My thoughts for you for the New Year!

May you take this new year as a new opportunity to try again. Make 2018 the year you set yourself free, free from self-doubt sabotaging thoughts and toxic messes.

Let go of what you cant control, people that bring you down bad relationships that bring out the worst in you.

Let go of fear, for fear is stopping you from all your wildest dreams.Ditch the comfort restraints and start living. Be you, your true authentic self.

Let this be the year you do something you never thought you physically could,may that mean going on your first overseas trip, may that mean running your first half marathon or even something as simple as giving a stranger a smile.

May this year be the year you stop dreaming and start doing. May this be the year you dance through life living loudly not to show off but to be free.

May each changing season inspire you to dream bigger and conquer a fear. May this year be the year you are still and listen to the desires of your heart and set your own soul alight.

May this be the year you live fearlessly not afraid to love deeply and care sincerely. May this be the year you shine brighter than before but don’t fight because when the challanges do come you will be strong in your own strength to defeat even the tallest mountains standing before you.

Yes, as you’re reading this never for a second think you are worthless or you don’t matter because I know there is good in you and even when you don’t believe it or that self-doubt returns remember you are uniquely made crafted with gifts only you have and you have the power to change your destiny. The answers live inside you so start with loving yourself so much you have to share that burning desire to love another.

So these are just a few of my thoughts for you… I hope they make you reflect and make you believe that 2018 can be the year you set yourself free.

As we enter this New Years weekend wherever you are and however you celebrate be safe and Happy New Year!

2018 the year you set yourself FREE!!


Peace Love & Happiness

Cherry ♥



My slice of Pai

I was excited to head to Pai now having a few friends there too it was good to keep moving my last stop before returning to Bangkok. I had no idea how long I would stay in Pai but was making up my mind as I went.( which may I add was working out pretty well.)

I remember being picked up at my hostel and taken to the bus stop we picked up another guy before we headed out and we started talking about our travels. I miss how easy it is to strike up conversations with strangers in a strange place.

We were then awkwardly moved from bus to bus with no one speaking English thankfully we were together laughing and hoping we were on the right bus going to Pai.
I sat next to an old Thai lady, and we communicated in broken English, and I managed to confirm that we were going to Pai. She then kept feeding me random fruit, and I managed to sleep. I will say this journey is a winding one and can make you feel a little sick. A little tip if you suffer from motion sickness make sure to take something.

We finally arrived it was dark, and we stopped in the middle of the town on a very busy street. I loved Pai at that very instant I call it love at first sight. I felt so free and at ease it was so strange I had not felt that feeling ever before. I said goodbye to my new friend as he was off to his hostel and me mine.

I arrived at Spicy Pai. It was awesome, and it was night time. Sometimes it’s the best to come at night to a new destination, so you get a nice surprise in the morning. Spicy Pai is no ordinary hostel it’s up on a hill in a field of open land with wooden bunk beds draped with mosquito nets and a fire pit, outside toilet and showers. I loved it. I put my bags down and went to grab a beer before trying to find my friend who was also staying at this place.
He found me, and I joined the rest of guys playing drinking games and met some new people, we ended up heading to the town. It was a fun night, but I had no clue what the next few days had in store and I was excited to explore.

The next few days were filled with scooter rides up mountains, hot springs, waterfalls,photography missions, (nearly getting arrested to get a good shot of the airport runway lol), elephant feeding, rice field meditation, body massages, fishing with locals, random puppies, sunrise missions and many friends good laughs and good food this was by far the best way to spend five days.

I loved being carefree, feeling like the gypsy I am. I remember sitting on the sidewalk one evening and a random guy was walking by and just stared at me I smiled at him, and my friends asked him if he wanted the girl or the dog who was sitting next me. He laughed and said, she just has such a good energy and a beautiful smile. I will never forget that moment; I radiated pure happiness, and everyone could see it.

This leg of the trip I reconnected with old friends and made plenty new friends, but I was never this happy in all my life.
Today I still talk to some of my friends from this trip, and they are my reminder of a good time in my life a moment when I was truly happy.

I was happy not because of anyone or anything, so much beauty surrounded me that only God could create, and I was around real people only God placed on my path. I was happy because I wasn’t thinking about what is, and what’s yet to come, I was truly happy in every moment I was experiencing.  Every morning I woke up with no idea of what my day was going to look like, but I trusted that it would turn out great because I was confident, happy, and the energy of everything around me was amazing.

I remember just sitting around a campfire and watching a guy play guitar and singing and feeling so content in that moment, not a single worry.

The final night a group of us stayed up to watch the sunrise, we didn’t see the sunrise that morning it was a cold misty morning. I remember all of us being tired but fighting the sleep so we could all spend the last moments with each other before departing on our journeys and share one last extraordinary adventure together.

That morning looking back now was somewhat metaphorical in a sense. We always search for blue skies and happy smiles, but that’s not life sometimes we do get the cold, cloudy days, but it’s how we deal with the cold, cloudy days that help us appreciate the blue skies and sunny smiles. We will always have that misty morning even though it wasn’t the perfect sunrise we had hoped for it was a magical ending in the end.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Motivational Monday- What’s Your Purpose?

My purpose is to inspire, whether it be talking to a congregation of people (not that I have done that), to writing a blog post where 1 to 5 people may read it or a simple conversation to the stranger on a bus, in a bar, on a plane or anywhere really!

I am living my story and I love hearing other’s too! Everyone has a story to tell, and if you just listen and open up to the universe, you will be a much better person. I have never felt more alive than when I am traveling, meeting people and having a good time!

I sat down and thought about it for a second… what is it about travel that makes me so happy? It’s the thought of discovering a new gem, a new friend, a new smell, a new smile! It’s to see things with my wide open eyes for the first time! It’s the excitement I feel when I wake up in a new city, it’s the lives I can touch with a simple hello or thank you!

I have learnt to let go of the person I thought I was and embrace the person I am. I am a single 28-year-old woman with a faith-filled life ahead of me. Stepping out of my comfort zone was the best thing I have ever done and I am so proud of myself for doing it! The road’s never easy, but the person you become is the greatest story you will ever tell!!

I encourage you to find your purpose, it’s tough especially when you don’t know how, who or what but try different things. Do something you’re afraid of, speak to a stranger, live now because the only way you can harness your full potential is to discover who you truly are!

I for sure don’t have my ducks all in a row and the truth is I probably never will but it is nice knowing who I am and the person I strive to be! Don’t let society cloud your judgement. I am a marketing girl by vocation.I studied consumer behavior, The media is selling you lies and things you don’t need so don’t buy into things you think you need rather do something crazy if you will. For me, it’s travel and exploring life through others and in so doing I have found ME. find the thing that makes you happy and just take it from there.

So step outside and you will be so surprised with yourself!
Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


Finding Happiness


I have been out of China for one month already time surely does fly and in that time I have been to 3  different countries met more interesting people than in my year in China and have grown up so much and I am really happy.

When on the open road by yourself you have nobody but yourself to worry about or hold accountable for stuff. You are dependent on yourself you decide what time you wake up, what you’re going to do that day if you are going to have a “me” day or make a new friend it’s your choice if you have a good day or bad day. Yes, there are external influences but at the end of the day it’s on you and how you react that will change every experience.

I have been extremely happy, and I can see how that radiates on to everything I do and my interactions with the people I meet I am the bubbly friendly girl I always knew I was. When you on your own you forced to step out of the confinement of what you know and take a leap of faith being nice surely never hurt nobody.

It’s more the freedom of allowing yourself to be in each moment and being happy not worrying about anything but just allowing yourself to be who you truly are and not being afraid of what others may think of you or what you think others expect of you.

We constantly bombarded with media and parents telling us what to do how to act and to think about our futures yes these things may be important but isn’t being happy equally as important.

Everyone is searching for happiness but why don’t you just stop take a second a minute if you have one and clear your mind think back to a real happy memory! How far back did u have to search for that memory if it was a year ago, or even a month ago it’s a problem? Happiness isn’t something you work towards, or you look for its something you should feel every day doing everyday things.

I always look at children, and if I have a low day I try to go somewhere where u can see children. (casually playing in a park, the street) Their happiness isn’t dependent on much they will find happiness in the smallest things listening to child’s laughter can turn my bad day into a happy day! So it’s not based on where u need to be or what you need to do to be happy. It’s where you are right now a simple attitude change is sometimes all it takes, and I know it’s harder said than done but seek solutions rather than problems and make every situation a happy one.

Don’t get me wrong I still have my brooding bitch days and still hate those extremely happy people, you know those people I am referring to, those people that fake happiness because nobody can be that happy all the time unless they are on some sort of happy drug lol.

Two years ago I was stuck at a desk job, and I didn’t hate it I liked it, but I was bored I needed more I wasn’t satisfied with clocking and clocking out every day.But that job led me to this, writing finding a passion I didn’t know I had and through my writing it led me to do things I wouldn’t usually do because I started seeing interesting stories to share in everything I was doing, and I wanted to do more experience more and inspire more.

Look at me now I am in a Coffee shop in Bangkok doing what I love sharing my life and experiences with you. So it’s all about making a change, and it doesn’t need to be drastic like skipping the country because I know everyone cannot do that. Find something that truly makes you happy or long lost passion and start doing it now. So even when life throws you curve balls and derails the happy train just keep smiling think of Dory from finding Nemo and just keep swimming preferably with a smile on your face. In true happiness style I will dazzle you with my smile. lol

Please comment below let me know how you feel about happiness I would be very interested yo know!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Love Creates Beauty not Just on Valentine’s Day!


It’s Valentines day , and I am off work today. It is going to be the day of mixed emotions for me, my friend who passed away tragically his funeral was last week in Johannesburg. Where he lived, but he was originally from Cape Town and today with great thanks to his family for organising we are having a memorial service for him in Cape Town.

So that’s how I will be spending my morning giving thanks and praising the lord for bringing this soul into my life and as sad as it is that he is now gone I trust the lord is in control and knows what his doing. They often say the good die young. With that being said; I am preparing myself for an emotional morning. I know the closure this will bring will be good for us all.

I haven’t had a traditional Valentines Day for years since I am very single and hardly ever date. ( I am very fine with this.) I have a group of girl and guy friends who are also single, so we always do something together to celebrate the one Holiday I find to be very stupid. 2 years ago we had singles braai and only our single friends were allowed, last year we had a singles dinner and this year we are having an a singles rave at the Ultra music Festival.

So, however, you find yourself spending this day,with lover or no lover we love each other, and I truly think; Love Creates Beauty, not just on Valentine’s Day!

The shocking passing of my friend taught me to love every day as we never know when it will be our last. So even if you not in romantical relationship do something nice for someone you love today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


The Thailand Adventures – An Unconventional Christmas #2

I woke up Christmas morning with the unfamiliar smell of no cooking goodness lofting into my bedroom, as my mom would have been a slave to the stove at the crack of dawn already.  Instead I woke in a hotel room with two of my besties uttering soft Merry Christmases to each other.

No church on Christmas morning or gifts being exchanged instead we had an odd Thai version of an American breakfast lol Adapting to the Thai way was something we would all have to get used to very quickly, we were in Thailand after all. Even Crossing the road was difficult, cars just go and if you don’t make a run for it you may be left on the curb for a very long time. Luckily we had a secret weapon Tiny I call her , my friend T’Niele . She moved to the big city of Bangkok about 7 months ago and knows the ins and outs pretty well .

She gave us directions to travel around the city using the public transport without getting ripped off by Tuk Tuk drivers or cabs.We found our way around very easily and could not understand why people kept telling us we would hate Bangkok . We totally loved it and the smell wasn’t as bad as other people had told us . Note to self don’t always listen to everything people have to say about a place, its good to form your own opinion once you there.

So our Christmas consisted of a visit to Madame Tussauds ( my first Madame experience) was fun, took pictures like tourists Lol ( oh yes we were allowed to) Then we went to Siam Sea world aka the aquarium. It was an average experience in my opinion only because I have seen it all at home, and if you were a kid you would love it .

The best part of the day was our Christmas lunch, (can you pick up my sarcasm here lol) Wait for it…We went to Burger King, not even joking .We were so overwhelmed by the 7 stories shopping malls that just never ended.That we opted for something we knew, still shaking my head at the thought of Burger King for Christmas lunch . We then made our way to MBK with T’Nielle that had finished school for the day.

Now MBK is our version of China Town on serious steroids . Stalls upon stalls of stuff anything you want you can find it here . It is rather overwhelming to say the least . You need a few days to tackle every floor . One purchase I am crazy about is my portable charger,gadget thing . Seriously saves my life when I am out and about . We didn’t shop too much only because we knew we were coming back before we left to go home . The girls bought enough to get by for the next few days .

We had a decent dinner at the Bangkok equivalent of a Spur called, Sizzlers. It was a nice way to end off our first day in Thailand and spend our first friends Christmas together . I will say it didn’t help when my mother kept sending me pictures of her feast she prepared , no matter how many times we tell her not to cook so much , she just never listens. (Mothers knows best they say.)

Hope you enjoy these Thailand posts. Please feel free to comment below and let me know your Christmas traditions and stories . Come back next week to read all about Our first day in Phuket .

Peace love &Happiness

Cherry ♥

Merry Christmas World!!

Merry Christmas World!!

Train Adventures. Loved the public transport system in Bangkok.

Train Adventures. Loved the public transport system in Bangkok.

Even standing on the train is a pleasure!
Even standing on the train is a pleasure!

Madame Tussauds!

Madame Tussauds!



BeFunky_20131225_123307.jpgWe shopped!We shopped!Merry Christmas from Bangkok.Merry Christmas from Bangkok.

BeFunky_587 copy.jpg

Christmas Dinner!

Christmas Dinner!

Our journey back!

Our journey back!

My Moms Christmas Feast i missed!!My Moms Christmas Feast I missed!!



YouTubers Inspire Me – Nick Miller

I hardly ever leave comments and like things on blogs or videos I watch until I started blogging and realised how important comments and likes are. Yes I do this for me but also for all you who take the time to read my rambles. I really do appreciate it and as much as I appreciate receiving it I decided if I like something or something was great or moving that person who put the effort into creating it deserves to know they doing a good job.(It only motivates them in the end)

So I take more time to thank those for the hard work that goes into creating a video or post. This came from a comment I left on Nick Millers YouTube video where I wrote something that lead to someone taking the time to leave a comment on one of my posts. (check out post here.)

I was lucky to meet this Nick Miller character at Louis Cole meet up(fun for Louis) a few months back you can check out that post here.

He’s an awesome young guy doing great things in South Africa and recently launched his YouTube channel to help people like us reach our goals. I loved this concept as it felt like it touched me personally.

More about Nick Miller

He owns a company called Teach me 2 a company based around education. They provide you with tutors to help you if you struggling with any subject at school or University even language and Music they the one stop shop. Providing the best tutors at the best rates and they travel to you when it is the most convenient for you. More on their story here here

164491_10151613244373141_792634129_n (1)

Crazy snap from the Cape Town Meet up.

What I am loving about this YouTube channel is; It’s not your average beauty guru, vlogging everyday life, travels or tutorials. It is all of the above. Its not just you watching someone else live their dreams it is a two way thing, watch Nick on his adventure while learning how to create your own.

Last year I left my job I hated it so much and I was set to take control of my life and do things I want to do. Easier said than done!!! I had all these ideas but had no clue where to begin.I really appreciate what Nick is trying to do with this platform as I can see not only in South Africa but everywhere especially younger kids leaving school or University  who need help to get their dreams and goals kick started.

If you can relate please feel free to share your dreams and goals with me and I wish you all the best on accomplishing them. You can find Nick’s videos below check it out subscribe and join the journey with us.


Cherry ♥