to share it with all of you hope you enjoy it!

“Into the Depths of My Soul

One thing I have come to know is that looks are not everything.  But rather it’s about the beauty that shines out you from within.

I no longer want to be the girl you know from Instagram or a random facebook friend. There is more to me than what you see or the assumptions you make about me.

I want you to see my soul when you look at me, see past my face, race and just see me for me.

Our generation has become a bunch of pretenders who are Consumed by likes and followers and selfies emphasis on the “self”
More like selfish… What happened to self-worth & self-respect?

Life is short and I know you have heard it all before. But I for one know that life can be long too and there is so much you could do. So many people you could have spoken to when you were looking down at your Phone or an awkward smile you could have given to someone that surely brightened up their day.

I am starting with my inside then working my way out. I am choosing to focus on my soul to improve what really counts.

Do you have WIFI? I bet that sounds familiar but what I’m trying to say is

God made you just the way you are. Why conform and settle to be part of the norm.

I refuse to compete against anyone I am me & you are you for a reason! I was fearfully and wonderfully made and I aim to stay grounded & never be swayed.

Imagine everyone loved everyone the same way God loves you… Let that sink in I bet you wish it was true.

My soul is what goes to heaven not the physical features I may have
So why worry about the outside when your inside is all you truly have.

My soul is lined with the message of Proverbs 30:31- “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is vain; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

It’s just a start Its far from the end for I agree to end the great pretend.
– Courteney

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



Travel Diary – Sanya Hainan

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Like they say rather late than never… Let me dive right in with no further ado.

In December Stacey and I decided to head on down to Sanya the Chinese Hawaii as they like to call it. Us being Cape Town girls where December time is all about beaching, cocktails and festive season madness, being trapped in winter where it’s more freezing than we ever experienced in our lives was not ideal.

So off to warmer pastures we went.  We arrived on New Years Eve; it was so nice to pack lite, ditch the coats and thermals for a few days in the sun. We arrived, and we didn’t expect Thailand or anything, but we got a beach town run by Chinese and Russians so wired.

We stayed in a crappy hotel but it was cheap ( you get what you pay for in China.) we explored the area surrounding our hotel the downtown area with the locals. Even though our hotel wasn’t  anything fancy it was cool to get, that real Chinese beach town feel with the locals.

For NYE, we headed down to the bar street on a motorcycle taxi Picture this: driver Stacey and me all on one motorcycle… when in Sanya lol Weaving through traffic and hoping we were not  going to die before seeing the new year….fun times indeed.

The bar street was filled with clubs and bars and people everywhere. Everything was jam packed with people. We found a bar with live music which wasn’t too crowded sat at the bar and reminisced about our mad 2013 NYE in Thailand. Another island but a lot  calmer. We bar hopped to a few places but everything was too full so we couldn’t enjoy ourselves. Hopped on another motorcycle taxi back to our crack den of a hotel ( ok it wasn’t that bad lol) Found a street food vendor next door and sat on wooden benches eating noodles and drinking beers just embracing the moment filled with Chinese people it was the highlight of the evening one we will never forget.

The next day we headed to the beach and lounged around for the day it was a good day in the sun. Ate some really good seafood at the food market.

Day 3 we were real Chinese went to Yoda rainforest with a Chinese tour group the entire tour was in Chinese lol. Luckily we had a lady that stayed at our hotel from Singapore, who manged to translate the important bits for us. The rainforest was beautiful, and we did the longest zip line in Asia.

Day 4 was my Birthday we woke up and decided to ditch the crazy Hotel and head to Yalong bay the resort or part of the island and live in Luxury for the day and one night before heading back to the cold. The resort we stayed in Cactus by Gloria was a so beautiful, pool, loungers and hammocks around the pool area along with a private beach. Unfortunately Stacey was ill too much sun, so I explored the beach watched the sunset, and the hotel surprised me with a birthday cake. After a good nights rest in the softest hotel bed, it was time to head out of paradise and back to reality. Happy New Year and Happy Birthdays aside.

It was time to face the new year head on.

More travel posts coming soon!!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥