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The lovely Lady  Tamlyn Jacobus from PaintinginPink check blog out now… what you waiting for go now …. She has nominated me for a Liebster Award Thank You so much Doll.

11 Random Facts about me

1 I have Scoliosis ( skew spine)

2 I have really bad eyes and cannot drive without Specs or contacts it stated on my drivers license.

3 favourite  colour is purple

4 I am sucker for fresh baked bread

5 Caramel anything is my sweet tooth crave

6 I used to be coca cola addict

7 I hate the gym

8 I secretly wish I was flat chested ( big boob problems)

9 I had a breast reduction that didn’t work

10 I am moving to China

11  I am an old school romantic at heart.


1 When did you first discover your LOVE for blogging/writing? I loved creative writing but I am the worst speller so that stopped me       for many years.  Then last year when I started CherryHearts  and just started writing secretly  from the heart about everything and anything it felt so right and I became more in love with writing  with every post.

2. What is your favourite nail polish colour? Coral

3. Do you have a favourite cosmetics BRAND? Mac

4. MAKE-UP pet peeve? When people put too much base on and you can see it. #Cakeface

5. Heels or flats? I wear more flats but I buy more heels ( does that even make sense)

6. If you could choose one item to wear for the rest of your life would you choose a skirt, dress, pants or shorts? Dress

7. When you’re not blogging, what do you get up to? Either I am eating out with friends or watching series

8. What is the one product you cannot LEAVE the house without? Its my cellphone does that count

9. Do you remember your first COSMETIC purchase? It was most likely nail polish I had a thing for them growing up.

10. Who do you take style inspiration from? The series Gossip Girl was a big style inspiration to me loved watching it for the fashion. I also love Song of Style Aimee Song’s style and Jenn Im from clothesencounters

11. Which one do you prefer nude or smokey? Smoky ( but I hardly ever wear make up)



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Question Time for you:

  1. What Inspired your blog?
  2. A book or movie that changed your life?
  3. What do you love about fashion?
  4. What is your favourite pastime activity?
  5. Favourite musician?
  6. One thing that you can not live without.
  7. What’s on the top of your bucket list?
  8. Where is your next travel destination?
  9. What is your Favourite food of all time?
  10. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
  11. What is your favourite quote to live by?

My Nominees are: ( Not sure if they have  less than 200 followers so rule number 4 may be broken sorry)


Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



World Cup Gypsy Madness



I have wanted to write this post for so long, but just never found the right time. I think the timing could not be more perfect right now. With that being said, you must be wondering what I mean???? World Cup Soccer time!!!(I am not much of sports chick, but the only time I get into sports is during any world cup event or the Olympics.)

About 4 years ago almost to this very day the world ascended on South African soil I remember it like it was just yesterday I cannot believe it has been 4 years already.

I was finishing my final year of studying for my Marketing degree, so we got an extended 6 week break during this time that was perfect as I had no clue what the next few weeks had in-store for me. My wanderlust and gypsy status was born. My friends and I could sit for hours telling story after story the energy in the city was electrifying everyone was happy, and all the visitors flocked in by plane loads.

My friends and I were out every night watching soccer games going to parties and meeting the most interesting people the world could have sent to us. Send us a bunch of Soccer fans from each country in the world and you bound to have a good time lol

It was truly amazing from a friend meeting an American dream of a guy even though it was short lived he is seriously one of the coolest guys I have met to date we still keep in contact, and I know we will stay friends for many more years. I invited him over for a home cooked meal, and he jumped at the opportunity since he was travelling alone. He has such a charismatic personality that he can make room full of people love him and he clearly won my mother and Courteney

Then we met crazy bunch of Italians in a random place; it was storming outside, and we ran into this bar/club to take cover and wait for the rain to stop before running to my car. It was like a heavenly orchestrated event lol We saw these guys having fun, and while we were there, we started talking and ended up becoming fast friends they were working for Fifa, so they were based in Cape Town for the duration of all the Cape Town matches. They were fun and did I mention Italian lol We went out many nights I love showing foreigners the beautiful city of Cape Town its like experiencing everything for the first time I totally love it.

We had a South African braai (barbeque) for them at a friend’s house that was fun some romances blossomed here and there but we knew they would leave and we would all stay friends thanks to the wonderful internet and Facebook.

Another highlight of this festive time was going to see a game at the Cape Town stadium. I got a ticket from one of my best friends, and I was overjoyed with excitement. We went to watch Italy vs. Paraguay it was the stormiest night but still way too much fun.

The World Cup Soccer 2010 memories are ones I will cherish forever all the friends we made, the cool parties we attended, and the ongoing excitement will live with me forever.

As the World Cup Brazil 2014 kicks off today, I look forward to feeling the soccer excitement again I know it wont be the same, but the nostalgia it brings will make it all more special.

If you have any World Cup stories share them with me i would love to hear them. I leave you with some awesome pictures that just bring back so many fun memories hope you enjoy!

Peace love and Happiness

 Cherry ♥

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My Office for the Day – Net Phrophet



I hate that I have been so quite lately not because I do not have anything to say but only because I have been busy studying and this weekend I have classes all weekend, but I don’t want to jinx anything, and once I complete this course I will explain all.

I went to a pretty cool technology/ digital/start up /entrepreneurial conference on Wednesday called Net Prohpet. I had been to one before, and I remember the first time feeling like a kid in a candy store. Everything was fresh and new; the ideas of the industry were amazing the developments in the digital age fascinated me so much.

It was cool to be in a room filled with like-minded people and be wowed by the likes of the big players in the digital space like Ebay. The way they are changing the game in the retail space,I found that fascinating and interesting. I like that in this new digital age the focus is still solely on the customer but with innovative technology and fast forward thinking things are being done creatively. As Jody Ford, the vice President of Marketing for Ebay nicely said, “Customers want to get what they want when they want it wherever they are.” It may not be things we don’t already know, but it is a creative and innovative ways these companies are solving these problems.

Another strong point that came across loudly was how important the right education is, and every year Net Prophet raises funds for their bursary campaign to help send students to get educated. This year they partnered with an NGO Partners for Possibilities to help communities in need of education, not only do you have to donate money, but you can donate your time to help too. I also enjoyed seeing what Olgilvy Labs are doing internationally and how they are using education to create amazing things.

This conference also brought light into some areas I know not much about. Online gaming being another lucrative avenue and listening to how game development has taken off in South Africa was extremely fascinating especially using different distribution techniques to get your games to players instead of the conventional buy a game in the store route. This way it only gains momentum for the day of release and maybe for two weeks after. Compared to purchasing online directly cutting out distribution costs of a physical game and allowing people to pre-order and selling way more than you could have done by doing it the conventional way. This way the hype around your game also last much longer. The gamer community is huge, and real life feedback from gamers about your game is the best way to promote it keeping the experience as organic as possible and people are doing this online for nothing through blogging and vlogging. Bringing me back to the point, Jody Ford made “Customers want to get what they want when they want it wherever they are.”

With all the interesting talks about the industry conferences like this one that brings you good speakers and highlights the works happening locally and internationally motives and inspires you to get involved in some way, or another. It’s also awesome to be in an environment where smart thinking, giving back and developing start-ups is the way forward. Having a community like Net Phrophet share light on what is happening in this industry and helping start-ups with opportunities is a good way to harvest the talents in our country.

An event like this opens everyone’s eyes and makes them think and start asking interesting questions and also develop good ideas and connects you with companies and people doing amazing things you may not have been aware of if you have not attended.

Me specially feeling like  an outsider looking into this world of tech where I am still trying figure out things it was interesting it broaden my mind to many possibilities. A big thanks to company for affording me this opportunity to go be entertained and educated for the day.

Let me know your thoughts of where this digital world is going?

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

Movie Ticket for One

Yesterday I got a chance to practice my democratic right to vote. It was South African elections day, and we got the day off we have been having so many public holidays lately I guess that’s why I have been so lazy. I am not much of a politics girl, but South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy this year which is a  huge milestone, considering where we as a country have come. Even though politically things are not great they are still better in my opinion to what they used to be. All those that didn’t vote you are fools and lost your voice to complain about anything and really need to rethink voting. (side note vent)


So I made it to the voting station with no hassle or fuss was easy in and easy out and then could relax the rest of the day. I decided to take myself out and go watch a movie. Have you ever gone to a movie by yourself??? I think it was the first time I went alone and really enjoyed being by myself. I went to watch the new Zac Efron Movie called That Awkward Moment. It was an awesome chick flick movie I have not watched one in a good while.

It highlights the typical Hook up culture that we live in today. Three guys decide to make a bet  to stay single while the one guy goes through a divorce. Ironically that is a lot harder than they think it would be. They all start falling in love or try to get back with the ex- it’s hilarious as they try to be these player types to each other and in retrospect they all good guys who just want to be loved, but not give up their single status. Which I think typically describes the majority of this worlds guys today. Let me know if you agree or what your opinion is on the “Hook Up Culture?”

If you looking for a cool funny chick flick movie, I recommend you go check it out.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



Filming and Dancing on the Beach

Hope you all had a relaxing Easter Weekend. I had a great Easter weekend spent in Church with friends and Family eating sleeping and watching way too many episodes of all my series just what I needed.

Friday Courteney, mom and I took a drive to Seapoint an area along our Atlantic coast. We shot  Courteney’s dance video freestyle we been meaning to do it for so long, and I got to tick another thing off my 5 Random things list for this month.

The Video turned out great. The song used was Tori Kelly Paper Hearts, been loving that song ever since I heard it about a month ago.

Courteney and I came up with the concept ourselves. Hope you enjoy it. Please let us know what you think.

Have a great short week. everyone!!!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

End of Summer Music Festival Vibes- KDAY


If I can share one valuable bit of information with you when it comes to Cape Town it would be expect unpredictable weather. I love summer so much and it is with great sadness that it is now the end of my happy season and the start of the wet rainy one. Atleast over the weekend we got blessed with sunshine, blue skies and a South African Musical festival to mark the end of the season.

I went to KDAY( a musical event hosted by a local radio station called KFM) an awesome family event where over 17 South African Artists performed. The event was hosted at Sandringham farm in Stellenbosch about 45 minutes out of Cape Town.

I was not a fan of the layout and there was so many people I honestly think the entire Cape Town came out to enjoy the last bit of Sunshine. None the less I had a fun time with my friends and family and enjoyed the good sounds of Goodluck, DannyK, Micasa, Prime Circle,Locnville and the Parlatones just to mention a few of the performers.

Sadly towards the end of the evening it started to rain so from sunny to dancing in the rain it was still a great day to say our goodbyes to the great summer and welcome in the winter months.

Friends, family, live music, good food and great laughs the best way to end the happy season. Hope you all ready for winter and for those heading into spring and summer I am so jealous. Think I need to find a work option of moving to a summer country in our winter so I can have summer all year round lol.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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My Night with the Rap God – Eminem Rapture Tour 2014-South Africa


Marshall Mathers is captivating sweat dripping from his brow manically jumping around with eyes bulging and lips moving indecipherably… –

I cannot contain my excitement, last night I had such a great time. I am a huge lover of Hip Hop Music and Eminem has been a wish of mine to see live for many years now. I loved him from the beginning days of I am Slim Shady through all the baby mama drama and the B rabbit 8 mile stage the relapse saga and then clean from drugs stage right to now being the self proclaimed Rap God of Hip Hop music.

Every song he performed either triggered a childhood rebellious memory or present day memory. That’s what I love about music the memories it brings and the crazy lyrics in his case most of them,rather crude, but you have to love his witty sense of humour to poke fun at people in the industry that in most cases take themselves too seriously.

His as real as it gets, not afraid to say it like it is, and he speaks about his issues. I read somewhere yesterday that said; turn your pain into purpose. I feel like Eminem has been through the ringer, and he made people aware of what he went through in a lyrical way. It got peoples attention, and it made him the Man he is today. 41 and still looking like he did 15 years ago. His music as eefed up as it may seem his just as messed up as all of us nobody no matter how hard we try will ever have everything always figured out. We can be good people, but bad things will happen so be brave like Eminem turn your pain into purpose.

I am not saying go bat shit cray like him his abit extreme, and there is only one Eminem. I am saying learn to be brave, face your issues and through dealing with it.You may discover things about yourself you never knew. Writing music is a therapeutic release, I write this blog as my platform to release my thoughts , insecurities and things I love. By being brave, I may help someone dealing with the same issues I managed to overcome.

So even if you not a die hard fan like me last night was the best Birthday present ever Golden Circle ticket winning. I could see him the best memories remembering all the old songs watching him jump around the stage as a crazy and sweating in the crazy Cape Town heat all worth it, and I will do it all again 10 times over!

If you went or seen him before let me know what you thought of his performance. ( Check out my Instagram for pictures and Videos!)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥