My New Year New Me Message

Just like that the new year is here and all you see is the new year new me posts flying around Instagram and Facebook. When in reality when the silly season draws to a close and everyone goes back to work and get back into the swing of things we know nothing much will change.

But just as I wrote in My Thoughts for you post I really do hope you take some time out to reflect and change, stop complaining and stop dreaming but start doing.

I know it may sound cynical coming from me when it looks like I have my life together and I am whimsically floating through the world,-conquering mountains at -12 degrees to witness the first sunrise of the new year. A Korean Tradition I am glad I  did, but I will add was an extremely painful experience this African was not made for snow and the cold.

I by no means have things figured out I just celebrated a New Year and my birthday making me another year older and another year without the so-called 5-year plan.

Just 2 short months ago I was down and out felt hopelessly lost in my pit of self-pity. I had nothing to jump out of bed for in the morning life was dull and colorless. I was bored, and one of my good friends nicely told me my mind has progressed, but actions still stayed behind. So I was again doing the same things that used to fuel my fire, but I have changed, and my light was out I needed to wake up and do something about it, or I would still be stuck in that terrible depressive state.

I made simple changes, like waking up earlier, exercising in the mornings, meditating and reading. I drew closer to God and started going to Church because I knew that my spiritual side of my life was lacking and I was replacing it with things that no longer made me feel good.

So the point of my story is I had to reach a point where I was tired of complaining and feeling unhappy and make positive changes to get to my happy place again. Where I see, I do have a purpose on this earth and may not be defined in a career path or in my relationship status or anything worldly but that my happiness lies within me my thoughts my actions and how I choose to see the world.

It is so easy to look at the news and all the bad that is happening in the world and think you can’t do anything about it, but if more people changed there mindset, collectively we can do a hell of a lot more than we think we can.

So my New Year New Me message to the world is to set yourself free, I am living proof that a few positive changes can make so much difference to living a healthier more fulfilled life. I even challenged myself to start Muay Thai, and if you know me at all you would be laughing right about now even the instructor with hardly any English knows how to say I hurt his eyes! I learned to let go and try new things a month in, and I am still at it and actually enjoying it who would have guessed.

So go out there and Make 2018 the year you set yourself FREE!!!

Let me know how this year has been thus far and any changes you are making I would like to connect with you all.

Peace Love & Happiness

Cherry ♥






My festive season hopscotching through Korea!

Where have I been? (good question) I have been living life in the fast lane but its time to get back to this sharing some tid bits from my life abroad and other travel and inspirations that inspire me to write. I promise to be better at updating I have big hopes and dreams for this blog I best get the started no more excuses. So here we go first of many posts I have lined up. To set the scene let’s go back in time to about  Late December early January.

My festive season, it was such a crazy month of hop scotch through Korea as if I was the KTX going at high speed!

Started off with a 12 pubs of Christmas bar crawl singing Christmas carols in the streets of Downtown Daegu a week before Christmas and then my Christmas spent in Cheongju with my girls we dubbed it “Queensmas”it was a fun weekend we even had a proper Christmas meal from turkey to roast beef and all the trimmings.

 My first Christmas in years that felt like Christmas from gifts to the food and the friends that felt like family!! 

Then my best friend from home came for a visit it was great to have a piece of home with me and show her around! We celebrated New Years in Busan lit lanterns on the beach (clearly a new tradition of mine) and danced the night away making new friends and great memories! Needless to say, a very hungover New Year’s Day was filled with tons of greasy food and laughs about the night before.

The next week I had to work but it was nice coming home and taking my friend for walks and listening to her tell me about new discoveries she found wandering the streets of my new home she even got a cheeky tattoo from the infamous Daegu Tattoo from Artist K who speaks no English and has a side guy who does all the speaking this place is very well known especially around the expat community.

I was so proud to see her get lost and dive into a very foreign country nothing like South Africa or the touristy stops that everyone is used to. She got to truly experience my new life and made really good memories.

We spent our last weekend in Seoul shopping eating way too much and buying all the crazy Korean socks! As soon as she arrived she left again but we had great fun!

One of the highlights was having her here for my birthday too she really did spoil me from breakfast to gifts and it really made me feel special. The last thing anyone wants on their birthday is to be alone and even better I had my best friend from home. I am not a big Birthday person but it was nice to have a low-key Korean BBQ and drinks with my close friends.

And just like that the year was kicked off at record breaking fast speed I didn’t even know what was happening all while working our extended hours because my hogwan (korean after-school academy) does a winter camp program while the kids are on their winter break.

While I was truly happy and living life I was burning out quick trying to burn the candle on both ends of the stick in my social and work life. I needed to pause take stock and get out of the depressing cold so what did I do I hopped on a plane to the Phillippines for a week of rejuvenation more about that soon.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


On a Roll – Dog Kitchen

I have not done a Restaurant review in awhile and since the Latest place I visited was On a Roll Dog Kitchen( where we hosted Courteney’s Birthday party) I thought I may as well give you some more insights.

It is a very cute Diner styled restaurant unique because we do not have many of those typical American Diners you see in the movies here in South Africa. The places is modeled after they typical diner as I have mentioned with a colorful jukebox, booth seating areas all in the red and yellow colour scheme. They have thought of everything to give it that authentic diner feel.

The food defiantly puts the cherry on top, they have amazing variety of burgers and specialize in the gourmet Hot Dog hence the name On a Roll Dog Kitchen shoe string fries and the yummy Milkshakes not to be forgotten.


I had the meal called the Batman- Bratwurst sausage with caramelized fig ,Camembert cheese, baby leaves, drizzled with balsamic glaze  (mouth watering goodness) and not to forget a side of shoestring fries and to finish it off with a chocolate brownie nutella milkshake. I was in a food coma after all of that, some serious food.



It is truly a rocking place you can find  On a Roll at 78 Durban Road, Little Mowbray Cape Town. I will say it is definatly worth the check out they have also added a few extras to the menu that you won’t find above like chicken wings, and there monster burgers and more salad options.

The music selection will take you way back think the era of Geese and they have Karaoke too so you can be entertained all night. This is a perfect venue to host  a ROCK AND ROLL Themed  party. The staff are so helpful and are really great.

Mondays they have comedy nights and  few nights a week they host live bands  so it is always rocking. If you planning a  quick snack, a drink at the bar, dinner with friends or an entire event this is the place for you.

let me know if you have been or if you do visit if you in the area. If you have something similar near you please do share it with me always interested to find awesome places.


Cherry ♥



Musical Monday- Courteney’s sweet 16th Birthday Surprises


I can finally reveal what I have secretly been planning and scheming for the last month. Friday night with the help of my mother(the everything), dad (the financier), Kyle (the dancing boyfriend) and  my cousin Naz (the baker) we put a surprise Birthday party together for my other half Courteney( the dancing sister). Saturday marked her 16th Birthday and noted it was her crown Birthday too.

I found a location a little diner not to far from where we stay called On a Roll where we had the party. I invited her closest friends from school and dancing gathered them at the place around 7 pm.   It was crazy trying to get everything organised but I got it all done without her knowing a thing, her friends are truly awesome for not letting the cat out the bag. She was honestly miserable thinking nobody cared about her it was so funny to witness. (while we all knew the truth)

Eventually she got there and we all screamed surprise and sang Happy Birthday! It was so awesome she was so shocked that she even started to cry lol

Meanwhile Kyle and I had another sneaky surprise up our sleeve a week before her birthday we planed to do a dance video for her as a birthday gift and it came out amazing. My friend Nic Manshon is a film maker, he helped us out his truly so talented. I got my friends apartment where we shot the video and everything could not have worked out more awesome. We were so in the zone throwing ideas together and we worked our magic. Kyle is an amazing Dancer and I see great things in his future. His passion for dance  and the way he performed that day while shooting was electric we could all feel it. After Nic and I were speechless and could not believe that he did that. The filming and creating this piece inspired us in more ways than just creating it for Courteney.

I think the hardest part for me was keeping this gift a surprise. I remember Courteney telling me once “I don’t want anything for my Birthday please just ask Kyle to dance for me” lol (little did she know) We debuted the video at the party in front of all her friends and family. Needless to say she cried again lol (happy tears for sure.)

I love bringing joy to peoples lives and was so happy that my month of conceptualizing and planning worked out so great I could not have asked for anything more. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the video was truly the cherry on top of the Surprise Birthday Cake.

So with no further a do check out this video below and some Birthday pics and let me know what you think.


Cherry ♥

The Dream Team

Behind the scenes of our Video!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl


The Food On a Roll

Dads Princess

Dads Princess


Rock and Roll Fun!

The Girls

The Girls

My Birthday wish to Tata Madiba


I wish this man well on his 95th Birthday. A legend of his time and inspiration for decades to come. 4664 his prison number that represented sadness, now represents HOPE. My Birthday wish to you today is that 67 minutes celebrated on International Mandela Day doesn’t stop today… But creates a movement within each person’s heart. Celebrate where we have come and where we yet to  go. United we stand today, tomorrow and all the days to come.

One man started the long walk to freedom, It’s our our turn to follow in his footsteps.The best thing we can do is give unselfishly of our time. Learn to love as he does and do more and talk less. When the time comes when he may no longer be around. Just remember he will be with our Maker smiling down on us as from above. As the change he fought for, we continue to live out.

The greatest gift we can give him today and forever Is to remember what he did for us by; Taking action;inspiring change and through this We can make every day a Mandela Day.



Cherry ♥