Malaysia a Lonely Paradise

Since my last travel post in January and enlightening trip to the Philippines. I knew I had to go somewhere for my summer break after the rocky start to this year I have had. Saying goodbye to best friends and deciding to stay another year in Korea it has all been a bit rough trying to navigate through my life. The ever-busy Korean life I lead I felt it was just time to reset the clock.

I wanted to go to Bali for like ever, but the prices were just insane, so I had a dream about Malaysia googled some spots and booked a ticket all in the same week. I am still dreaming of the bustling city of KL and the dreamy beaches of the Perhentian where I went.

Like most trips I take this one was off to a rocky start after booking the wrong date for my bus to the airport which I will add is four hours away. I had no choice but to take a cab or risk the chance of missing my flight, so a very very expensive taxi ride later with some panic at 3 am in the morning I made it and caught my flight at 9 am.

After my bumpy start, I cast my fears aside and decided to turn this trip around and enjoy a new city. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur and headed to my hostel which was in a bustling part of town the tourist district, I checked in spoke to my new roommates and then headed out for a wonder. The place was bustling full of people many places to eat and markets and shops everywhere. It all seemed somewhat familiar reminded me of Cape Town in a small way for starters they drive on the same side of the road as I do at home, so that was a little comfort.

I found the food market just behind my hostel, and it was a vast array of every type of middle eastern and Asian food. It was great I walked around then found a spot and had some Thai food in Malaysia, yes I know I was silly, but I just could not make up my mind with all the smells and people all around.  That night I sat and just watched as everyone enjoyed.

The next day I went to the Batu Caves and walked up all those stairs it was beautiful and getting there using public transport was so easy. It was also nice to be in a place where most people can speak English. My Malay Indian roots did stick out as I got mistaken to be Malaysian on numerous occasions.

That night I went to the Petronas Towers it was so magical to finally to see it up close and personal after seeing it on blogs and pictures and textbooks for ages. I sat and watched everyone get their pictures and then I made my way back to my hotel. That night I just sat chatting to the guys in my room one guy was at the end of his trip heading back to England another in the middle of his, I helped him plan bits of his next leg of the journey as I had been to the places he was to visit next.

Then I was off early the next morning to the Perhentian islands for a week of rejuvenation sun and relaxation. I had paid a pretty penny for my accommodation as I was told the usual hostels are not the cleanest. After a flight and long drive and boat trip, I successfully made it to my new home for the week.I checked in at the Ombak Resort in Coral Bay on the Perhentian Kecil Island the smaller island there are two.

It was lovely spot on the beach now these islands are a very popular diving spot it’s one of the biggest drawcards. On my arrival I was asked if I was alone, I said yes then went to the bar restaurant area for my welcome drink I got two because they assumed I was not alone haha score for me.I went for a swim in the warm waters just a stone throw away from my hotel and watched everyone around me. There were many couples and families it was nice just to finally be still.

Each night they screened a movie at my hotel outside, and I would sit and watch while having dinner and a drink then as the evening came it started to thunderstorm as I made my way back to my room. I did pretty much the same thing each day went on one snorkeling trip that was fun made it to the blue lagoon the most beautiful bright blue waters I have ever seen it was a magical day.

I quickly had to remind myself that this was just a moment, not my everything and that being comfortably alone is good for my soul especially taking a break from my busy life in Korea. That being still is needed to restart and refocus.

I enjoyed this trip, but it was very different to most of my other solo trips where I meet people and make friends this trip I was alone for most of it as most of the travelers all went out doing their diving certification, and every night it rained so I was inside. I felt very lonely watching couples in love and families bonding. It made me miss my family so much and miss having a partner to share this magic with.

Looking back now even though I enjoyed my trip I wish I was more present and mindful of everything even when not much was happening. I wish I didn’t long for what others had like a partner, a friend or my family. I wish I was more content with me and being there.

So my lesson that I learned from this trip is that every adventure doesn’t have to be a crazy party, or enlightening encounter or something mind-blowing to be enjoyed. That being still and quiet I can enjoy it. It just takes a shift in my mind a moment of refocusing that the real joy is sometimes lying dormant inside. If I can take a single moment to just be more present, I can be overjoyed without having to depend on a moment or a person or a thing to make me enjoy a trip or anything in my daily life.

Peace Love & Happiness

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End of Summer Music Festival Vibes- KDAY


If I can share one valuable bit of information with you when it comes to Cape Town it would be expect unpredictable weather. I love summer so much and it is with great sadness that it is now the end of my happy season and the start of the wet rainy one. Atleast over the weekend we got blessed with sunshine, blue skies and a South African Musical festival to mark the end of the season.

I went to KDAY( a musical event hosted by a local radio station called KFM) an awesome family event where over 17 South African Artists performed. The event was hosted at Sandringham farm in Stellenbosch about 45 minutes out of Cape Town.

I was not a fan of the layout and there was so many people I honestly think the entire Cape Town came out to enjoy the last bit of Sunshine. None the less I had a fun time with my friends and family and enjoyed the good sounds of Goodluck, DannyK, Micasa, Prime Circle,Locnville and the Parlatones just to mention a few of the performers.

Sadly towards the end of the evening it started to rain so from sunny to dancing in the rain it was still a great day to say our goodbyes to the great summer and welcome in the winter months.

Friends, family, live music, good food and great laughs the best way to end the happy season. Hope you all ready for winter and for those heading into spring and summer I am so jealous. Think I need to find a work option of moving to a summer country in our winter so I can have summer all year round lol.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥

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Sun City Summer Holiday Trip 2014


While I was gallivanting in the tropical paradise of Thailand ( check it out here) My family went to Sun City for a week of fun in the sun and relaxation. Last year was a tough year for my family many ups and downs, but we made it to 2014. These holidays were exactly what we needed to put the past in the past and focus on the next chapter being 2014.

I know it is almost the end of March already the first three months of the year seemed like it went by in a flash and we all back into the routine of school, work and life.

After weeks of asking Courteney to load her Sun City Video, she finally made time to put it together in her busy life. I have never been to Sun City Courteney went at the beginning of last year with my Mom for a dance Competition, and when they came back they could not stop talking about how amazing it is. So they were excited to take Dad along as they knew he would just love it.

Lazy days spent poolside and a walk in the forest to game drives shows and many fun adventures. Since I was not around to join the family holiday Courteney’s boyfriend Kyle joined in the fun. Check out the awesome video below and some cool pics from the trip!

If you have been to Sun City let me know if you enjoyed it… I will be adding it to my adventure list.

Courteney is motivated and amped, and we have awesome ideas to add more cool videos to her Youtube channel so please check it out and subscribe for some cool content coming soon!!

Peace love  &  Happiness

Cherry ♥