Girls Day out in Wine Country – Franschhoek


In my last few days in Cape Town, I was fortunate to do so many things I have not done or redo all the things I love doing. Last summer I went wine tasting in my favorite little town called Franschhoek. A quaint little town nestled in the middle of what could be hundreds of wine farms. My favorite escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The last time I was here we did a wine tour called the Franschhoek Wine Tram. It is loads of fun and worth it. If you have not read my post about it, you can check it out here .

This time around knowing I may not be able to visit this little French influenced town for a long time. A group of my closest girlfriends all took off, and we decided to go wine tasting for the day.
We visited four wine farms and went to this great place for lunch. We started off at my favourite wine farm of all.
Haute Cabriere is a stunning farm up on the mountain with an amazing view of the little town and all the wine valleys.

With the perfect combination of sparkling wines and my ultimate favourite the Chardonnay Pinor Noir.
I think after doing their premium tasting which is a combination of five wines it made all of us extremely giggly…. And food was the next stop.
We went to a restaurant called Kalfies I have been once before they make the best burgers and the most amazing homely dishes. I opted for the old faithful cheeseburger just what I needed before hitting the next farm


IMG_9326 IMG_9283 IMG_9306


We then went to leopards Leap another farm I had been too on the tram but for the girls it was a first.
A very modern and contemporary wine farm. I love the simplistic layout of the tasting room around the bar. Then you get the most relaxed areas where you can chill on couches and enjoy a bottle of wine with your mates. While surrounded by glass so you can see the beauty of the vineyards. The wine is not too bad either, and the staff are very friendly.

IMG_9405IMG_9416 IMG_9417 IMG_9423IMG_9413

The next stop of the day was Moreson another farm I visited on the tram one of my favourites. I highly recommend you visit this farm in the summer as they have beautiful greenhouse filled with beautiful flowers, and you can sit outside and enjoy the wine on a summer’s day it is absolutely breathtaking. The weather is heading into spring now, so the flowers were not in full bloom yet but that never stopped the wine from coming. One thing I distinctively love about this farm is each wine they serve you they present it in the correct wine glass. (I have a thing about glasses)

IMG_9426 IMG_9431 IMG_9441 IMG_9445
Then by this time the day was slipping by fast but we thought why not hit another farm just for fun. We went to the La Grand Province, a new farm recommended by someone at Moreson.
So off we went I totally loved it. The tasting room has an eclectic feel to it with metal chairs and stunning high back chairs another fetish of mine I love a good chair lol. They had a very good Chardonnay it was great. By this time, I had stopped tasting because everything started to taste the same, but I will say that the Chardonnay stood out for me.

IMG_9476IMG_9496 IMG_9500 IMG_9523 IMG_9551IMG_9285

They also have an amazing garden area and art gallery that took my breath away. I am not much of an art fundi, but it was seriously amazing work. Who knows maybe the more wine I drink, the more artistic I become lol.
If ever you in this stunning little town of Franschhoek please visit these farms. Haute Cabriere, Leopards Leap, Moreson and La Grand Province and let me know what you thought of the place food and wine.

Hope everyone is good and keep posted for new explore China with me  series coming soon!!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥




Being a Tourist in my own Backyard…


This past weekend Cape Town was showing off giving everyone a taste of summer and then it hit me; I will not be here for Cape Town summer…… tear. Thank you Cape Town for giving me the perfect winter sun to do everything I am going to miss.

Now that I am leaving my home town, and my friend from France is down, it has been a great treat taking him to all the beauty spots around, and as it’s his first time seeing this, it will be my last for awhile. How ironic, as he says ‘hello,’ I say ‘goodbye.’ As most of you would know, if you’ve ever taken a visitor around, it’s always amazing to see things through their eyes. It makes me appreciate my town and my way of life so much more, as we often take these simple things for granted going about our day-to-day life.

So, first stop was lunch with the family at Rhodes Memorial, while Stacey took our Frenchman to Robben Island. They met up with us after the trip. The sun was shining bright the food at the little restaurant is pretty good too and begs a visit. It was buzzing with foreigners and families enjoying a day out and it’s an awesome place to have a little picnic and hike with amazing views over the city. I could sit there all day and reflect on life…

Then the next stop was Signal Hill to watch the sunset. It was bustling with people from all over the world just hearing accents echo as you walk past. It is also a popular spot for paragliding. Watching them take off and glide into the air was fun. We caught a pretty spectacular sunset which concluded an amazing day out. I love doing things like this but normally I get caught up with the day-to-day grind of life and never truly get to enjoy the beauty all around.

Sunday was another smoking hot day, and we headed to the Campsbay beach. I was surprised by how many people were swimming and had to remind myself it’s still winter lol Feet in the sand, toes touching the icy cold water sending shock waves through your body and tanning in the sun.
It is sharing special moments like these with friends and family that I will miss the most. No better way to end the day with a proper South African Braai if this Frenchman is not in a hurry to come back then I don’t know lol. This was my definition of a great summer weekend.

This weekend made me appreciate this beautiful city I have lived in my entire life and the fact that I am privileged to experience these things some people may never see or do.

I truly recommend coming to Cape Town in the Summer one trip I know you will never forget if you have not visited before.( its not my bias opinion I promise lol)

Hope you enjoy my explore Cape Town post as a little look into life here. Now that I am off I have more time to explore before I leave.

Let me know what you love about your city

Peace LOVE and Happiness




More Markets – Roote 44 Market


I have been into Markets lately nothing wrong with a good farmers market right… great food great vibe and a great way to spend a winter’s morning.

I had never been to this market before the Roote 44 Market in Stellenbosch about 40 minutes from Cape Town. It was a rainy Saturday morning but luckily the market and seating areas are all covered and equipped with heaters to keep the cold out and warmth inside.

We meandered around the market trying to decide what to eat. It wasn’t crazy full, so it meant actually having to see everything on offer.

We ended up having breakfast croissant with bacon and egg was good.Then pancakes and biltong and some good red wine while listening to live music as it gently drizzled outside. It was a fun morning / afternoon away from the hustle of crazy crowds and city life.

They have a great collection of crafts on offer too from clothes to jewellery and furniture so once you stuffed on all the great food and sweet treats work it off walking around the crafts section.

The Market opens from 10am – 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays so if you looking for something fun to do over the weekend I highly recommend going to check this Market out its great way to spend the day with friends and Family.

For more information check them out here Root 44 Market

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Trips to the Mill – The Old Biscuit Mill


Being a self-proclaimed hipster wannabe the only thing all the cool kids do on Saturday mornings/afternoons is head on down to the Old Biscuit Mill in the trendy suburb of Woodstock.

With no further ado guess what I did on Saturday…. I am sucker for market food, and the Biscuit Mill is always a winner. The food and sweet treats are always great and will sure satisfy your every craving, from seafood to pizza, to breakfasts and gourmet sandwiches not forgetting fresh produce, wine cakes and even coconut water.

One bit of advice I can give you is come with cash things are not very cheap if you local, but they worth it and there is only one atm with a long queue, so come prepared.

After walking around the buzzing market getting enticed by the atmosphere and all the great looking food and smells, it is always tough deciding what to get. I wish they had a tasting platter with bits from every stall.

Being a creature of habit I ended up going for my Market food staple; a crispy ciabatta roll with marinated pork belly fresh tomato and rocket covered in a sweet onion relish and a touch of English mustard.(get in my belly).To finish it off with great coffee from origin now that’s a winning meal right there. I do have to try something new though but that I will leave for China. Right now I want to do all the things that I will miss, and that reminds me of home.

After devouring that yummy goodness we needed something sweet with only a tiny bit of stomach space left Lee Ann, and I decided to share a slice of chocolate cake after tasting a few wines. We had the nicest gluten free chocolate cake with raspberry jam and chocolate glaze icing. It was divine and just the right amount of sweetness.

As the market started to come to a close and the crowds started to thin out we sat and watched the mixed crowd of people listening to different accents chatting around us and the general positive vibe in the air. I could sit, and people watch for hours and never get bored. I enjoyed my afternoon as I haven’t been to the Mill in ages and the market always brings me a good sense of happiness.

Good food and good friends go hand in hand wherever you are in the world. I will defiantly recommend the Old Biscuit Mill if you have not been. If you have or like going to markets let me know other markets to try and what your favourite market food is.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Exploring Wine Country out in Constantia

While my life is being turned upside down with life changing decisions, I decided to escape it all for a day out in wine country. Now living in Cape Town, I am truly blessed not even 20 minutes away from where I live you can find the beautiful countryside of the Constantia wine valley. It feels like you transported to another country.

We started off at Buitenverwachting wine farm where the tasting is R30, and you can taste all the wines on their tasting list I think I only made it through 2 whites and 2 reds. It was a busy morning the tasting room was bubbling with people making the most of the gorgeous sunny winters afternoon.

I visited their restaurant a while back and had the best gourmet beef burger ever I will defiantly recommend going to check out this beautiful Wine estate and restaurant.

Our second stop was the Glen a wine farm on the hill I have driven past this place so many times on my way to Houtbay and always say we need to check this place out and finally the day came, and boy were we in for a treat. The place was buzzing with visors the restaurant wine tasting area was full of people, and the scenery was breathtaking.

The tasting at the Glen was more structured R40 for two whites one rose and two reds. The wine was good, and their red Flagship bottle was a winner. They also explained because of their location up on the hill they get the last sun in the Valley and the grapes are exposed to the sun longer.

Then we ended our day at Groot Constantia one of the most known wine estates in the Constantia wine valley area. It is also R40 for tastings I opted out on this one, but my friends had fun the pinotage is my favorite wine from this farm very good wine to enjoy with a great fillet steak.

I truly had a great day out soaking up the winter sun and then heading to catch the soccer after the day out. Took my mind off the future, and I enjoyed the day out exploring Cape Town with good friends.

( pictures are in order as I visited the farms starting wIth  Buitenverwachting. The Glen and Groot Constantia)

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Long Weekends = Family Getaways in Arniston


Coming back from a long weekend away is never easy especially when you were at a beautiful little fishing town with your family eating way too much playing fun games and relaxing hard.

That sentence, practically summed up my entire weekend poor bliss. Saturday morning my mom, Courteney, Kyle and I set off to meet some of our extended family uncles aunts and cousins in Arniston a beautiful little town about 2 hours outside of Cape Town. The weather was rainy and stormy but it was fun to get away for the weekend as I have not done this in ages.

I remember growing up as a kid and teenager always going camping in Arniston some of my fondest memories of growing up. We hired a nice big house where we all stayed. It was fun to play games like 30 seconds and Jenga the intensity of that game was awesome.

As we grow up I realised, that stolen moments like these are what are important spending time with family laughing and being silly is what makes life that much more enjoyable. One thing that is guaranteed is you will never go hungry with my family eating way too much, and it doesn’t help that it is winter and when its cold out you tend to eat more.

We had a feast of a lunch for Fathers day felt like Christmas lunch all again yum!

So from walking in the rain, to watching all the soccer world cup games endless amounts of reality tv laughing telling scary ghost stories and eating way too much I think this was a perfect winter getaway with the family.

I do recommend you visit Arniston especially in the summer the beach is really amazing . The place we stayed at is called Wildebosch an 8 sleeper self catering house about a 5 minute walk from the beach.

Hope you enjoy some of my pictures and let me know how you spent your weekend.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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A Road Trip for a Day


We often get so locked on our day to day lives that we often forget what is just on our door steps as you can tell from my previous post if you have not read it check out out here. I am into enjoying the beauty that is around us and nothing better than jumping in a car with your best friends for a mini road trip and spending a day out enjoying the country where we live.

Last Friday was a public holiday and Stacey’s birthday weekend we decided to take a drive down to the Westcoast National Park to a stunning beach and braai spot called Church Haven. The drive is about an hour out of Cape Town up the west coast, and it is truly beautiful and worth the drive. I recommend going to spend the day out there if ever you come to visit Cape Town. True Paradise. Its a national park with designated braai areas so you can pack all the goodies and spend a full day braaing in the summer sun and swim in the clear blue waters, the entry cost is only R40 per person.

So while it looks like we headed straight into winter bypassing autumn I will warm up with these awesome paradise pictures.

Hope you enjoy them, even if I cannot get on a jet plane to the exotic destination right now I will hold on to my paradise right around the corner feeling very privileged to enjoy this beautiful place I call home!

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥


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