I randomly stumbled across this new Red Bull #THESHOW. ( it poped up on my newsfeed thanks to Facebook) What is this you may ask, in my opinion it is genius, take your Instagram pics and turn it into an online video art gallery for all to see. Think of it as a pop up show and it is all done in a matter of minutes.

Just another way the creative minds at Red Bull used an already popular platform like Instagram to leverage off and take there brand to the next level well done to the developers behind this job.  As seamless and quick as it seems I am sure the guys behind the scenes coding and developing this had sleepless nights so well done to the very clever team and  the clever marketing team for creating something so awesome.

It is as simple as clicking on this link (here) click sign in with Instagram and wait a few minutes you will have a video art gallery with all your pictures displayed  click here to check mine out!

Have some fun and try it out, leave the link to your videos in the comments I will love to see them.


Watch your photos become a global sensation overnight in this documentary video

red bull


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Unlock your Potential!

It’s almost time to reveal the exciting projects I have been working on  but in this post call it a prelude if you will a sneak peak, a hint… of what’s been keeping me so busy.

I was lucky to realise early on in life that you can create your own dreams and you can make it come true. That money is important but should never be the main driving force in your life. To build long strong relationships, not to use one another but to leverage off one another ,create opportunities that will better each person not only yourself and most importantly trust that God has a plan for your life!

With that said I found what truly makes my heart tick and  get my creative juices flowing. As most of you know if you read some of my previous posts, I am completely fascinated by the YouTube space and the fact that it allows you to be creative and create good content.  Since I stumbled onto this world of YouTubers and creating content ,this blog was born. I have not manned up to face the camera just yet but rather behind the scenes filming, creative directing, turning a story into a visual masterpiece. I cannot wait to show off what I have helped create and the amazing team that I worked with me  that just had the same drive, vision and like mindedness and worked so seamlessly together.

I had this remarkable conversation with a friend last night , about teachers in today’s world need to equip children to learn how to learn instead of giving up and being lazy or learn straight from a textbook and not relate it to the real world. I did ok at school, an average student but If I knew then that English would become my most used subject today I think I would have payed more attention.

We all have talents and passions that need to be groomed so you can use  it to your full potential  for the greater good, as soon as you have unlocked that you will see things starting to line up and opportunities start to come. I am living proof of this. I have just opened the door and cannot contain my excitement for the future. I have so many plans and so many  things that I want to accomplish. I know nothing is ever easy but if you have the passion, drive, support, good relationships,trust God and align your vision with his vision things will happen.

This weekend is exciting I have my Friends 3oth Birthday party tonight  and little not so little Courteney turns sweet 16 tomorrow so excited.

Hope you all have great Fridays and an even better weekend!!


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Unlock Your Potential!

Instagood Instacraze Instawhat???

Instagram weekly Wrap Up

Instagram Weekly Wrap Up

Above you can see my Instagram wrap up. I am a newbie to the wanders of Instagram. Not because I didn’t want to join the bandwagon when it first started only because my outdated cellphone denied my access.

Alas I have joined the world of smart technology with my new Samsung Galaxy S4 (so digging this phone.) As much as I want to claim that I am technologically savvy truth be told I am not. I don’t speak phone and apps but I am getting there slowly.

I love pictures and all things visually appealing to the eye. I am dying to get my hands on a new camera but too get my hands on what I want I will probably have to spend the little free time I do have washing cars (job no 4) to earn extra cash for that baby lol.

So the S4 will do for now and helped me capture some of these awesome Instagram shots. I watched a cool video about Instagram and thought it was very insightful,will add the video below. It is kinda tips on how to use Instagram. Your Instagram needs to tell a story. Like a visual storyboard to the world without saying too much. You know that old saying a picture speaks a thousand words. well to me your Instagram should encompass that saying with one glance. You should be able to tell what that person is all about, may it be friends, travel,food fashion,family hobbies etc or a combination of all of the above.(more than just endless selfies we get it ,you know how to take a picture of yourself lol)

I try to walk a different route to work in the morning trying to capture different hidden gems in the city that can come across visually interesting. Through this social platform it has transformed the way I see the world and what could look great in a picture, to share with the world. I have learnt so much about myself this year, my love for writing, helping, pictures, videos and now they way Instagram allows me to make even the ugly things beautiful.

Happy snapping beautiful people!


Cherry ♥


YouTube Addiction – Finding The Nomads

In my previous post (here) I gave you a taste of my version of a healthy addiction called YouTube lol. I seriously just had too much to say and did not want to cram everything into one post. It’s long enough as it is. I hope you enjoyed reading it and excited to find out more as I continue.

Steve Booker and Dave Erasmus friends of Louis and Ben also accompanied them to the meet-up they have Youtube Channels as well but don’t do daily vlogs too often. Dave is very much into music his entrepreneur and did a few Ted Talks (mind blown, amazing guy, doing good!) I have dubbed Steve as Cool dude Silent Steve lover of shiny things lol. He often features in Louis Vlogs that’s how everyone knows him and started his own channel too.

Louis and Steve joint forces and created an amazing clothing line called, Find the Nomad. Louis lives the most nomadic life known to man I often wonder if he ever sleeps. That’s where the name came from. They launched the website while we were at the meet-up, that was pretty cool too see how excited they were about this. Hard work and all the late night Starbucks meetings paid off. They did an impromptu photo-shoot on the beach a few days earlier to get pictures for their website and Caspar Lee was part of it. He’s currently shooting Spud 3 with Troye Sivan another Youtuber now actor. Do yourself a favor and watch the Spud movies if you have not, they very good and a laugh and a half.

Check out Find the Nomads (here)  get yourself a cheeky tee too! You won’t be disappointed.

I am still tripping on the fact that I actually got to speak to Louis (jumping for joy inside). I told him why I enjoy watching him and I could see he really appreciated my kind words. I also told him that my friends don’t understand my obsession with YouTube and they continuously tell me, they don’t know who you are. “I’m always like, they my friends what you talking about lol “(Yes saying that aloud to Louis sounded better in my head than it did in real life lol) He was sweet though he laughed and said we are friends now. (That awwww moment)

Ben Brown is fairly new to the YouTube community being Athlete; 2 x Kayak World Champion. Amateur surfer and Travel addict!  It was his first meet-up and I am sure there will be plenty more to follow. He is a very cool guy laid back and chilled and what an athlete you will be blown away, if you see what this guy can do. His latest marathon he tackled was the “Mighty” Berg River Marathon check it out his channel. I got to chat to him too and congratulated him on finishing the Berg. He was pretty impressed that I watched his videos and know how many Gopro’s he has lost(about 5 to date, tear tear.) You can see he enjoys putting his vlogs together by the cool editing and filming. He spends about 4 hours editing everyday.Now that’s pure dedication to say the least.

I also met Jess Schmidt a young girl who randomly tweeted Louis after seeing a picture of him and the gang on Instagram and invited them to dinner and they went. (How cool right.) She is also an aspiring YouTuber and has loads of potential, very awesome ,young talented girl.(Keep an eye out for her)

To everyone attention is always nice but I think the fame found Louis compared to some people online searching for fame. That’s why he has remained humble and he has been through many life experiences, to make him they guy he is today and that goes for his friends too. This was just my observation of Louis and a true inspiration to many and all the fans that came out were genuinely nice too. The person he is he has attracted the same sort of people in his fans and that’s amazing. His friends that were with him are great lads and was awesome to meet them all. I wish them nothing but success for the future!

I could go on forever about the world of YouTube, I studied Marketing so it is extremely intriguing how this has just picked up all across the world. I hardly watch TV. It was so awesome to speak to other viewers who watch the same things I do and for once understand my obsession lol That sounds like a new post for a new day…

Don’t forget to subscribe and Follow; FunforLouis, Ben Brown, Steve Booker,Dave Erasmus, Jess Schmidt and get a Find the Nomads Tee!


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Ben Brown Vlogging

Ben Brown Vloging (I made it into the background of the video )

Dave filming Jess and Louis for her channel

Dave filming Jess and Louis for her channel

Sian Pressly cool viewer I made friends with.

Sian Pressly cool viewer I made friends with.

Find the Nomad Tees by Steve and Louis. Models Ben Brown Louis Cole and Caspar Lee

Find the Nomad Tees by Steve and Louis. Models Ben Brown Louis Cole and Caspar Lee


We Live for Likes and Follows

We live in an ever moving, growing, strange time. Who would have thought a few years back we would be glued to PC screens and cell phones would be our umbilical cord to life. Our constant need to stay updated and connected to the social world of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,blogs,Pinterest, YouTube, images (3)Instagram and the list goes on.We live in a world where we hunger for likes, no longer does your parents approval mean the world to you. You actually want the world to approve of you. This made me think we live in a crazy world filled with being better than the next and wanting more Facebook friends, more likes , followers on Twitter and views on YouTube. I am sure you catch my drift by now.

Even Goldfish has a song out called;  One million Views.

The common conversion is how many views did you get or likes or retweets did you get.

My personal guilty pleasure is YouTube I will admit it. I love watching things other people get up too or the silly videos they make and nowadays everyone has a 5 minute concentration span because we constantly getting thrown with new apps to download, like, follow or tweet about.

Yes life without the Internet will surely take us back to the dark ages and I can’t even imagine it for a second, without getting cold shiver down my spine, before the withdrawal symptoms start to kick in. I work in a digital space that would mean no job for me.

As much as I love the social media space and the clever technology always being created. It just brings me back to thinking that as much as it is social it is antisocial. When going out for dinners to be social, people these days are so preoccupied with their phones that they need to enforce a game. Everyone puts their phone on one side of the table and the first one who breaks and uses their phone pays for the bill.

Is our social skills and preoccupation with gadgets ruining the way we communicate? Sadly I have to think it is. All the kids being brought up in this day and age no longer know what it is to play outside. Now it’s what video game can I play or what app can I download.

As much as I love technology and being connected it is sad that we live in  this world where other people’s approval on a social network ultimately means the world to us. I think knowing this we should include these things as part of our lives and live side by side and not let the world of social media ultimately consume us. We should learn to live more and do things not just for a picture to load on every single social networking site available to mankind. That’s just my food for thought.


Cherry ♥

Cell Phone Stacking Game

Cell Phone Stacking Game


Endless world of Social Media