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I hate that I have been so quite lately not because I do not have anything to say but only because I have been busy studying and this weekend I have classes all weekend, but I don’t want to jinx anything, and once I complete this course I will explain all.

I went to a pretty cool technology/ digital/start up /entrepreneurial conference on Wednesday called Net Prohpet. I had been to one before, and I remember the first time feeling like a kid in a candy store. Everything was fresh and new; the ideas of the industry were amazing the developments in the digital age fascinated me so much.

It was cool to be in a room filled with like-minded people and be wowed by the likes of the big players in the digital space like Ebay. The way they are changing the game in the retail space,I found that fascinating and interesting. I like that in this new digital age the focus is still solely on the customer but with innovative technology and fast forward thinking things are being done creatively. As Jody Ford, the vice President of Marketing for Ebay nicely said, “Customers want to get what they want when they want it wherever they are.” It may not be things we don’t already know, but it is a creative and innovative ways these companies are solving these problems.

Another strong point that came across loudly was how important the right education is, and every year Net Prophet raises funds for their bursary campaign to help send students to get educated. This year they partnered with an NGO Partners for Possibilities to help communities in need of education, not only do you have to donate money, but you can donate your time to help too. I also enjoyed seeing what Olgilvy Labs are doing internationally and how they are using education to create amazing things.

This conference also brought light into some areas I know not much about. Online gaming being another lucrative avenue and listening to how game development has taken off in South Africa was extremely fascinating especially using different distribution techniques to get your games to players instead of the conventional buy a game in the store route. This way it only gains momentum for the day of release and maybe for two weeks after. Compared to purchasing online directly cutting out distribution costs of a physical game and allowing people to pre-order and selling way more than you could have done by doing it the conventional way. This way the hype around your game also last much longer. The gamer community is huge, and real life feedback from gamers about your game is the best way to promote it keeping the experience as organic as possible and people are doing this online for nothing through blogging and vlogging. Bringing me back to the point, Jody Ford made “Customers want to get what they want when they want it wherever they are.”

With all the interesting talks about the industry conferences like this one that brings you good speakers and highlights the works happening locally and internationally motives and inspires you to get involved in some way, or another. It’s also awesome to be in an environment where smart thinking, giving back and developing start-ups is the way forward. Having a community like Net Phrophet share light on what is happening in this industry and helping start-ups with opportunities is a good way to harvest the talents in our country.

An event like this opens everyone’s eyes and makes them think and start asking interesting questions and also develop good ideas and connects you with companies and people doing amazing things you may not have been aware of if you have not attended.

Me specially feeling like  an outsider looking into this world of tech where I am still trying figure out things it was interesting it broaden my mind to many possibilities. A big thanks to company for affording me this opportunity to go be entertained and educated for the day.

Let me know your thoughts of where this digital world is going?

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


Young and Confused

I realised I am not that young anymore and I cannot hold on to my Youth forever. That realisation makes me very sad because I am still trying to figure things out.  While on my search for life fulfillment and purpose I have learnt many things.

I was that girl that never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I finished school still didn’t know, took a gap year, still didn’t know. Decided to study Marketing still don’t know why and I have a degree that I don’t think I am really using to the best of its ability. I knew I had to study something and was lucky enough to have a family that would support me.


I got a job  as Marketing assistant after I studied and nothing could ever prepare me for the real world. I took the job with a smile and wanted to be the best I could be but that job took the life out me.  With no real experience I did the best I could do

It was a year of loathing work and partying hard over weekends. I was completely lost and confused and things were spiraling out of control so much so that my body started giving in.  I went for so many tests and was taking so much medication I was even on antidepressants. I truly hated the life I was living at that point,in the situations I was in. I worked hard felt bullied at times and was really depressed and when I returned I hated everything about my work life.

After working there for a year  I had enough I resigned. It was a sad day for many in the office I was the life of the office planned all the social events tried to keep everyone happy all the time still while trying to sell our main product. No easy task with so many personalities to please and you not really sure what you doing.

I eventually left and was unemployed for 6 months Interviews became my job still not sure what I truly wanted to do. Eventually found a job an internship I was so desperate at the time that I took the job pay was bad but it was better than nothing. I realised that I would rather be happy than a slave to a job for a good pay.

Now I sit here reflecting on on the past year since I took that job. Tomorrow marks exactly a year and I am still here now the Office Manager still trying to keep everyone happy and still confused.

I have learnt so much over the last year about myself and what my true passions are; I started this blog never knew I loved writing as much (still not sure if I am any good) I love photography and plan on learning more once I can afford a decent camera and videos my love for YouTube has grown so much as I can see the possibilities the platform holds. I love the creative behind the scenes PR and social media work I do with Out of Africa dance Academy and I finally managed to save up money to fulfill my other passion of traveling.

So yes things are definitely a step up from a year ago and I pray that things will only get better and I can use my talents to bring blessings over all the lives that I touch through my various adventures through life.

I would not be able to be where I am right now without the ongoing support of my family, Its been a tough year for us God has really been testing us but we are all strong and still doing our thing. Life is tough and the reality of it is Life is only going to get tougher but what sets us apart from falling into a rut is how we deal with those tough times.

My Family!

My Family!

I don’t have a clue where I will be in the next year, but what I do know is that I will never stop trusting God to help me and guide me to live a purpose driven life.

My message to all those young and old that still don’t really know whats going on…. take the good days with the bad days never give up, trust God, try and learn something new everyday and help someone everyday! Make this your daily mantra change starts with you no matter how big or small it may be it all counts!!

I think I got carried away with my deep diva moments lol I really hope you have read this and it makes sense always interested in hearing your opinions so leave me comment.


cherry ♥

Sometimes we have to take the road less traveled!!

Sometimes we have to take the road less traveled!!