My Thoughts This Festive Season

As we head into the Christmas weekend full of festive cheer I was thinking of this time of year as I make plans to meet with friends and do my last minute Christmas shopping.  These are my thoughts for this festive time.

My thoughts for this festive season are with you near and far.

For I know how it feels to be alone around this time of year, away from what you may normally do or around the people you usually spend these festive times with.

So my thoughts are with you when you feeling lonely or sad come Christmas morning I hope you don’t dwell on the loneliness the holidays can bring.

My thoughts are with you those that don’t get to spend this time with family or friends but if you have the time tell them you care.

My thoughts are with you the one that wakes up alone again and longs for that partner to share the special holidays with. Remember your worth is not measured by the fact that you may be single come again another Christmas day.

My thoughts are with you the child without parents the child that will never know how it feels to rise full of excitement on Christmas day or struggling to sleep on Christmas eve.

My thoughts are with you the ones that are old and cannot enjoy a Christmas meal because the pain is just unreal.

My thoughts are with you the ones forced to miss another family moment because of work obligations I hope your family can see all you have done to sacrifice for them.

My thoughts are with those who get to enjoy special family moments cherish these times together make them happy make them count for tomorrow is never promised.

So my thoughts are with you all however you spend this festive time I pray its good and not sad but most of all I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Peace Love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Adjusting to Life Back Home

So I have been back in Cape Town for about 3 days now and adjusting to life back home has been so tough. Not only am I deadly sick, with 3 doctors visits in 3 days, one emergency stop at the hospital for chest xrays and Malaria blood tests. Just to make sure I didn’t come home with something more than I bargained for lol

The thought of malaria hadn’t even crossed my mind but siting in that doctors room listening to her talk, started to make me panic just a little. Thinking about  how care free I was on holiday and I didn’t think I would get some kind of strange sickness. The results came back negative thank goodness, like they say rather be safe than sorry.

My body is still trying to acclimatize to Cape Town, I cannot sleep but I am so exhausted as we were so busy in Thailand we hardly got proper rest. I hardly slept on our way back home because I have been suffering from a blocked ear for  a week so flying just aggravated it. Luckily all of this happened towards the end of my holiday.

While I suffer from the after affects of my holiday I sit back and look at the pictures, think of the memories made and think to myself… my no voice blocked ear,no sleep, and aching body was all worth it. No words can describe how amazing it was and all the money I spent on this trip was worth every hard earned cent.

I thought going with 2 of my oldest friends was a good idea but I was convinced we would need space when we returned home. The funny thing is we are closer than before seen each other everyday since we returned and cannot stop talking about our next vacation. We will always have Thailand and we holding onto the holiday feel as much as possible before life returns to normal

I miss my family so much, have not seen them in almost 3 weeks they are vacationing in Sun City having a ball of a time. When Courteney returns I will force her to write a few posts or do a photo diary of Sun City too.

I am still busy sorting out my million pictures and will do a photo diary of the entire trip soon then a few posts on things that we did. This was a wild adventure and one I so longed for I am so blessed to be safely home and share this with everyone.

So I hope life is getting back to normal for all please let me know what’s been happening with you.

Peace love and Happiness


Cherry ♥


Our last flight home


deadIMG_20140105_061139[1]Enough SaFirst day back laptop club sessionFirst day back laptop club session

Happy Friday- Goodbye Work and Hello Holiday!!!!!

I cannot contain my excitement anymore sitting here at work, and my line of work there is no sleep for the weak lol

Busy as can be, as we have endless meetings and wrap ups to take care of before we shut down this afternoon for the year. Then a weekend of family ladownload (1)st minute errands before Monday. When I am off on a jet plane. I am so excited to see my bestie who I have not seen in 6 months and will be spending Christmas with her. 

This years been great in cyber space (blogging world) and in the real world. Thanks to everyone who finds my shenanigans, rants and adventures in life interesting. My plans for 2014 is only going to expand and grow and do more exciting things. I cannot wait to share it all with you as they come to light.

This is not goodbye but I will not be blogging as frequently as I have been in the past only because I will be on holiday documenting everything, for awesome videos and posts to share with you all. I will post one or two updates here and there depending on a good WiFi signal lol

My festive season wishes for all is to be safe have an amazing Christmas, spend it with those you care most about and enjoy the time off you may have.

Season Greetings and may God bless you all!!


Cherry ♥




Musical Monday- Courteney’s sweet 16th Birthday Surprises


I can finally reveal what I have secretly been planning and scheming for the last month. Friday night with the help of my mother(the everything), dad (the financier), Kyle (the dancing boyfriend) and  my cousin Naz (the baker) we put a surprise Birthday party together for my other half Courteney( the dancing sister). Saturday marked her 16th Birthday and noted it was her crown Birthday too.

I found a location a little diner not to far from where we stay called On a Roll where we had the party. I invited her closest friends from school and dancing gathered them at the place around 7 pm.   It was crazy trying to get everything organised but I got it all done without her knowing a thing, her friends are truly awesome for not letting the cat out the bag. She was honestly miserable thinking nobody cared about her it was so funny to witness. (while we all knew the truth)

Eventually she got there and we all screamed surprise and sang Happy Birthday! It was so awesome she was so shocked that she even started to cry lol

Meanwhile Kyle and I had another sneaky surprise up our sleeve a week before her birthday we planed to do a dance video for her as a birthday gift and it came out amazing. My friend Nic Manshon is a film maker, he helped us out his truly so talented. I got my friends apartment where we shot the video and everything could not have worked out more awesome. We were so in the zone throwing ideas together and we worked our magic. Kyle is an amazing Dancer and I see great things in his future. His passion for dance  and the way he performed that day while shooting was electric we could all feel it. After Nic and I were speechless and could not believe that he did that. The filming and creating this piece inspired us in more ways than just creating it for Courteney.

I think the hardest part for me was keeping this gift a surprise. I remember Courteney telling me once “I don’t want anything for my Birthday please just ask Kyle to dance for me” lol (little did she know) We debuted the video at the party in front of all her friends and family. Needless to say she cried again lol (happy tears for sure.)

I love bringing joy to peoples lives and was so happy that my month of conceptualizing and planning worked out so great I could not have asked for anything more. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the video was truly the cherry on top of the Surprise Birthday Cake.

So with no further a do check out this video below and some Birthday pics and let me know what you think.


Cherry ♥

The Dream Team

Behind the scenes of our Video!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl


The Food On a Roll

Dads Princess

Dads Princess


Rock and Roll Fun!

The Girls

The Girls



For my mother today marks a special day

The day she was born a couple of years ago

I will cheekily say.

She is ultimately the heart of our home

The carer

The nurturer

The master chef

The do it all mom

Her days seem to never end and the task no matter the size

She never fails to complete

Yes we mess her around sometimes

Tease her like the children we are

but most of all we wouldn’t change

her nagging to clean our rooms

or pack the dishes away for anything in this world.

We love the way she gives so kindly of herself to others

without taking a second to think about it.

Her creativeness with words

that has spilt over to her daughters

The great lessons of life

that she has taught us without even knowing it

Her advice on anything is pearls of wisdom

that has equipped us to give of ourselves

to help others as graciously as she does.

Her love for the lord that she has instilled in us

set a firm foundation for our spiritual souls.

She is the ultimate, woman,wife, mother, bestfriend any child could ever ask God for.

So today I say thank you for blessing my Mother with another year of life

Happy Birthday Mom!