My Thoughts for the New Year!

I want to live free of condemnation, free from fear, free from shame and free from guilt.

I want joy and love to come from my most vulnerable self because this is when I am free to be my authentic self.

I want to to be able to walk into a room with the confidence within that can light it up without a word, I want my love and joy to explode from my inner core. I want to see and feel things that even my wildest dreams could not imagine, I want freedom of the social norms without pressures from anyone.

I want to feel content with my life choices and allow them to lead me where I am needed where my trust is without borders.

I want to allow myself to love deeply, love myself, my family, my friends and any stranger that comes my way.

I want to walk barefoot across the earth and feel every inch of it in my toes, I want the wind to blow through my hair and feel sun kisses and raindrop sprinkles.

I want to fall deeply and madly in love with life, even in the mundane routines of life. I want to go to sleep every night thanking the one most high for the gift of the day and wake up every morning thanking him again for giving me each new day.

I want my love for writing to flourish as this gift I have of words are from above and not be afraid of who may read but be encouraged to share and inspire. I want to use all of me to do good and live an obedient life and even when I slip up I want to ask for forgiveness and graciously pick myself up to start all again.

I want to free myself of worry when the year takes its low turn I want to learn from every lesson, listen carefully to every soul, I want this year ahead to show me I am worth every breath I take and that caring for myself looking after every muscle is important to maintain good health.

I want to practice self-reflection strive for every goal and live whimsically in my dreams and turn them into reality. I want to be wiser and live freer but most importantly I want to live out my God-given mission by filling this world with some love and some hope.

So my thoughts may be dreamy but very practical I want to hold myself accountable this year not to give up so easily.This year ahead will mean change but I am praying for a good change one that will invigorate my spirit and give me the life I will be proud of and put me on the right path to keep walking out my heavenly Father’s plan.


Peace Love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


The Thailand Adventures- Come Island Hopping with Us #4

Across two days, we did two amazing full day tours.I highly recommend these tours for anyone who is visiting Phuket for the first time. First Tours we did was the Island hopping Tour, and I will bring you the Adventure Tour Next week.

Lets Start this day!

Lets Start this day!1622074_10151837445391721_251291874_nGathering the Troops. 

The Itinerary For the day

08:00 – 09:00

Pick up from hotel by air-conditioned vehicle and transfer to the pier at Royal Marina. Choose complimentary fins and mask. Soft drinks, tea and coffee provided.


Depart for Phi Phi Islands


Pass by Monkey Beach, the boat slows down in order for you to take photos. After that the boat will take you to Phi Phi Ley.

11:30 – 12:15

Arrive at Phi Phi Ley and discover the magical landscape of Maya Bay (where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed). Enjoy swimming, snorkeling in the crystal-clear water among the colourful tropical fish.


Discover Lho Sa Mah Bay and Pi Leh Cove, swimming and snorkeling


Sightseeing at Viking Cave and observe the swifts’ nests used in making the world-famous  bird’s nest soup.


Stop at Laemtong Beach for a great buffet lunch at PP Erawan Palm Resort’s beachside restaurant. Freetime after lunch to walk along the straight, long white beach or explore the surrounding waters or simply to relax in the shade.


Depart for Hin Klang and enjoy snorkeling. Explore the fantastic underwater life and the beautiful coral reef.


Arrive at Bamboo Island and enjoy swimming and relaxing on the beach.


Depart for Khai Nai Island for more relaxing time on the beach


Depart from Khai Nai Island


Arrive at the Boat Lagoon Marina: Transfer to your hotel


The itinerary and timing above are approximate and may be modified without notice to fit the tides and local weather conditions.

Paradise!20131227_133802Boat ridesBoat rides12354_10151837447156721_386689223_n

This is a great day spent at sea; you get to learn a lot, see a lot and swim in crystal clear water, but I will say it does all feel rushed.

You do not get to stay very long at each stop in my opinion. The food for lunch was very average Thai food but if you not too hungry drink loads of water or cocktails because you can on the beach and eat the fruit it’s a win.
I truly loved snorkeling in the crystal clear water; I was so sad I never got my hands on an underwater camera.

Note to all don’t be like us it is a MUST to get an underwater phone cover or camera.

It was a good day out visiting all the surrounding islands. Out on the boat care free with the sun shining bright the crystal water at bay and the wind in your hair. The islands are breathtakingly beautiful, and it was an absolute privilege to see the beauty of this side of the World first hand. (my pictures do not do it justice)

I won’t recommend this tour if you not into Touristy things because this is probably the most popular tour and the islands you stop at are over populated with tourists and boats, which makes it pretty hard to get perfect picturesque picture.

Overall  minus the negative just being out there and seeing everything was absolutely priceless and the beauty that this world has intrigues me juts to see and learn more.

All these tours can be booked from any tour operator and there are many on every corner,you can also barter for the price.

Hope you enjoy the snaps I did take.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


Swimming at Maya BeachSnorkelingSpeed boat advetures!Speed boating20131227_124715Viking CavesDSCN9704Island HoppingFotor020411195Island Style Chill time!