My Thoughts This Festive Season

As we head into the Christmas weekend full of festive cheer I was thinking of this time of year as I make plans to meet with friends and do my last minute Christmas shopping.  These are my thoughts for this festive time.

My thoughts for this festive season are with you near and far.

For I know how it feels to be alone around this time of year, away from what you may normally do or around the people you usually spend these festive times with.

So my thoughts are with you when you feeling lonely or sad come Christmas morning I hope you don’t dwell on the loneliness the holidays can bring.

My thoughts are with you those that don’t get to spend this time with family or friends but if you have the time tell them you care.

My thoughts are with you the one that wakes up alone again and longs for that partner to share the special holidays with. Remember your worth is not measured by the fact that you may be single come again another Christmas day.

My thoughts are with you the child without parents the child that will never know how it feels to rise full of excitement on Christmas day or struggling to sleep on Christmas eve.

My thoughts are with you the ones that are old and cannot enjoy a Christmas meal because the pain is just unreal.

My thoughts are with you the ones forced to miss another family moment because of work obligations I hope your family can see all you have done to sacrifice for them.

My thoughts are with those who get to enjoy special family moments cherish these times together make them happy make them count for tomorrow is never promised.

So my thoughts are with you all however you spend this festive time I pray its good and not sad but most of all I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Peace Love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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My festive season hopscotching through Korea!

Where have I been? (good question) I have been living life in the fast lane but its time to get back to this sharing some tid bits from my life abroad and other travel and inspirations that inspire me to write. I promise to be better at updating I have big hopes and dreams for this blog I best get the started no more excuses. So here we go first of many posts I have lined up. To set the scene let’s go back in time to about  Late December early January.

My festive season, it was such a crazy month of hop scotch through Korea as if I was the KTX going at high speed!

Started off with a 12 pubs of Christmas bar crawl singing Christmas carols in the streets of Downtown Daegu a week before Christmas and then my Christmas spent in Cheongju with my girls we dubbed it “Queensmas”it was a fun weekend we even had a proper Christmas meal from turkey to roast beef and all the trimmings.

 My first Christmas in years that felt like Christmas from gifts to the food and the friends that felt like family!! 

Then my best friend from home came for a visit it was great to have a piece of home with me and show her around! We celebrated New Years in Busan lit lanterns on the beach (clearly a new tradition of mine) and danced the night away making new friends and great memories! Needless to say, a very hungover New Year’s Day was filled with tons of greasy food and laughs about the night before.

The next week I had to work but it was nice coming home and taking my friend for walks and listening to her tell me about new discoveries she found wandering the streets of my new home she even got a cheeky tattoo from the infamous Daegu Tattoo from Artist K who speaks no English and has a side guy who does all the speaking this place is very well known especially around the expat community.

I was so proud to see her get lost and dive into a very foreign country nothing like South Africa or the touristy stops that everyone is used to. She got to truly experience my new life and made really good memories.

We spent our last weekend in Seoul shopping eating way too much and buying all the crazy Korean socks! As soon as she arrived she left again but we had great fun!

One of the highlights was having her here for my birthday too she really did spoil me from breakfast to gifts and it really made me feel special. The last thing anyone wants on their birthday is to be alone and even better I had my best friend from home. I am not a big Birthday person but it was nice to have a low-key Korean BBQ and drinks with my close friends.

And just like that the year was kicked off at record breaking fast speed I didn’t even know what was happening all while working our extended hours because my hogwan (korean after-school academy) does a winter camp program while the kids are on their winter break.

While I was truly happy and living life I was burning out quick trying to burn the candle on both ends of the stick in my social and work life. I needed to pause take stock and get out of the depressing cold so what did I do I hopped on a plane to the Phillippines for a week of rejuvenation more about that soon.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


The Thailand Adventures – An Unconventional Christmas #2

I woke up Christmas morning with the unfamiliar smell of no cooking goodness lofting into my bedroom, as my mom would have been a slave to the stove at the crack of dawn already.  Instead I woke in a hotel room with two of my besties uttering soft Merry Christmases to each other.

No church on Christmas morning or gifts being exchanged instead we had an odd Thai version of an American breakfast lol Adapting to the Thai way was something we would all have to get used to very quickly, we were in Thailand after all. Even Crossing the road was difficult, cars just go and if you don’t make a run for it you may be left on the curb for a very long time. Luckily we had a secret weapon Tiny I call her , my friend T’Niele . She moved to the big city of Bangkok about 7 months ago and knows the ins and outs pretty well .

She gave us directions to travel around the city using the public transport without getting ripped off by Tuk Tuk drivers or cabs.We found our way around very easily and could not understand why people kept telling us we would hate Bangkok . We totally loved it and the smell wasn’t as bad as other people had told us . Note to self don’t always listen to everything people have to say about a place, its good to form your own opinion once you there.

So our Christmas consisted of a visit to Madame Tussauds ( my first Madame experience) was fun, took pictures like tourists Lol ( oh yes we were allowed to) Then we went to Siam Sea world aka the aquarium. It was an average experience in my opinion only because I have seen it all at home, and if you were a kid you would love it .

The best part of the day was our Christmas lunch, (can you pick up my sarcasm here lol) Wait for it…We went to Burger King, not even joking .We were so overwhelmed by the 7 stories shopping malls that just never ended.That we opted for something we knew, still shaking my head at the thought of Burger King for Christmas lunch . We then made our way to MBK with T’Nielle that had finished school for the day.

Now MBK is our version of China Town on serious steroids . Stalls upon stalls of stuff anything you want you can find it here . It is rather overwhelming to say the least . You need a few days to tackle every floor . One purchase I am crazy about is my portable charger,gadget thing . Seriously saves my life when I am out and about . We didn’t shop too much only because we knew we were coming back before we left to go home . The girls bought enough to get by for the next few days .

We had a decent dinner at the Bangkok equivalent of a Spur called, Sizzlers. It was a nice way to end off our first day in Thailand and spend our first friends Christmas together . I will say it didn’t help when my mother kept sending me pictures of her feast she prepared , no matter how many times we tell her not to cook so much , she just never listens. (Mothers knows best they say.)

Hope you enjoy these Thailand posts. Please feel free to comment below and let me know your Christmas traditions and stories . Come back next week to read all about Our first day in Phuket .

Peace love &Happiness

Cherry ♥

Merry Christmas World!!

Merry Christmas World!!

Train Adventures. Loved the public transport system in Bangkok.

Train Adventures. Loved the public transport system in Bangkok.

Even standing on the train is a pleasure!
Even standing on the train is a pleasure!

Madame Tussauds!

Madame Tussauds!



BeFunky_20131225_123307.jpgWe shopped!We shopped!Merry Christmas from Bangkok.Merry Christmas from Bangkok.

BeFunky_587 copy.jpg

Christmas Dinner!

Christmas Dinner!

Our journey back!

Our journey back!

My Moms Christmas Feast i missed!!My Moms Christmas Feast I missed!!


Weekend Shenanigans

I hope you all had good weekends, mine was surprisingly busy as the festive season picks up it commonly starts getting filled with functions and things one kinda cannot not attend.

Since I booked my flight for my holiday in August (27days before I am off)  I have been kinda lying low trying to save my moola so the old party girl version of myself kinda took a backseat. I was very content with that as I am not so sure if I enjoy knocking back the shots as much as I did a few years ago ok last year lol (signs of getting older)

Friday night I did the Rocky Horror show as I explained in my review yesterday (here). Saturday I so much just wanted to stay in and sleep but my house on Saturday is so chaotic why people need to get up and make noise at 7am is beyond me, took Courteney to dancing then rushed off to get my hair did well over due I might add. My Hairdresser was not to happy with me because I am so lazy when it comes to my hair I just hate drying it and my hair has started to break off leaving my ends in a horrific state so my trim turned into a cut (so long to the long hair dreams)

Then rushed off to my cuz for her birthday, fun chilling in the sun talking smack as we do so well with all her friends.

The evening my awesome friends decided to do a Long Street Mission (Cape Towns Iconic Party Street) So we bar hopped and found this really cheap place with good music #winning. By 12 pm I was beat and my bed and series was calling my name seriously what has happened to the days coming home at 5 am used to be the norm lol

Sunday was a schorture of a day, Cape Town showing off went to church then to a family lunch. On my way I got a text from my friend asking if I could help out with my friends Music video Mathew Gold.( you can find previous posts here and here)  He needed extras for his 3rd single Life is Short. Check him out on iTunes now (here)

Why not hey it’s not everyday we have an opportunity to help a friend out and its my favorite track on his cd I cannot stop playing in my car. Picked Kyle up and Courteney and I were off.

I do not want to give too much away but the concept in a nutshell is life is to short to be stuck in the rut of day to day and not live your dream.(totally up my alley) Mathew then shows his amazing trumpeter that he can live his dream and be musician. We were in the end scene where Mathew is performing his song and we are the crowd dancing and cheering so we had our own private concert for a few hours in a dark warehouse vibe dancing for a few takes was hot sticky but fun. Just another Sunday afternoon in my world lol. Cannot wait till the music video drops and everyone can see how it is all put together. Ended my Sunday off off with a drink, food and much needed sleep.

How was your weekends and has the festive season kicked off in your world yet I am always keen to hear all about it!


Cherry ♥