How My life has changed after two years living abroad!

When I decided to leave home about two years ago, it wasn’t an easy decision but one I am euphoric I made. I don’t think I would have experienced or become the person I am today if I had not have left home in September of 2014.

Now one year out of China and 5 Asian countries explored I am extremely grateful and do not regret my decision for one minute.

I remember the person I was two years ago heading into the unknown afraid but masking it by putting on a brave face.Heaven forbid I let my parents and family see my fear as I head into China a country we do not know very much about other than the fact it is extremely far from anything we are used to. Fast forward one year, I learnt to teach, I grew in confidence with being around children.( something I was not confident in), I managed to communicate in a new language, travel around China speak to many different people and make amazing real relationships with the best people.

As eager as I was to leave and try something new I was not prepared to leave a place so unfamiliar but an area that had served as home and the friends I had made my new family. Filled with tears of sadness but tears of excitement it was a strange time.

China was just stepping stone in my bigger picture I had no idea how China had prepared me for life outside of China until that day I packed up all my belongings and left for the greater unknown.

China taught me never to give up especially when the going gets tough.

China taught me to be confident.

China taught me to be strong.

China taught me to be brave.

China taught me to stop hiding.

China taught me patience.

Slowly as the year manifested and did its thing full of ups and downs I left with my head held high and the confidence knowing I hacked China for a year one of the hardest places to live.

I remember leaving for Hong Kong feeling like I was superwomen like I had some magical power. As if I was in prison for a year and finally saw the sunshine (ok not that dramatic but you catch my drift) I was sole alone just me against the world needing to figure out how I was going to travel around Asia for three months, and I wasn’t afraid of anything. I would not be able to do this if it wasn’t for the lessons I had learnt in China.

I ventured through Asia for three months came out with a few scrapes and bruises a few hospital visits but alive living the best version of myself. I had appreciated everything the beauty I saw was indescribable the joy I felt was magical. The saying hard work pays off became real I was so proud of myself for reaching this point. The best part was that my true happiness I was feeling on the inside showed on my face in my confidence to strike up conversations with random people. The law of attraction to bring the best people into my life at the right time made me believe more and more in the mighty God I serve.

I believe now more than ever that God has a plan for my life I don’t know my end destination, but I love that this journey has brought me to now South Korea. It wasn’t an easy task after having the beast journey and going home seeing all my loved ones. Getting to eat everything I missed and do all the things I told all the travellers I met to do when they visit Cape Town. It was good. The high I was on quickly subsided and felt depressed again. 28 with no job living at home with mum and dad it did depress me but also it motivated me not to give up on the dream I just lived.

It has lead me here to this very apartment where I live by myself still living an incredible adventure all while giving back to the kids I teach every day.

China has prepared me so much for South Korea I am a confident teacher, teaching and talking to kids is easy for me now and the job is easy compared to how I struggled back in China. Travelling around a country where I don’t speak the language is a piece of cake it is still frustrating from time to time, but I am so used to it it’s normal for me now. I am just more confident in myself and the people I have met have been special blessings in my life.

I am only 3months in, and I feel I have done and seen so much. Not for one second have I doubted my decision to be exactly where I am.  I thank you, China for leading me here and I thank God for keeping me safe and showing me I am on the right path.

Let’s see where this journey shall take me!!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥




Stop the search and just be 2016!

This post is about 20 days late and I do apologise life has been busy but finally finding time to recollect my thoughts. I wrote this on the First of January 2016 to put it into context I just haven’t had time to post it so here it goes!

Stop the search just be as I enter into the new year I never make resolutions because I never keep them, so I rather prefer to set a motto of sorts a theme for the year.

I started this tradition three years ago! 2013 was get busy living, and I lived large went to every concert and music festival I lived and had fun. In 2014, my motto was Make it happen and boy did I! I got my TEFL to teach English abroad moved to China which was the hardest most rewarding adventure of my life! I even managed not to live abroad but to achieve another goal of mine long term travel. In 2015, my motto was Expect the unexpected and I could not have chosen a better theme for that year as to what I have experienced I could never have expected in a million years.

So that brings me to 2016 the first day the eve of my last day in Thailand which will be a travel day back to South Africa and my home Cape Town! I don’t know how to describe how I feel about this, my life as I know it changes again and I don’t know what will happen and I am ok with this!

This brings me to my motto for 2016 stop the search and just be! The reason I left home 15 months ago was to find myself go on a eat pray love mission of sorts.

By doing exactly that this is what I have come to learn from people from all walks of life; everyone is always searching for something, love, money, success, fame you name it they searching for it. They never truly invested in just being present in the moment taking it all in! I fall victim to this too always distracted by the background noise.

Put the phone down go off the grid and be and through that I believe the answers we so desperately searching for will just come we will be more open to taking risks and live than constantly on a search, aimlessly looking for something you not even sure you want or need!

I say Thank  You 2015 for teaching me all these valuable life lessons some of them extremely painful and pricey, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

Happy New year to all! Remember to stop searching and be grateful for how far you have come, remember to celebrate small victories and stay invested in the now. It’s the only time we truly have tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!

I am back on track now adjusting to life as I know it before the next big life changing event. Stay posted for next post all about my Cambodian Adventures!

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


World Cup Gypsy Madness



I have wanted to write this post for so long, but just never found the right time. I think the timing could not be more perfect right now. With that being said, you must be wondering what I mean???? World Cup Soccer time!!!(I am not much of sports chick, but the only time I get into sports is during any world cup event or the Olympics.)

About 4 years ago almost to this very day the world ascended on South African soil I remember it like it was just yesterday I cannot believe it has been 4 years already.

I was finishing my final year of studying for my Marketing degree, so we got an extended 6 week break during this time that was perfect as I had no clue what the next few weeks had in-store for me. My wanderlust and gypsy status was born. My friends and I could sit for hours telling story after story the energy in the city was electrifying everyone was happy, and all the visitors flocked in by plane loads.

My friends and I were out every night watching soccer games going to parties and meeting the most interesting people the world could have sent to us. Send us a bunch of Soccer fans from each country in the world and you bound to have a good time lol

It was truly amazing from a friend meeting an American dream of a guy even though it was short lived he is seriously one of the coolest guys I have met to date we still keep in contact, and I know we will stay friends for many more years. I invited him over for a home cooked meal, and he jumped at the opportunity since he was travelling alone. He has such a charismatic personality that he can make room full of people love him and he clearly won my mother and Courteney

Then we met crazy bunch of Italians in a random place; it was storming outside, and we ran into this bar/club to take cover and wait for the rain to stop before running to my car. It was like a heavenly orchestrated event lol We saw these guys having fun, and while we were there, we started talking and ended up becoming fast friends they were working for Fifa, so they were based in Cape Town for the duration of all the Cape Town matches. They were fun and did I mention Italian lol We went out many nights I love showing foreigners the beautiful city of Cape Town its like experiencing everything for the first time I totally love it.

We had a South African braai (barbeque) for them at a friend’s house that was fun some romances blossomed here and there but we knew they would leave and we would all stay friends thanks to the wonderful internet and Facebook.

Another highlight of this festive time was going to see a game at the Cape Town stadium. I got a ticket from one of my best friends, and I was overjoyed with excitement. We went to watch Italy vs. Paraguay it was the stormiest night but still way too much fun.

The World Cup Soccer 2010 memories are ones I will cherish forever all the friends we made, the cool parties we attended, and the ongoing excitement will live with me forever.

As the World Cup Brazil 2014 kicks off today, I look forward to feeling the soccer excitement again I know it wont be the same, but the nostalgia it brings will make it all more special.

If you have any World Cup stories share them with me i would love to hear them. I leave you with some awesome pictures that just bring back so many fun memories hope you enjoy!

Peace love and Happiness

 Cherry ♥

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Movie Ticket for One

Yesterday I got a chance to practice my democratic right to vote. It was South African elections day, and we got the day off we have been having so many public holidays lately I guess that’s why I have been so lazy. I am not much of a politics girl, but South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy this year which is a  huge milestone, considering where we as a country have come. Even though politically things are not great they are still better in my opinion to what they used to be. All those that didn’t vote you are fools and lost your voice to complain about anything and really need to rethink voting. (side note vent)


So I made it to the voting station with no hassle or fuss was easy in and easy out and then could relax the rest of the day. I decided to take myself out and go watch a movie. Have you ever gone to a movie by yourself??? I think it was the first time I went alone and really enjoyed being by myself. I went to watch the new Zac Efron Movie called That Awkward Moment. It was an awesome chick flick movie I have not watched one in a good while.

It highlights the typical Hook up culture that we live in today. Three guys decide to make a bet  to stay single while the one guy goes through a divorce. Ironically that is a lot harder than they think it would be. They all start falling in love or try to get back with the ex- it’s hilarious as they try to be these player types to each other and in retrospect they all good guys who just want to be loved, but not give up their single status. Which I think typically describes the majority of this worlds guys today. Let me know if you agree or what your opinion is on the “Hook Up Culture?”

If you looking for a cool funny chick flick movie, I recommend you go check it out.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥



Sun City Summer Holiday Trip 2014


While I was gallivanting in the tropical paradise of Thailand ( check it out here) My family went to Sun City for a week of fun in the sun and relaxation. Last year was a tough year for my family many ups and downs, but we made it to 2014. These holidays were exactly what we needed to put the past in the past and focus on the next chapter being 2014.

I know it is almost the end of March already the first three months of the year seemed like it went by in a flash and we all back into the routine of school, work and life.

After weeks of asking Courteney to load her Sun City Video, she finally made time to put it together in her busy life. I have never been to Sun City Courteney went at the beginning of last year with my Mom for a dance Competition, and when they came back they could not stop talking about how amazing it is. So they were excited to take Dad along as they knew he would just love it.

Lazy days spent poolside and a walk in the forest to game drives shows and many fun adventures. Since I was not around to join the family holiday Courteney’s boyfriend Kyle joined in the fun. Check out the awesome video below and some cool pics from the trip!

If you have been to Sun City let me know if you enjoyed it… I will be adding it to my adventure list.

Courteney is motivated and amped, and we have awesome ideas to add more cool videos to her Youtube channel so please check it out and subscribe for some cool content coming soon!!

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥


My Night with the Rap God – Eminem Rapture Tour 2014-South Africa


Marshall Mathers is captivating sweat dripping from his brow manically jumping around with eyes bulging and lips moving indecipherably… –

I cannot contain my excitement, last night I had such a great time. I am a huge lover of Hip Hop Music and Eminem has been a wish of mine to see live for many years now. I loved him from the beginning days of I am Slim Shady through all the baby mama drama and the B rabbit 8 mile stage the relapse saga and then clean from drugs stage right to now being the self proclaimed Rap God of Hip Hop music.

Every song he performed either triggered a childhood rebellious memory or present day memory. That’s what I love about music the memories it brings and the crazy lyrics in his case most of them,rather crude, but you have to love his witty sense of humour to poke fun at people in the industry that in most cases take themselves too seriously.

His as real as it gets, not afraid to say it like it is, and he speaks about his issues. I read somewhere yesterday that said; turn your pain into purpose. I feel like Eminem has been through the ringer, and he made people aware of what he went through in a lyrical way. It got peoples attention, and it made him the Man he is today. 41 and still looking like he did 15 years ago. His music as eefed up as it may seem his just as messed up as all of us nobody no matter how hard we try will ever have everything always figured out. We can be good people, but bad things will happen so be brave like Eminem turn your pain into purpose.

I am not saying go bat shit cray like him his abit extreme, and there is only one Eminem. I am saying learn to be brave, face your issues and through dealing with it.You may discover things about yourself you never knew. Writing music is a therapeutic release, I write this blog as my platform to release my thoughts , insecurities and things I love. By being brave, I may help someone dealing with the same issues I managed to overcome.

So even if you not a die hard fan like me last night was the best Birthday present ever Golden Circle ticket winning. I could see him the best memories remembering all the old songs watching him jump around the stage as a crazy and sweating in the crazy Cape Town heat all worth it, and I will do it all again 10 times over!

If you went or seen him before let me know what you thought of his performance. ( Check out my Instagram for pictures and Videos!)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

My NekNomination

The latest craze to hit the social space is NekNomination; where you down a drink doing something wacky film it and nominate two more people to do something equally as crazy film it within 24 hours, and nominate 2 more people and so the chain continues. Check out what this amazing South African guy did. I love it!#ChangeStartsWithYou

So one of my best friends which now lives in London decided to Neknominate me and yes I had no idea this was coming. He is very clever that he lives so far so I cannot kill him in person (I still love you).

I being me, and wanting to accept the challenge I did things my way without downing a beer but instead I decided to share Happiness. Check out the video .

Thank You to Courteney for filming and editing the video. Thank you Calum Curry for NekNominating me and Good Luck to Kyle Anthony and Nic Manshon you have 24 hours to make it happen. #RandomactofKindness or #DownaBeer

(Music used in the video is MathewGold’s latest single Life is short)

Participating in this challenge and doing it my way, took me out of my comfort zone as I hate being in front of the camera. Doing something good for the two people I met on the streets near where I live who needed food was amazing and even brought a tear to my eye. Yes, this was a challenge and something fun to do but I hope people watching this get inspired to do more Random Acts of Kindness.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥