The One that made me Believe in Love Again!

For the longest time, I was afraid to completely open myself up to even the possibility of loving someone in a romantic way allowing my past to scar my future and that’s not ok.

It had taken me two failed long term relationships I had at a very young age and six years to leave me, so heartbroken I was afraid to love again actually! I mean love in all ways 100% love myself and 100% love all the relationships I have made old and new from friendships to strangers or the potential love interest.

There is a part of me so locked up I don’t  even have the key to unlocking it.Until I went on this journey of self-discovery.

I had to push myself to be more uncomfortable with my surroundings to fully understand the magnitude of what I am capable of doing; I had to push myself to be vulnerable and be ok before I could truly be ok with my flaws and accept that, that makes me who I am!

Today I love myself and believe in me so much so that I bring happiness to others because I am happy with who I am becoming!

I feel as if that section of my heart is slowly unlocking itself. I still have lots of work to do, but I am starting now to love freely openly and kindly because I allowed myself to be me 100% me and I am not afraid anymore (ok I am a little scared but I guess doing something that scares you is what life is about right.)

There was one unique individual soul who recently came into my life and gave me a glimpse of hope that not all people want to rob me of my happiness and steal my love but add to it and that made me believe in love again! My deep friendships and connections with people changed right away I felt this unleash of love for everything as if the floodgates has just been opened.

I have that I can’t eat can’t sleep kinda feeling for I am in love with life, and you may not know it, but I thank you, for you are the one that made me love again!

People  definitely come into your life for a reason some stay forever and some come to show you things you never knew existed or just to  make you a better version of yourself.

I haven’t had the urge to write recently until last week when I shared how my life abroad changed me so I  hope this writing phase comes back for good again! I hope you all reading this are enjoying my  deeper life journey more so than my travel journey which will be returning soon. I have been to so many beautiful places since I  have entered South Korea so please stay tuned for that.

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Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥



Musical Mondays Turned Motivational


I am not really a structured blogger, I never know what I am really going to blag about or even if you will like it or not. I write what I feel when I feel it and hope for the best, that’s my strategy. I draw inspiration from everything I see, people I meet, experiences and things I read.

Self-image has always been a big one for us, Courteney and I being females in this day and age is hard. Dealing with everything society and media throws at you and still trying to find your feet is no easy task.

While doing my mundane Monday morning tasks I read one of the blogs I follow. A fellow Cap Town Girl Aisha Baker from the BakedBlog She wrote a post talking about her struggle with acne. (here) Witch I thought was amazing as it is often hard to talk about your imperfections on the internet for the world to read, especially when you want the world to see your good side.

I read many blogs especially fashion and beauty blogs and see these stunning girls doing such great things. Most of the time I see how beautiful they are and it looks like they wake up like that and often don’t see everything that happens behind the scenes.   I will say I am one of those people that read these blogs (my favorite hobby) and wish I was a little thinner more fabulous, I could wear designer clothes for a living and write about all the wonderful trips I am jetting off to for fashion week all while being an inspiration to my readers and saving the world with my philanthropic adventures. (a girl can dream right)

My point is everyone is not perfect we all have our hang ups as hard as they may be mine being my weight ,it’s sometimes very hard for me to look at myself in a mirror.( that’s why I like being behind the camera) Life is tough and the reality is life will probably only get tougher. I know I am a culprit as well but it is sad that women think so low about themselves.

The latest Dove advert where women are asked to name their body part they liked. It was astonishing to see that so many women could only see the negative as they took very long to say what they liked and were very quick to say what the disliked.

I hate that media and society has made us believe that only a certain type of women is classified as beautiful.  Even if we drape ourselves in designer clothes paint our faces with makeup it may all be a disguise. True beauty is being confident in your skin right now and loving yourself no matter what life throws at you or what your imperfections may be. Being a strong, confident, women in today’s world taking the good with the bad is what will help you get through it. We need to embrace our imperfections and not be held hostage by them.

I have been battling my fluctuating weight problems forever been on every diet, tried millions of gyms and my battle continues but I am sitting here writing this and I refuse to be held hostage by my weight.

My prayer is that God will help me and free me from my bad food habits and give me strength to live a healthier lifestyle.

Nothing is ever easy and we should not be fooled by pictures we see, everyone has a story and nobody wants to show the world the bad or ugly truth. Our imperfections should not be something to be ashamed of we should talk about it openly and help each other deal with it rather than run away from it and bring each other down.

This is me a women like everyone dealing with life and real self-issues.  If you can relate please let me know below always happy to hear what you may think on this topic. I know this post is long but if you made it till here thank you for reading it. I always appreciated it!

Remember you are Beautiful just like Christina says one of my favorite songs and rather fitting for today’s topic.


Cherry ♥