When God Sends you Unicorns!

I never openly write about Christianity you will find reference to God in my writing because I believe in God I was brought up in the church as I went to Sunday school had the perfect grandma who read me bible stories, so God was never foreign to me my entire life!

I went astray from the church as I got older life happens things change but by the glory of God I am here today!  Just because I strayed from the church didn’t mean God left me! I was a church seat filler for s few years or the few times I would go to church words falling on deaf ears mostly. Until I went to a different church, and slowly my ears opened and things started to make more sense to me and worship music was good things were good God started planting seeds in my life, I still wasn’t fully there yet, but he never gave up on me like he never gives up you!

He led me to China the place that I never wanted to go to do a job I didn’t think I could do but he led me there it’s only by his mercies it worked out for the best! I then I said lead me where you need me, and I ended up here South Korea 6 months after my 15-month adventure around South East Asia!

Now I sit and think what’s my purpose here am I doing a good job since he led me here! I have changed for the better because of him something is going right. I am by no means a good Christian I don’t think you get one because you can’t be perfect only God can be perfect.I sin daily I say words I should not, I eat too much, sometimes drink too much I find myself gossiping and be judgmental which I hate but do these bad things make me a bad person? NO

No, it doesn’t because I sin and pray and talk to God to help me in these areas doesn’t take away that I am kind loyal honest friendly forgiving happy awesome and beautiful the way he made me! So I can’t deny for one minute I am not a daughter of a mighty God I can’t doubt he made me a queen, a strong independent women it’s not me its all him. I will never try to make you a believer or bible bash you into believing in my King but if you spend some time with me and you like me know that I am not this great on my own I am this great because God made me this way and finally saying it out loud and proudly,I am daughter a queen of God!!’

Sometimes God blesses you with unicorn moments or unicorns just to show you his alive and watching over you . I don’t strive to be perfect because I will never be but the day I decided to eliminate my life from the BS and be 100% me,myself life changed and even if you don’t believe in a God or you believe in your version of God through me I can make you believe in something!!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥




The One that made me Believe in Love Again!

For the longest time, I was afraid to completely open myself up to even the possibility of loving someone in a romantic way allowing my past to scar my future and that’s not ok.

It had taken me two failed long term relationships I had at a very young age and six years to leave me, so heartbroken I was afraid to love again actually! I mean love in all ways 100% love myself and 100% love all the relationships I have made old and new from friendships to strangers or the potential love interest.

There is a part of me so locked up I don’t  even have the key to unlocking it.Until I went on this journey of self-discovery.

I had to push myself to be more uncomfortable with my surroundings to fully understand the magnitude of what I am capable of doing; I had to push myself to be vulnerable and be ok before I could truly be ok with my flaws and accept that, that makes me who I am!

Today I love myself and believe in me so much so that I bring happiness to others because I am happy with who I am becoming!

I feel as if that section of my heart is slowly unlocking itself. I still have lots of work to do, but I am starting now to love freely openly and kindly because I allowed myself to be me 100% me and I am not afraid anymore (ok I am a little scared but I guess doing something that scares you is what life is about right.)

There was one unique individual soul who recently came into my life and gave me a glimpse of hope that not all people want to rob me of my happiness and steal my love but add to it and that made me believe in love again! My deep friendships and connections with people changed right away I felt this unleash of love for everything as if the floodgates has just been opened.

I have that I can’t eat can’t sleep kinda feeling for I am in love with life, and you may not know it, but I thank you, for you are the one that made me love again!

People  definitely come into your life for a reason some stay forever and some come to show you things you never knew existed or just to  make you a better version of yourself.

I haven’t had the urge to write recently until last week when I shared how my life abroad changed me so I  hope this writing phase comes back for good again! I hope you all reading this are enjoying my  deeper life journey more so than my travel journey which will be returning soon. I have been to so many beautiful places since I  have entered South Korea so please stay tuned for that.

Check out my Instagram  Thals01 and my Snapchat Iamthalea to see more regular daily updates if that’s your thing. Lastly thanks for those that read follow and comment it makes my day!!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥


My China Round Up


So where do I begin? This is a damn good question. I cannot believe where time has gone. A year ago, I was heading into the unknown and I have been living the “expect the unexpected” life ever since.

What can I say about my year in China? From its ups and downs, to its drunk, happy, sad times, the surprise visit from my mom, to one of the highlights of my year – going to the Great Wall of China! Sitting there in peace, it was a dream come true and I loved every minute of it!.

In life we will experience many things and China living this expat life, these things seem to happen so fast. From making fast friends who become your family, adapting to new traditions and making a home for yourself.

Life is so easy and cheap once you manage to put your blinkers on and not be too fussed by the racism if you of a darker skin tone( not something I often ignore considering where I come from). The staring, the spitting, the yelling, the full buses and bad taxis and bus drivers. Once you master the art of ignoring those things, you will fit right in. Saying Ni hao (hello) and Xiexie( thank you) will come out so naturally while the Chinese yell laowai (foreigner).

When forced to deal with so many cultural differences you are forced to gain a lot of patience and overcome many challenges. I am still deadly afraid of groups of Chinese people. I like individuals lol. Do not travel around China during any festival or national holiday, get out of the country, you will thank me later!

I have grown into the confident young woman I am today and see myself living my dream each day. I take my hat off to all teachers across the world now, having wet my fingers in the teaching pool. It’s a hard job. I thank every teacher and lecturer that has ever taught me; I now know what a hard time it is to be a teacher. If you have that passion to teach and shape minds of the young people, it can be one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

I know each child I taught may not remember me in a few years. Knowing I had a chance to help them improve in some small way, makes putting up with China and the small nuances I didn’t like, bearable.

I have tested myself in so many ways. I can now confidently say I like young kids. A few months ago I wasn’t so sure if I could do this but now the pressure is off and I am as silly as 3-year-old. I have improved as a teacher and I managed to travel. My dream was accomplished by lots of perseverance and hard work. I cannot forget all the support and love from my Chinese sisters and my South African sister, bestie and friend. Without her being with me along the way, I don’t know how I would have managed. So Stacey, if you are reading this, a thousand times Thank You!!

If you are at at a crossroads and weighing up future options…. I highly recommend that you travel and just see the world. Even if it’s for a short stay, you don’t need buckets of money and you don’t need any excuses. My advice is do it and do it now!!

Here are a few of my round up China pictures from Hangzhou where I lived, my trip to Beijing and Suzhou and bits of Shanghai when my mom came to China Town!

Peace love and Happiness


Cherry ♥

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IMG_0380 IMG_0387 IMG_0389IMG_0429 IMG_0451 IMG_0476 IMG_1242 IMG_1312 IMG_1443 IMG_1500 IMG_1680 IMG_1736 IMG_0557 IMG_1101 IMG_1081 IMG_0742 IMG_0587

Motivational Monday – Getting the balance in your life Right



Have you ever wanted to pack up your life and start over well life deals us some heavy curve balls we can never prepare for but starting over fresh in the figurative and literal sense can be done. I know we all wish we could run away from hardships and despair but running away never solves the problem it will be there staring you in the eye when you return. Starting over on the other hand is possible.

I am about to pack up my life and start over and the most common question I have received from me outing this decision to the public, (as if I am some Kardashion lol.) The reaction has been what are you running away from. If you could have a looking glass into my life you will find absolutely nothing worth running away from. I have the most amazing supportive family I could ever ask for, the best friends that are irreplaceable, the most awesome church I even have two churches each with its own uniqueness and sets of church family.  My support system here in Cape Town the place that I will always call home is pretty amazing.

I bet you all asking now why pack up and leave…. Sometimes you are called to do things you cannot explain. While most aspects of my life was really great I lacked a good sense of purpose, a purpose driven life if you would put it like that. I believe so many of us are faced with this same dilemma especially the younger generation finishing school and University.

The real world is a tough cookie to crack but only once you feel a great sense of purpose in what you do with your life will you feel complete in that sphere of your life. Like I mentioned before life is a balancing act of many spheres and as soon as one area is lacking it will out weigh the scale. My scale was out of balance my career, work life happiness factor wasn’t there.  I have decided to take a risk I have no idea if this is the right thing or the right career path for me but for this season in my life  I believe it is.

My advice to all of you is to find what makes you happy as early as possible I know it’s hard and pretty cliche to say; Do what makes you happy and you will never have to work a day in your life. It is so true though the happier you are with what you do the harder you will work at it in all aspects of your life. I hope people can start learning how to balance their lives so we can eliminate all this negativity in this world. I know its easier said than done but honestly hope that this post touches at least one persons heart and inspires you to truly live your dream.

My dream is to travel, inspire and continue writing in some form. I never for one second imagined my dream to take me to China but it is and with faith and alot of patience  i know i can do this. The journey up to now hasn’t been the easiest but I have learnt so much about myself and can’t even imagine what else I will learn in the coming future as I now pack up and start over.

This has been an emotional few weeks,saying goodbye to friends and trying to do travel admin and see as many people as possible hence the lack of posting. I have done some awesome things and visted some awsome places so keep an eye out for more explore Cape Town posts coming soon. I also helped my dear sister with another video and will post it as soon as soon as it is out.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of Spring or Autumn wherever you may be in the world.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


One door Closes another Door Opens


I have been rather quiet over the last few days only because I had so much admin to take care of with me finishing off work this week.
It’s officially my last day today, and I am bursting with excitement for my unknown future but a little sad to be leaving too.
After my dreadful ending with my first real job this place took me in and everyone, was so nice. I learnt a lot about life in the Social Media world and digital.

Cherryhearts was born here, and I learnt so much about me and the person I want to be. I know I will never have everything figured out, but I realised that it’s not for me to know, it is for God to know and as long as I keep trusting him the right doors will open.
I have two and bit weeks before I head on out of this Country and many loose ends to tie up, friends and family to say goodbye to. I know this is the right step for me right now, and I am full of excitement anxiousness and adventurous feelings for the future.

So today I say goodbye to the world as I know it for the last year and 7 months. I wish my colleagues and people I have met along the way well for their futures and most importantly thank you to my readers for reading and my family for the support.

This blog ain’t going anywhere focus may change here and there, but you are all coming with me to see lands unseen and adventures waiting to have.

So I guess this is the part of the post where I should say something profound or end with a quote of famous words said a thousand times.

All I can truly say is life is what you make of it, and the stormy days will come but as long as you living there Is always hope.(profound enough lol) You are capable of doing anything you put your mind too even if it is relocating your life and starting over it is never too late to do something that truly makes you happy.

I am about to embark on the scariest thing I have ever done but in order to grow you need to test yourself.( may the force be with me)

I will end by saying One door closes another door is about to open….

Peace LOVE and Happiness




Bring on the New Month and New Challenges

So June has come and gone and hello July. June has been a busy month and I have achieved many things. I finally feel ready to tackle my new challenges that lie ahead. With a hectic reflection and self doubt week last week which I guess is normal for anyone who plans to start over on a new path but I trust in the lord that this is what he intends for me at this moment in time. 

Nothing in life is ever easy but it will be worth it.

I hope July brings clarity and good things to you all.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



Running against the Imaginary Clock!


2014-04-16 11.46.19

Have you ever felt like you were running a race but you not really sure where the finish line is… I kind of feel like that has been my life lately a constant go and even when I do take a water break it doesn’t really feel like a break. Welcome to the crazy world of me, (please let me know if I am not alone in this race.)

I realised something over the weekend that most likely was quite apparent but to me the penny had not yet dropped until I had this realisation the other day.

My rat race lifestyle constantly on the go finding the next best thing that will keep me inspired or give that high for awhile seems like its a race against time. I am deadly afraid of the inevitable getting older scenario….. (30) I feel like the stereotypical tales of generations past haunt me. The ideological way of thinking that these things must be done in your 20’s and when you 30 it is time to buck up, no more frivolous misdemeanour’s and spontaneous decisions to jump ship and do something strange will be acceptable anymore.

I hate the system and believe my generation is rebelling against it. Do not get me wrong it works for some. I am a carefree spirit trapped by what if’s so how care free I am really. I have learnt to let go of the negative and embrace the positive that has brought me great joy. I have learnt to focus on the person and not the noise that may surround them. I have learnt that friends will come and go and that we should not hold on too tightly. I have learnt life happens you can be on top of the world one second and lower than low the next.

I have learnt to let go and enjoy the ride and I have learned what real meaningful conversations are. I have seen the sun rise and the sunset all in one day. I have had the privilege to travel near and far and meet interesting people along the way. I have realised sooner than later not to settle and that my wandering mind will lead me into uncharted waters. I think most importantly the main thing I am finally starting to accept is that it is ok to fail and I will most likely never have everything ever figured out.

I still wish to experience true love a love that conquers all that love you just know you know. There are so many things I still wish to discover, and I know I will in due time. I love my family but I need to be on my own. I need to learn not to compare my life’s tale with others.( remember the parable of the tortoise  and the hare) As for my wandering mind that continues to wander, I will close by saying, it’s ok not to know the end, one thing that is guaranteed is, the end for today will not be the same tomorrow.

While trolling Youtube I found this young man, I love spoken word and I feel like he read my mind with this piece hope you enjoy it!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥