Woman Of this Earth

I have been very privileged in my life to date to be surrounded by many strong women. My grandmother endured so much in her life, her strength her caring nature and her love for God will always be how I remember her.

My Mother when I see my mom, I see my grandmother personified and as the generations of strong women in my family multiply I see strength where giving up is not an option. It’s through these strong women that I have become my own strong woman, a role model for my sister who is equally as strong she isn’t even aware of all she possesses yet, as I watch her beautifully grow to be a fantastic young woman.

My beautiful tribe of women friends I have collected through the years all with their own battles to face but their strength their character and greatness is what drew me close.

Recently helping encourage a close friend of mine going through her battlefield she inspired me to write this poem and I feel like this Poem could represent many strong women of this earth. I feel very strongly connected to all women, and my wish and prayers are that each one of you will know how amazing you are and dig deep to find your strength and unlock your full potential.  You are destined for so much more than just your current circumstances you may find yourself in.

Woman of this Earth

She is brave
She is strong
She is more powerful than she will ever know
She is kind
She cares sometimes too much
She loves with all her heart
She dances to the sound of her own drum
She is stubborn, but she will listen
She is feisty
She is fierce
She is a woman of this earth not afraid to bare her soul
She is real, and she will tell it like it is
She may drink too much
She may curse
But that’s what makes her authentically her
You see she is diamond in the rough the one you may be afraid of at times
But when you dig deep and see past the facade
You will know she hates small talk but loves to talk
She will argue even when she knows she may be wrong
She is passionate
She is pure
She is not ashamed to say she doesn’t know where she is going
She doesn’t let her relationship status or indecisive career define
who she is because you see she is a woman, a woman of this earth made
for so much more
She will dance across the globe spreading joy in her footsteps
because once you see her, meet her, hear her, you will know
She is a woman of this earth destined for so much more,

SO YOU woman of this Earth embrace all your flaws because you are so
beautiful in all your imperfections, you were never made to be perfect
but to be perfectly imperfect.

I hope my post reaches someone, anyone, that needed to hear this and you can start believing how beautiful you are dressed up in all your imperfections.

Peace Love & Happiness

Cherry ♥



My Vietnam


My Vietnam from the moment I arrived you welcomed me with open arms a solo traveler with no plan but the vast beauty of your country to explore. Your people touched me with your kind nature and even when I was feeling ill I didn’t feel more at peace and home.

My first encounter with the street was shocked horror I remember my very first night as if it was yesterday sitting at a corner cafe and just watching bikes and more bikes shooting off in all directions I just sat there gobsmacked that I haven’t witnessed an accident yet. But yet in this madness and chaoticness things seem to work!

I had know idea what I thought Vietnam would be like a big village not as build up as it actually is, that was a huge surprise for me. Getting to explore the beauty of Halong Bay seeing thousands of untouched islands swimming in your warm sea and running my toes through the sand was a good treat again.

Waking up every morning and hoping someone would not shake me awake and this heaven on earth was all but a dream because that’s what every moment felt like a dream.

I sat on your boat in disbelief of the beauty I was seeing trying to capture every moment on my camera so I can explain it to friends and family back home, but the pictures don’t do it justice at all. I remember getting a little teary as I looked out at the sea and by the power of the heavens above for giving me the courage and strength to take a leap of faith and cross the road and give up the comforts of home for landscapes not even dreams could capture so vividly!

That was all only on day three now three weeks in and the eve of my departure I am filled with bittersweet emotions because around the next corner something else awaits me.

I have made real relationships with people quickly had deep talks about everything, and nothing more than my entire life in China could capture this trip has given me a new found confidence and I am living for each moment cherishing every second as I don’t want these memories ever to fade.

I thank you Vietnam for your beauty your kind people and yes everything isn’t perfect but for allowing me to have this amazing experience I thank you and I will be back!!

A glimpse of how a country can touch you when you open to trying new things being positive and allowing people in. Traveling alone can be scary but also one of the best experiences you can have. Next post I will give you a run down on the places I visited.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


Motivational Monday – Into the Depths of My Soul


As some of you may know this Blog was originally created  2 years ago by myself Thalea but as a joined platform for myself and my sister Courteney to share things we feel we want share with the world.It may be read by just one person near or far but our main aim is to inspire all those around us. It may be through a travel diary experience, life’s weird and wacky way of teaching us valuable lessons or through fashion and photography anything we really feel passionate about.

We just 2 ordinary girls trying to do extra ordinary things.

Courteney sent me this beautiful piece she wrote and I am so excited to share it with all of you hope you enjoy it!

“Into the Depths of My Soul

One thing I have come to know is that looks are not everything.  But rather it’s about the beauty that shines out you from within.

I no longer want to be the girl you know from Instagram or a random facebook friend. There is more to me than what you see or the assumptions you make about me.

I want you to see my soul when you look at me, see past my face, race and just see me for me.

Our generation has become a bunch of pretenders who are Consumed by likes and followers and selfies emphasis on the “self”
More like selfish… What happened to self-worth & self-respect?

Life is short and I know you have heard it all before. But I for one know that life can be long too and there is so much you could do. So many people you could have spoken to when you were looking down at your Phone or an awkward smile you could have given to someone that surely brightened up their day.

I am starting with my inside then working my way out. I am choosing to focus on my soul to improve what really counts.

Do you have WIFI? I bet that sounds familiar but what I’m trying to say is

God made you just the way you are. Why conform and settle to be part of the norm.

I refuse to compete against anyone I am me & you are you for a reason! I was fearfully and wonderfully made and I aim to stay grounded & never be swayed.

Imagine everyone loved everyone the same way God loves you… Let that sink in I bet you wish it was true.

My soul is what goes to heaven not the physical features I may have
So why worry about the outside when your inside is all you truly have.

My soul is lined with the message of Proverbs 30:31- “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is vain; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

It’s just a start Its far from the end for I agree to end the great pretend.
– Courteney

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


The Thailand Adventures -Phi Phi Island where I left my Heart




The Island where my heart melted and I became one with life, being surrounded in the beauty you call Kho Phi Phi made my life worth existing. The island feel, the winding streets the buzz of people and the calm of the beauty all jumping at you at once made my heart melt.

The narrow winding alleys and the picturesque views completed me. I could wander the island for hours and not for a second be bored or have to talk to a single person if I didn’t want to. I could picture myself hiding out on this island for awhile just sitting under a palm tree watching all the boats of tourists come in as excited as I was when I first disembarked the boat.

Writing blog posts and sharing all the smiles, I see when I see all the new faces bask in the beauty that is Phi Phi. Talking to locals and foreigners from near and far learning their stories. Being a local at the bar on the corner where everyone knows me by name and my order by heart. I can see myself dancing on the beach as they light a fire to light up the island night sky.

Taking pictures of everything and anything just being in such an inspiring place where everyone seems to light up with a friendly face, no cars hooting you out the way just foot paths leading you to discover something more beautiful. To think a place like this exists and I only got to see it for a few hours brings me to tears. It felt like heaven on earth for a moment, a moment in time where I didn’t worry about anything or anyone, it was just me and the beauty God created.

If you have visited this Island or place, you felt, that took your breath away let me know in the comments.

I believe God created the beauty of the world for us to discover it and appreciate him so much more, give thanks for the life we live as we only have one so make it count and if you have the chance, Travel the World!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

Musical Mondays Turned Motivational


I am not really a structured blogger, I never know what I am really going to blag about or even if you will like it or not. I write what I feel when I feel it and hope for the best, that’s my strategy. I draw inspiration from everything I see, people I meet, experiences and things I read.

Self-image has always been a big one for us, Courteney and I being females in this day and age is hard. Dealing with everything society and media throws at you and still trying to find your feet is no easy task.

While doing my mundane Monday morning tasks I read one of the blogs I follow. A fellow Cap Town Girl Aisha Baker from the BakedBlog She wrote a post talking about her struggle with acne. (here) Witch I thought was amazing as it is often hard to talk about your imperfections on the internet for the world to read, especially when you want the world to see your good side.

I read many blogs especially fashion and beauty blogs and see these stunning girls doing such great things. Most of the time I see how beautiful they are and it looks like they wake up like that and often don’t see everything that happens behind the scenes.   I will say I am one of those people that read these blogs (my favorite hobby) and wish I was a little thinner more fabulous, I could wear designer clothes for a living and write about all the wonderful trips I am jetting off to for fashion week all while being an inspiration to my readers and saving the world with my philanthropic adventures. (a girl can dream right)

My point is everyone is not perfect we all have our hang ups as hard as they may be mine being my weight ,it’s sometimes very hard for me to look at myself in a mirror.( that’s why I like being behind the camera) Life is tough and the reality is life will probably only get tougher. I know I am a culprit as well but it is sad that women think so low about themselves.

The latest Dove advert where women are asked to name their body part they liked. It was astonishing to see that so many women could only see the negative as they took very long to say what they liked and were very quick to say what the disliked.

I hate that media and society has made us believe that only a certain type of women is classified as beautiful.  Even if we drape ourselves in designer clothes paint our faces with makeup it may all be a disguise. True beauty is being confident in your skin right now and loving yourself no matter what life throws at you or what your imperfections may be. Being a strong, confident, women in today’s world taking the good with the bad is what will help you get through it. We need to embrace our imperfections and not be held hostage by them.

I have been battling my fluctuating weight problems forever been on every diet, tried millions of gyms and my battle continues but I am sitting here writing this and I refuse to be held hostage by my weight.

My prayer is that God will help me and free me from my bad food habits and give me strength to live a healthier lifestyle.

Nothing is ever easy and we should not be fooled by pictures we see, everyone has a story and nobody wants to show the world the bad or ugly truth. Our imperfections should not be something to be ashamed of we should talk about it openly and help each other deal with it rather than run away from it and bring each other down.

This is me a women like everyone dealing with life and real self-issues.  If you can relate please let me know below always happy to hear what you may think on this topic. I know this post is long but if you made it till here thank you for reading it. I always appreciated it!

Remember you are Beautiful just like Christina says one of my favorite songs and rather fitting for today’s topic.


Cherry ♥

Expanding Waistlines, a Dream Body one Vicious Cycle

Have you ever dreamt of being a  extremely stunning with a body like model, that whatever you placed on your bod it automatically looked liked you stepped off the catwalk of New York fashion week.  If only…

I know it is not as glamorous as we perceive, but the thought of wearing designer clothes and being an A-Lister for day seems to thrill me . I love fashion and try to to stay trendy but with my ever expanding waistline and food to mouth syndrome(I don’t eat alot I eat all the wrong stuff) I guess I can only dream.

I love summer and the fashion that comes with it. The shorter hemline, bright colours and the list goes on. What scares me is every summer I  seem to have put on extra weight from winter and those new short shorts and crop tops seems more daunting than flattering. I am not that old and should not be dealing with issues of weight ever! Who am I kidding, I hate the  gym with a passion and hate diets it even has the word DIE in it lol. So this brings me to my sad state of affairs.

While at gym yesterday (I try) I realized that numbers on a scale can either make you happy or send you straight into a deep state of depression, which in my case sends me straight to binge eating.

So clearly I am the problem and I am fully aware of this. Gym is supposed to make me feel good about my body and be motivating where in my case it does the opposite. I go because I am paying and should show face I really hate it ! I even opted  for a woman’s gym because at  a normal gym I feel like everyone is staring at me. (all in my head I know this)

Every year I tell myself I am going to lose 10 kgs and every year I seem to make the same promise. I am a girl of my word but when it comes to making promises to myself I easily let it slip and just continue with life. This issue is turning into a problem though. I love who I am and the person am striving to be but the person I see in the mirror not so sure. I need help and reasonably cheap help. It’s not that I don’t want to shed the extra pounds I really do, I just cannot find anything I can stick to. (story of my life)

If only I had a fast metabolism, could eat whatever and enjoyed gym.  Life would be sweet literally.


Cherry ♥