The Fuck Boy the Hot Girl and the Friend Zone!

We live in a delusional, made up superficial, social media fake world! Where the fuck boy rules, the hot girl scores and the friend zone is real. It’s like the high school chick flick of the new age! You sit watching from the outside and see what’s going on its a joke.

 It’s hard trying to date in this era where dating isn’t OK open relationships, one night stands and no strings attached is the norm. You try finding a future wife or husband in this day and age it’s like looking for the mysterious pot of gold at the end of the rainbow virtually impossible.

The nice guy the guy that’s the gentleman that believes that chivalry isn’t dead that love is real not something you say when listening to your favorite song or eating your favorite meal. But the love you experience when you meet a potential soul mate the real kind of I can’t eat, can’t sleep, love that love that will weather every storm. It’s unspoken of because heaven forbids you say the L word that’s not cool or start catching them feelings as the kids on the streets refer to it these days.

 Those people exist though and do you want to know where you will find them? I ‘ll give you one guess. In the friend zone! Every fuck boy has a girl best friend who has been crushing so hard she’s settled for the FZone praying secretly for that one day when his done being a stupid fuck boy and he will notice her. Vice versa the hottest girl at the party will have a guy bestie secretly crushing on her, and so the vicious cycle goes.

For those that do find that love hold on to it, cherish it, be kind to each other, respect each other and communicate with each other! Getting back in the dating world is hard work, and  nobody is ready for if you have been out of the game for awhile.

Where do I find myself in this tangled mess of dating in the new age you may ask? I am the girl that gets friend zoned I am the girl who friends zones at times. For ages I was oblivious to this world called dating just living vicariously through my girlfriends love lives and to be honest, it just felt like too much work!

 So I live my life, I never go out with the intention of finding anyone. I enjoy my life to the fullest, and through finding myself, I seem to be the hot girl at the party. I am not though, I am confident at times, I am far from perfect but I love the person I am becoming, I make my rules and yes I fall into the traps of the new age dating world at times.

When you figure out what you want and just live your best life people will notice you. You will attract the best people into your life, and if you lucky you may find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow the trick is not to compromise who you are to fit into this delusional cesspool of new age dating.

Once you know your worth, you will see that the hot girl at the party and the fuck boys of this world are just as lonely as the peeps in the friend zone! 

So if you single AF don’t hate it focus on you have fun do all the things you want to do while you have the freedom of being single. Life is great alone and with someone but only when you love yourself are you capable of loving another. So that’s why we have this delusional world of dating right now it’s because people don’t believe they good enough for themselves and they go out to fill a void by hooking up with as many people as they can.

Excuse my profanities in the title and in this piece I don’t usually swear but this just wouldn’t give this piece the correct dramatic effect without it.

I hope you enjoyed my view on dating in this day and age. Interested to hear what you think? let me know in the comments below.I will be back with some travel updates soon, Thanks for reading!


Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥




I am No Relationship Guru

So I never really talk about me in personal romantic kinda way (not much to say)more in an ambitious what I want out of life kinda way if that even makes sense lol

What I mean by that is I have been filling my life with career plans, creative blog plans and travel plans for the future.That I have not really made any love plans lol Not that one can ever plan that sort of thing but I have been single for about 3 years now and learnt so much about me and life and I am fairly content right now. I don’t really think too much about my previous relationships but my friends always come to me for relationship advice.

I don’t think I am any sort of Love Guru maybe I just give real good advice. I think I have a mastered the art of seeing things bigger than the situation at hand that it helps me give real, honest good advice. It is also way easier to give advice than to actually practice it. I often think to myself if I should ever get into a relationship soon I should learn how to practice what i preach.

I just don’t get it, you were two individual people when you started liking  each other stay those people! Don’t change for each other grow together and learn to compromise, communicate and trust each other. This is the part where all those in a relationship shout at me and say get into a relationship then tell me how easy that is.Easier said than done I get that.

Firstly in my opinion (I am no expert I just observe) If you need to change for someone and your own friends don’t recognize you, you doing something wrong. You need to be respected for who you are and remind yourself  that he or she liked you for you in the beginning nobody should change but rather grow as individuals together.

I truly believe that if you find a partner that inspires you to become a better version of yourself he or she is a keeper! In today’s society we get off on quick fixes and cheap thrills and leave empty you never going to be fulfilled in a relationship if you not a whole person without a partner and looking for someone to complete you is a lot of Bull  if you ask me. I am a realist  see things like it is minus all the smooth talk I think I have just learnt to smarten up through the years. Grew up from a naive little girl to a tough girl boys are probably scared of lol

It might sound like I am just another girl talking to you with a broken heart and never got over it. Reality check, I am completely fine with who I am and who I am striving to be and I choose not  to settle! I just wished more people knew what they want out of a partner and what they worth. Instead of just settling and getting  sucked into a world they think they want. Be you 100% of the time and same for your partner most importantly if you want to be with each other trust each other!

Hope all of you inlove are doing great nothing is ever easy but you know it will be worth it when you look back and think of how you have grown together through the good and the bad times.

Like I said I am no expert in any love matters. so if you disagree or agree with my view please let me know in the comments. I am always interested to find out what other people’s love views are.


Cherry ♥