My Thoughts for the New Year!

I want to live free of condemnation, free from fear, free from shame and free from guilt.

I want joy and love to come from my most vulnerable self because this is when I am free to be my authentic self.

I want to to be able to walk into a room with the confidence within that can light it up without a word, I want my love and joy to explode from my inner core. I want to see and feel things that even my wildest dreams could not imagine, I want freedom of the social norms without pressures from anyone.

I want to feel content with my life choices and allow them to lead me where I am needed where my trust is without borders.

I want to allow myself to love deeply, love myself, my family, my friends and any stranger that comes my way.

I want to walk barefoot across the earth and feel every inch of it in my toes, I want the wind to blow through my hair and feel sun kisses and raindrop sprinkles.

I want to fall deeply and madly in love with life, even in the mundane routines of life. I want to go to sleep every night thanking the one most high for the gift of the day and wake up every morning thanking him again for giving me each new day.

I want my love for writing to flourish as this gift I have of words are from above and not be afraid of who may read but be encouraged to share and inspire. I want to use all of me to do good and live an obedient life and even when I slip up I want to ask for forgiveness and graciously pick myself up to start all again.

I want to free myself of worry when the year takes its low turn I want to learn from every lesson, listen carefully to every soul, I want this year ahead to show me I am worth every breath I take and that caring for myself looking after every muscle is important to maintain good health.

I want to practice self-reflection strive for every goal and live whimsically in my dreams and turn them into reality. I want to be wiser and live freer but most importantly I want to live out my God-given mission by filling this world with some love and some hope.

So my thoughts may be dreamy but very practical I want to hold myself accountable this year not to give up so easily.This year ahead will mean change but I am praying for a good change one that will invigorate my spirit and give me the life I will be proud of and put me on the right path to keep walking out my heavenly Father’s plan.


Peace Love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


When God Sends you Unicorns!

I never openly write about Christianity you will find reference to God in my writing because I believe in God I was brought up in the church as I went to Sunday school had the perfect grandma who read me bible stories, so God was never foreign to me my entire life!

I went astray from the church as I got older life happens things change but by the glory of God I am here today!  Just because I strayed from the church didn’t mean God left me! I was a church seat filler for s few years or the few times I would go to church words falling on deaf ears mostly. Until I went to a different church, and slowly my ears opened and things started to make more sense to me and worship music was good things were good God started planting seeds in my life, I still wasn’t fully there yet, but he never gave up on me like he never gives up you!

He led me to China the place that I never wanted to go to do a job I didn’t think I could do but he led me there it’s only by his mercies it worked out for the best! I then I said lead me where you need me, and I ended up here South Korea 6 months after my 15-month adventure around South East Asia!

Now I sit and think what’s my purpose here am I doing a good job since he led me here! I have changed for the better because of him something is going right. I am by no means a good Christian I don’t think you get one because you can’t be perfect only God can be perfect.I sin daily I say words I should not, I eat too much, sometimes drink too much I find myself gossiping and being judgmental which I hate but do these bad things make me a bad person? NO

No, it doesn’t because I sin and pray and talk to God to help me in these areas doesn’t take away that I am kind loyal honest friendly forgiving happy awesome and beautiful the way he made me! So I can’t deny for one minute I am not a daughter of a mighty God I can’t doubt he made me a queen, a strong independent women it’s not me its all him. I will never try to make you a believer or bible bash you into believing in my King but if you spend some time with me and you like me know that I am not this great on my own I am this great because God made me this way and finally saying it out loud and proudly,I am daughter a queen of God!!’

Sometimes God blesses you with unicorn moments or unicorns just to show you his alive and watching over you . I don’t strive to be perfect because I will never be but the day I decided to eliminate my life from the BS and be 100% me,myself life changed and even if you don’t believe in a God or you believe in your version of God through me I can make you believe in something!!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


Motivational Monday – Getting the balance in your life Right



Have you ever wanted to pack up your life and start over well life deals us some heavy curve balls we can never prepare for but starting over fresh in the figurative and literal sense can be done. I know we all wish we could run away from hardships and despair but running away never solves the problem it will be there staring you in the eye when you return. Starting over on the other hand is possible.

I am about to pack up my life and start over and the most common question I have received from me outing this decision to the public, (as if I am some Kardashion lol.) The reaction has been what are you running away from. If you could have a looking glass into my life you will find absolutely nothing worth running away from. I have the most amazing supportive family I could ever ask for, the best friends that are irreplaceable, the most awesome church I even have two churches each with its own uniqueness and sets of church family.  My support system here in Cape Town the place that I will always call home is pretty amazing.

I bet you all asking now why pack up and leave…. Sometimes you are called to do things you cannot explain. While most aspects of my life was really great I lacked a good sense of purpose, a purpose driven life if you would put it like that. I believe so many of us are faced with this same dilemma especially the younger generation finishing school and University.

The real world is a tough cookie to crack but only once you feel a great sense of purpose in what you do with your life will you feel complete in that sphere of your life. Like I mentioned before life is a balancing act of many spheres and as soon as one area is lacking it will out weigh the scale. My scale was out of balance my career, work life happiness factor wasn’t there.  I have decided to take a risk I have no idea if this is the right thing or the right career path for me but for this season in my life  I believe it is.

My advice to all of you is to find what makes you happy as early as possible I know it’s hard and pretty cliche to say; Do what makes you happy and you will never have to work a day in your life. It is so true though the happier you are with what you do the harder you will work at it in all aspects of your life. I hope people can start learning how to balance their lives so we can eliminate all this negativity in this world. I know its easier said than done but honestly hope that this post touches at least one persons heart and inspires you to truly live your dream.

My dream is to travel, inspire and continue writing in some form. I never for one second imagined my dream to take me to China but it is and with faith and alot of patience  i know i can do this. The journey up to now hasn’t been the easiest but I have learnt so much about myself and can’t even imagine what else I will learn in the coming future as I now pack up and start over.

This has been an emotional few weeks,saying goodbye to friends and trying to do travel admin and see as many people as possible hence the lack of posting. I have done some awesome things and visted some awsome places so keep an eye out for more explore Cape Town posts coming soon. I also helped my dear sister with another video and will post it as soon as soon as it is out.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of Spring or Autumn wherever you may be in the world.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


July Insprations

I had had some time on my hands lately and stumbled across some awesome content that inspired me to get creative with my writing, photography videos and music. Will add them all below so you can have a look and feel free to let me know what inspires you, what kind of music you into and all that jazz.


This is no secret Lana Del Rey is my Queen been obsessing over her since forever and a day, and her new album Ultra Violence is melodramatic heaven her sombre vocals just hypnotises me. I would love to see her perform live one day. A good friend of mine saw her perform last week in Dublin and had nothing but amazing things to say about her. Don’t worry Lana we will be together one-day lol.

Complex Mag recently did a cover story on her covering everything you could ever want to know. If you as obsessed as I give it a read here and let me know your thoughts and what your favourite Lana tune is.



So my other personal hobby is Youtube, and I have found some new content creators that I totally love at the moment. I will add them below so you can check them out let me know your thoughts.

Clothesencounters – Jenn Im

I am in love with her videos on YouTube. She is an American Korean young lady with killer style, amazing beauty and fashion videos, and her travel Vlogs are just a dream come true. She is so cute you cannot help but fall in love. I am so inspired to create work like she does it speaks to my inner fashionista.LOL

Superficialgirl – Carlinn
A local girl doing extremely well she is very cute, and when I think of her, the colour pink comes to mind lol her blog and YouTube channel goes by the name of Superficialgirl mainly beauty and fashion related content. I find it cool because she is from Cape Town and most of the products and shops are relatable to me.

She also has an amazing Instagram account called Campsbaygirl  where her posts are mostly travel landscapes, beaches sunsets and all those breathtaking shots I dream to capture if you love looking at amazing pictures like me you will enjoy this account. click here: Campsbaygirl 

TimtotheWild – Tim Killner

A newbie to YouTube but not to the camera introduced to me through  Jacksgap (totally loving his work right now) a new member of the Jacksgap team a filmmaker from Chicago Tim Killner hired to film for Jack while he was shooting in New York a few weeks back. If you not familiar with Jaksgap please check him out his very creative with his content and always a joy to watch. There was something special about the behind the scenes video Tim created, and I totally fall in love with the city I have the dream of visiting one day.

This video by Jacksgap touched my heart in all the right places. He is a pioneer of YouTube and sharing something so special with all of us was just brilliant definitely won major points in the best boyfriend department. #Swoon


I have grown so much, and this was something I had set out to do since the beginning of the year. With me moving to China soon and having limited access to my church and some internet sites ( still trying to get my head around that). This new season in my life is going to be tough, and I will need to depend on my own strengths to learn and read my bible more and not loose touch with my dedicated time with the lord and my faith.

I have been very blessed by Hillsong Church, who have shared some amazing pastors from around the world with us over the last few weeks. Chad Veach a legend from America his so cool and brings the message across so awesomely you can sit and listen to him for hours. Another great man of God Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC so suave and smooth with his words but great blessing to hear preach. The latest Hillsong Cd No other Name has also been a real blessing lovely to listen too and such a great work they did on that cd. Really encourages me to live right have fun and stay connected to the Lord.


To conclude my July Inspirations, I will share some awesome news from home. My Dad who suffered from a stroke a year ago is fully recovered and doing amazingly well and something very inspiring to have witnessed. His change in attitude toward life and becoming more of a Godly man and overcoming his demons with stress and anxiety. a True inspiration to me and to many others i am sure.

Courteney has received an amazing opportunity to audition for a scholarship at the New York Film Academy later this year we as a family are very proud of her, and we support her 100%. It has always been a dream of Courteneys to go to NYC ever since she was a little girl, and this opportunity could take her one step closer to her dream of film, dancing and NYC.

So much has inspired me creatively, spiritually and mentally and cannot wait for what the future holds.
This is a different kind of post and hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free to share things that inspire you. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Courteney on YouTube to stay up to date with all things CherryHearts.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


Colour – The Greatest Love Story Ever Told


I am not one to talk openly about religion as it is something I am still figuring out myself but I am not ashamed to openly declare that I am a believer in God!

This past weekend I went to a women’s conference hosted by Hillsong Church called Colour.( an awesome gift from a dear friend) I have been going for the last three years with my best friend and this year I got my mom to join which was awesome.

The aim of the gathering is to inspire women and share the word of God and give practical ways in which we can help change the world and see what the global sisterhood of women across the world is doing. I am women of Christ and have been all my life as a child I was forced to go to church even when I did not know what was going on but only about 3 years ago I truly found out what being Christ follower is. (I will share that story another time.)

It’s been amazing to see how God has worked in this Church and how the vision of the Colour Conference has just grown. In it’s four years of existence in Cape Town it has grown to over 5000 women this year and to see how it has impacted women across the world is extraordinary.

I remember in 2012 when I went to my first gathering I was so broken, resigned from job had no clue where or what I was going to do. I did know I had to be at that conference to be encouraged to see how the world is responding to God; it blew me away and my love for helping and inspiring just grew inside me. That year I put my trust in God that he would lead me to the right place; it was tough, but I believe he did. CherryHearts was born that year in my heart I had no idea what it would become, but I had always dreamt of starting something of my own.

Then in 2013 at Colour I had found a job by this point, was happier in my work life and was pretty content with life as a whole. CherryHearts became a reality in the form of this Blog. I see life differently and finally had a platform to be creative and express myself and find out new things about myself. I prayed that year to be involved locally, and God blessed me with Out of Africa dance Acadamy a NPO  where Courteney dances with the vision to take kids away from crime and drugs and give them positive outlet. I  have been doing the social media and PR for the last year and helping with there upcoming show called Dreams into-Reality

Then this year 2014, ever since I came back from Thailand I have had this burst of wanderlust, to see more, do more, experience more, and I feel like I am running against the clock and that if I do not do it now it will never be done.
At conference this weekend we heard from Lisa Bavere, Holly Wagner and Bobby Houston. Three amazing women who have touched my life so much. I always felt intimidated by the Bible, but I have made a vow to myself to read it for myself.

Friday night Bobby spoke about love is on the way in the sense that God is in your past, present and future. Through listening to all the talks on Saturday. Hearing all the good stories coming from ordinary women doing extraordinary things and making a big impact in the global sphere, is so inspiring and amazing. I got this sense that I need to leave to get a global perspective so I can come back to Cape Town for local impact. No matter where we are in the world we all fighting for the same fight.

The greatest Love story ever told is no secret. It is that God sacrificed his only son for us so we can live free from sin and be surrounded by grace, love, hope, freedom and peace. So no matter where you at right now just remember that there is a God that truly loves you!

If you have never been I highly recommend you come to the next gathering, the Colour Conference is hosted in Sydney Australia, Cape Town, London and Keive. (click  here for more information)

Check out the 2015 promo video below.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Motivational Monday – Climbing Mountains

Where have I been… I had an extra long weekend I was off on Thursday and Friday was a public holiday Human Rights Day.

So my Monday Morning is starting off pretty hectic catching up on work life and Dance Academy work for our up and coming show in May but I will tell you more about that soon.

Lately, I have been into hiking again last week Sunday I did the shipwreck hike it is lovely along the beach true tranquillity not too strenuous but the view and the peace are amazing. Something calming about being out in nature surrounded by the beauty of Cape Town, It is so easy to forget that we have this right on our doorsteps and finishing a hike is always a good feeling like you accomplished something meaningful for the day.

On Saturday, I climbed lions head another popular hike in Cape Town. I went early at 6am was a cold morning but was a good way to start the day. I went with my Dad his first time and his afraid of heights so it was a big deal for him and not knowing what to expect. I wont call it a walk in the park, but I had done it like 4 times before so I knew what to expect. I was very proud of him for not giving up and not allowing his fear to control him considering that about eight months ago he had a mild stroke and his recovered so well.

He is an inspiration to many. Not only did he get his health back in having near death experience changes the way you see the world and how you see yourself. He has no other person than God to thank for his second chance. As a family he has made us see that no matter what happens to you, you can fight any struggle. He also showed us that neglecting you health; spirituality and self is a dangerous path to go down.

Things will never be easy but sometimes the struggle just makes us realise what we want out of life and how we need to get it. What happened to him taught me that you cannot neglect your health and give everything to a job. It is hard but if you can follow your dreams and passions I truly recommend you do it. That’s why I push Courteney so much never to loose focus on her dream because it can come true.

I realised I am good at encouraging and motivating people. I truly love doing it. I do it every day with friends and family it is one of my gifts from God and thank him for giving me this ability.

Sometimes you just need to let go and let God. that’s my plan now I know I am meant to do great things with my life, and I guess being confused now is all part of the journey….

What have you been up too share your dreams for the future with me  I am always interested to know. Beautiful pictures inspire me too hope you enjoy these snaps below and have a great week.

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Why we are Here – A Reminder to Me and You

I read somewhere that January is the month of living in the clouds because it’s a new year, and you make all these promises to yourself. So you pretty happy because you have not given up on yourself just yet.

I have been beaming with excitement ever since I got home from my trip. I have been more focused on my life and what I want to accomplish with it. I know the journey will not be easy, and I do not want to burn out again.Time for an action plan as I seem to want to do so many things and then never get started and I fear that may happen.

Last night I worked till 10 pm after my day job ended I rushed home to take a quick shower and then off to a meeting at my church, I am the new leader of the kids ministry I have been doing it for years now so just had to touch base on plans for the year. Then off to Sister Incorporated where I volunteer with the kids. It was so good to be back feeling like God welcomed me home. Sad to see one little boy and his mom has left the home. I grew so fond of him, but all I can do now is pray that they safely in God’s hands.

Then after that I rushed off to another meeting. This one was to discuss future plans for the Out Of Africa Dance Academy as we rolling into pre show mode which is going to be hectic again. So I was done by the time I got home could hardly utter two words.
My mom aka my guardian angel posted this picture on my Facebook wall that was very profound to me. The Quote; “God would not have put a dream in your heart if He hadn’t already given you everything you need to fulfil it”

CherryHearts was born in my heart 3 years ago with the help of the great friend. We were both going through hell at the time. We played around with the idea of me owning my own business one day and thought of names and CherryHearts was born.

I recently met up with him for lunch, and we caught up, he saw me at my lowest and I saw him in his weakest form too. He told me he recently started following my blog and very happy with what I have done and the name. He could not believe how much I have changed, from a scared girl stuck in doomed job to this confident women.(his words not mine)

I explained my vision to him, I call it a lifestyle blog because I love many things. My true aim is that Courteney and I through our various god gifted talents can start a movement of hope and inspiration for all who meet us in person, read one article, sees one picture or video. We are 2 ordinary girls meeting other ordinary girls and guys along the way and we all doing extraordinary things. We all have stories to share and through that we will help, encourage, and build one another up.

Our vision; Is to inspire one and all by giving everyone hope that today can start your better tomorrow.

I don’t do this to be famous one day I do this because 3 years ago God used two broken people to plant a seed in our lives that change was coming, hope will be seen, and you can create anything you put your mind to and conquer all your fears.
I see things so much clearer now, I have confidence in myself I knew was there, but has finally come to the surface.

I was never sure about anything until I started doing this, writing, enjoying life, sharing my story with everyone. One day I would love to own my own CherryHearts foundation. A safe haven for teen girls from all backgrounds, dealing with anything and everything related to being women and equipping them with skills to be confident, educated young women and giving them hope that you can rise above your circumstances.

I don’t know where I will be in the future, if things will change and I am sure I will change too, but I do know for a fact God has put a dream in my heart and my plan is to fulfill it.

I just had the burst of inspiration to reflect and write this so extra post this week. It is reminder to me what CherryHearts is and hope it is interesting for you to hear the back story behind my journey.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥